Lauryn Eurydice
05 June 2019 | 12:12

Attention to film genre Martial Arts reached its peak on big and small screens thanks to the Indonesian militants and the series "desert of death" channel AMC. Cinemax in turn presented a new project or any little based on the idea of Bruce Lee. But, in the ' 70s zeal of the master to provide creative influence on American cinema is not been evaluated and Warner Brothers, thanks to the daughter of a cult figure in Shannon Lee, the idea has found its implementation in almost half a century later.

The plot of the series brings the viewer in USA of the early twentieth century and introduces the protagonist of Assam, arrived from China with hundreds relatives. However, in contrast the other suffering, ready to bend back for penny Railways in hoping to realize the American dream, Aces arrived in a New light on different a more personal reason, coupled with pretty creative fighting skills, the hero finds himself in the midst of a showdown of Asian gangs.

The concept of "Warrior" in many ways, refers to "Gangs of new York" Scorsese and to "Sharp peaks": all the same recognizable setting, thriving racism, sexism, corruption, political intrigue and bloody showdown with fatal — in short, the establishment of freedom and democracy in all its glory.

Despite all conceptual awareness, "Warrior" manages to find its own style thanks to the well written charismatic characters and excellent production battles. But, as a rule, fans of melee fights will have to wait, so K. entertainment, action Packed of the series and the dynamics of the retreat on the wayside in favor of the development of drama, the revealing of characters and the General plot, up to the brim stuffed with intrigue and racial rhetoric — now and Asian-American community may be happy for personal ethnic Holly War in which African-Americans are not will be able to pull the blanket of attention to yourself because of lack of the latest in the project. "Warrior" — a great spectacle in the off-season, but in order to become a hit — the authors need to decide on what genre component to focus.

Shelly Kathlene
03 July 2019 | 03:51

Stereotype or not, but for me the term "Made in China" is still an indicator of inadequate high-quality copies of any product. With the first trailer to the final credits of "the Warrior" — this is the "Banshee" made in China, and is not only fault, but and the only advantage of the project for the absence of the original — copy all is better than nothing. From "fast and Furious", the second loud tag on the posters here is that not the most realistic, although sometimes entertaining, fight.

All the main advantages excerpted from"Banshee", they work, but each of them weaker than the original. The abundance of Nude scenes spoils that Joanna Vanderham — the only cute actress, while in "Banshee" only the lead roles were just three beautiful girls. Social conflicts opposing criminal structures are present, but no former intensity and drive, no relevance severity. For example, the leader of the Irish very good, but only General background — to neo-Nazis and Proctor him far.

Bruce Lee here obvious reasons, he was not removed, and Andrew koji he is not a replacement, although it is quite a good —  - don't external charisma. The problem is that the original idea or — is a Chinese martial arts master on the Wild West, and not a gangster in Chinatown. One episode about the Wild West in the first season is, in fact, that the best episode for all season, but it is absolutely not correlated with the rest of the story, visibly straining as from the General idea, so of the General style of the series.

Overall, if you move away from comparisons  the Banshee, then the project is not too bad, quite the contrary — there are interesting characters, and not the hackneyed plot, and even a certain potential to unfold in the second season. The problem personally in that it is an inferior product relative to the series, which I love. If you don't believe, just compare the opening images of Khun Lee, who starred in both — the difference will be obvious and amazing.

On the view I do not regret even planning to watch the second season, but just want to say that if the Banshee you haven't looking, you even today, in the first place, is familiar with him, already then to solve — want to see it "Chinese version". If talking about potential of the project, then I see him in two ways: either significantly accelerate the pace and increase the number of action and blood; or add interesting original female characters.

7 of 10

Pris Concepcion
16 April 2019 | 08:25

Since the premiere of the latest series of the final season of mad TV series "Banshee" (which is my purely personal opinion, is one of the best TV shows of years gone by) it's been almost 3 years and feeling that you've been watching the confrontation of Lucas Hood, in the performance of the gorgeous Anthony Starr, and a truly cold-blooded Kai Proctor, in performed by Ulrich Thomsen, yesterday. And think when once you see the splash screen Cinemax with the characteristic sound of 12 cylinder engine, you expect here to appears seductive Rebecca Bowman and again tries to seduce the main protagonist or same clay Burton, again, casting the dead eyes of his opponents, will begin to crumble bones and skulls, but to unfortunately, the reality is far from nostalgic memories. But why I decided to indulge in nostalgia right now?! The answer is simple: all because the screen same soaked with gasoline and blood, Cinemax sitcom "the Warrior", which already very similar to  the Banshee with the surroundings and atmosphere. But let's into analyze, so if he well as seems to first.

