Elisa Jerrilee
15 December 2019 | 07:38

The series begins with a stylish bright splash under a song of Sinatra and immediately adjusts on a positive harmony. There is a story about three women living in one same house, but different era — 60s, 80s and our time. Each of the heroines are faced with problems marriage and tries to solve his own.

Despite the seeming simplicity of the plot, the series is instantly addictive, and besides intriguing, gives considerable aesthetic pleasure. Bright colors. Beautiful, well-designed costumes, hair and scenery 60's and 80's. Plus — a good sense of humor, sometimes black. All of these enjoy and while browsing the rest.

But after relaxed, a series of Comedy suddenly turns into drama. History of the 60s, on my opinion, the most dramatic, though that the drama may be difficult to perceive due to some of the atmosphere of Qualinesti 60s with these their perfect lawns and sham smiles.

My favorite part of the three — 80. first, Lucy Liu incredible. It seems to be a selfish character who is almost there business to anyone else, but it is your right to like his confidence, humor, style. Secondly, the voice and manner of speaking of Karl — pure fun and are that look into the original. Well that's — relations of Charles and Simone. The insults and the jokes, support and trust. The creators showed a very sincere love story and a perfect example of how to be a real marriage.

The modern part, on my opinion, the weakest story. From the creators were motivated to show an interesting story about open marriage, as generally works, but the result is a pretty banal story, at the end, the most conservative of the three.

The last thing I want to note — installation of the final scene, when all three stories interwoven in a single frame. Very beautiful!

And life — it is fleeting, some dramatic events alternate each other, the past is quickly forgotten, and the house always finds new tenants and transformed. Therefore, "to live happily — just; focus to not sorry about those solutions that take way."

Prissie Emelin
19 September 2019 | 12:12

CBS are one of the most productive channels, annually presenting to the public a few dozen tele-innovations, many of which either do not represent anything interesting or not delayed for more than one or two of the season. Certainly the channel, producing in mostly procedural COP shows, Soaps and sitcoms, there are their long-running hits, but typically they are associated in the literal or figurative sense with the last century. However, no one is expected mastodon the industry something new that and is a "Why women kill".

The series brings the viewer right in three dispensations: the beginning of the 60s, 80s, today and introduces a history of the relationship of the three couples in each which has a secret, which can kill.

Series Creator Mike cherry is familiar to the public at the acclaimed with great success, a lot of spin-but it is the continuation of the show "Desperate Housewives". In the first place, "Why women kill" attracts a non-standard for most projects, the old channels by the genre of black Comedy, gorgeous art work and a great cast, in which are forgotten by the spectator on the sidelines of zero Lucy Liu try on myself atypical and bright role and presented image is so great that belief in the second coming of her a stellar career, not exposed and a shred of doubt. Bonus the audience gets a chance to admire the charming Alexandra Daddario. The concept of the series, skillfully woven threads of subtle, clever intellectual Comedy and unpredictable plot twists to the viewer is really elegant and a measure of the Frank painting, is able to overshadow the dozens of other less bright of the projects submitted in the new body — season.

Merrie Bonnette
10 January 2020 | 06:15

Viewed on one breath.

Name — 100% penetration in the subject.

Three stories that share only one house in which the murder occurred. Different time, different family.

All the stories seem at the same time and within minutes can be shown episodes from different times. What does not confuse. All the characters are very vivid. In addition to the main characters — wives, husbands and lovers (lovers), there are many secondary. Surprisingly, all of them quickly remember, despite the kaleidoscope times.

At first it looks like a Comedy. But with each series is enhanced by the dramatic component, and the last 3 series — this is a real drama.

In the first series, it seems all the clear. Clear who is a future murderer, who victim what is the motive. But is actually not so. Only in the last series all becomes place, reveal the mysteries, exploding emotions, make adjustments of chance.

Despite the fact that the film is about the relationship between man and woman of the topic of same-sex love, there is practically no explicit bedroom scenes, and is not bulging, the topic of gay men and lesbians. The main emphasis is on human feeling — love, betrayal, resentment, deceit, cruelty, loyalty.

Experience — one of the best shows I have seen (and I have seen a lot).

Very cool! Everything perfectly — and the plot, and direction, game style music and humor characters.

9.5 10

What is the genre of Why Women Kill?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Comedy, Drama.
Who starred in Why Women Kill?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Lucy Liu, Ginnifer Goodwin, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Alexandra Daddario, Sam Jaeger.
What is Why Women Kill IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.3.
When was Why Women Kill released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-08-15.