The plot of our series begins with the classic story, which ruined a lot of dreamy individuals and broke thousands of lives. Hero Andrew Cody — Oh, He (x mute), arrives in a great country of opportunities, but unlike other hunters fame money from our protagonist is quite a different goal. Already on arrival at the port of San Francisco, our hero immediately makes it clear that arrived at this country is not to servility and humiliation, which at once teaches the 3 hapless workers who want to show visitors their place in food chain. A broken arm, a broken head, and the smeared self-esteem, all this is only the first fruits of meeting Oh Itself the colorful local crowd. Noticing the frantic talent in this diamond in the rough, cunning and resourceful "entrepreneur" Wang Chao (played already familiar on the role of trendy hacker from  Banshees Hong Lee) decides to take advantage of this tasty opportunity and reports Oh Itself hands Hop Wei — one the most powerful of the gangs of Chinatown to care. Himself as the protagonist, with unique skills of Kung Fu, consents to this is short for his opinion, cooperation, which in the end will help him achieve your goal — to find her sister, which a couple of years ago escaped from China extremely cruel and tyrannical husband.

But now go through the implementation of all the above and can say immediately, this is just gorgeous. Have Cinemax has this distinctive feature: at all TV shows that I had the privilege to watch, is a clearly traceable trait shots: camera angles, cvetko pictures that simply attracts the viewer to the screen even if series a narrative of the plot is not very smoothly as in "retaliation", it is with more than kompensiruet dynamics of what is happening. And now to suit the fact the main question that I hope asked all who I read the first paragraph of this review: "what in the hell is it compares two completely independent of the series, which even in time frame distant from another as Elon Musk is from Mars". And this allegory was not chosen by chance, two of the series are similar to those for I so appreciate the "Banshee", and for his characters. For all 4 season of the adventures of Lucas Hood, in it there were countless characters who have been prescribed to the bone marrow is unique, all incredibly charismatic, colorful, catchy and vivid characters, impossible to confuse and even after several years can easily remember their motivation philosophical postulates. Whether statuatory Nazi swastika Kurt bunker with his attraction to redemption after all the rigidity, which he created with your own hands in the role of neo-Nazi or same Chayton Littleton who is tired of the oppression of tribal peoples and to administer justice in the precepts of the old leaders. In "the Warrior" is viewed the same symmetry characters who casting picked a great actor impersonation and now we can say that weaves the fate of the characters here will not less.

Well, of course, what could be a series about Chinatown without a great staging fights where martial arts chiseled elegance can scatter a crowd of thugs, simultaneously seducing tracking everything going on ladies. Not would leave attention to stylistic remarks and to send my compliments to the designers and costume designers, who worked on this series. Costumes of gangsters, glossy hair and pretty good scenery (though sometimes, looking closer, you notice the difference of the props from real objects), which help to plunge into the unique culture of Chinatown those times, is extremely well implemented. There is already I don't even afraid to spend invisible parallel with"Sharp peaks", which are the undisputed Champions in this field. Maybe all the haven't so well styled as the "Peaks", and clearly deserves a small push from the public, in order to increase the power and strengthen your head, but more than dignity.

Also I would like to celebrate the rising star Andrew koji, who moves, fights and even speaks like the dragon Bruce Lee in your Golden years. He also Bruce is the author of the Scriptures, to which constructed plot of this series. Also you can see a small reference to the TV series "Banshee" has already in the first series. This is the name of the bar which like to meet peace officers, not hesitate to take bribes and pass the bottle — another whiskey. So would like to celebrate the unusual, the technique of transition of the language of spoken by the main characters, he is implemented very artfully. When you change the language, the viewer does not feel discomfort as if from drive bumps can not notice of substitution, all runs smoothly and without embarrassment.

Maybe the series is not such a deep and to push the hesitation as "Quarry", for example, which was only one season, but was incredibly colorful and native and scene of the battle in Vietnam is one of the best-of serial industry and this day. To the downside, as would not to admit, can be attributed to music that can please only the "default" short songs directly from the bottom of ITunes like "Muzykantskii.mp3" or"Muzykantami.mp3", then it to nick cave and White Stripes from "the blinders" or the recently released "Academy of Death", which just won me over with its soundtrack, as to the moon.

The series "Warrior" has a decent 69% on"Rotten tomatoes" (Tekashi69 would be appreciated). "Banshee" also had the first season of 64% and has grown to 3 4th seasons up to 100. Well, I will show unwavering belief in this creature and will not leave his hope that he will pull your small weaknesses by putting this show honored

8 from 10

What is the genre of Warrior?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Drama, History.
Who starred in Warrior?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jason Tobin, Andrew Koji, Olivia Cheng, Kieran Bew, Dianne Doan.
What is Warrior IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.2.
When was Warrior released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-04-05.