Melody Weissman
18 June 2018 | 11:50

There are several art series-anthologies based on real crimes. Himself the format always was interesting to me, but unfortunately I still interested in the American jury to blacks family problems Versace, shown in"American Crime Story". About the spin-off of "Law & Order" with a subtitle of "True Crime" and does not say falls, T. Ko some brothers killer Menendez I learned for the first time, and they are not could be of interest to me.

War of the coasts in USA — it is quite another thing. The Notorious B. I. G. to be honest, always was me, but 2Pac — the legend, I listened in a child. Absolutely ridiculous, far-fetched the enmity between labels Death Row and Bad Boy was the cause of death of both, and US then began, albeit not too long, but a real gangster war. This moment in series, word, almost sanctified — the trick here is to the two main characters. But they are shown in all its glory, and is as for me, the most important thing.

I was pleasantly surprised by the mixture of artwork and realistic training those years, i.e., almost a documentary recreation of several scenes in including and presumably the last words 2Pac'and out hospital — when it sends policeman, offering him the assistance. Yes  & iconic fight in the MGM after the fight Tyson from perfect, and, most importantly, perfectly conveys the atmosphere of those years and events. Let at this, both things not have been disclosed, so the plot no one question is not responsible finished to have a final objective, it is not can — otherwise it would it's a hoax and various conspiracy theories, without any real documentary evidence.

Taking in account the senselessness of the description of the investigation with TZ their results, not able note that not only the tragic event, but both parallel to them storyline (the first investigation and special operation of the Federal group in zero) are removed pretty interesting. They details reveal the work of detectives, acquainting viewers with all the nuances of a high profile case. In General, it was much better than I expected and even though here and there some additional cultural values, I still I recommend this project to educate, so C. it really interesting talks about one of the most important cultural and criminal events of the twentieth century.

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Koressa Gilliette
16 March 2018 | 06:42

After famous big screens "Voice of the streets" raises not only hands to ceiling shouting, "raise the roof", but still problems of racial discrimination in against blacks of the late 80s — the beginning of the 90s, telling the story of a hip-hop group, considered the founder of American gangsta rap under the name "N. W. A", went out and a new series under "cold case". The show "Unsolved" can be considered a full-fledged follower of this story, because Tupac Shakur and biggie "Notorious B. I. G." has made not less contribution in the development of this sub-culture, and also gave the world many legendary tracks and the epic continues to acquaint the viewer with the history of the whole movement. In contrast the movie, the TV series "cold case" (no matter how strange) will tell us history of the investigation of the consequences of the war between the West Coast (Tupac) and East (biggie). From each artist was your style of reading and your text style if Tupac was more absorbed in the problems of modern society, biggie preferred to talk in the texts of their mini stories about the trade in drugs, girls and fights. It is this fundamental difference and has spawned two camps of followers of their idols. And now, let's see how "USA Network" have moved this story of friendship, betrayal, envy and the legendary war of the coasts on small screens.

The story begins with that in 2006, after almost 10 years after the sad event, the agent involved in the control of drug trafficking on behalf of Greg Kading (Josh Duhamel) offer to move in homicide first to continue the investigation begun almost a decade ago, detective Rassilon Pool (Jimmi Simpson, who migrated to the us after his role in"the Wild West"). So the detective opened Kadingo carte Blanche to set in its division all that he considers it necessary for the investigation of the murders of biggie and Tupac. Two investigations in 2006 and 1997 are parallel to each other as two lines of mathematics, but still these stories sooner or later they will find common ground. All this is accompanied by vivid flashbacks of the distant years, when biggie and Tupac met and the hour immediately become the best of friends. The story of the weed, the partying and the girls, which she looks at first sight we all familiar, the the thing looked more like a story of true and sincere friendship then still very young guys with street. The story itself resembles that of sleep head — investigation the investigation and third level is the story of the formation of these "real votes of the streets." Bold and quite innovative solution is compensated at the viewer to break away from which is extremely problematic. The series shows the main characters are not as we know tracks and various poluprovodnik stories, it rather shows how they were people than fond how to spend your time.

Shooting beyond praise, some of the shots are fascinating glance its scenery Los Angeles those years and have not feeling that are in computer game GTA, and this feeling quite well has a nostalgic touch of childhood. Shooting it and it constantly tries to go to VHS-style of the 90s that adds to the authenticity of what is happening and gives everything a certain charm irretrievably bygone years. The entire series is just saturated with music from both coasts and is the perfect accompaniment to this story. So this series will help to shed light on the story of a friendship that grew into a war, and also understand all events, decisions and actions that led to such a sad, but the generated so less than lots of great music events. By the way, small Easter eggs is the actor (mark rose) who plays the role of Tupac not only this series, but still in the aforementioned film "voice of the streets".

As a result, we get a great series about music, war and effects good directing and staging, which can advise anyone who liked the "voice of the streets" lovers and fans of historical narratives, because the music — it's part of our culture, whatever she was. It is recommend to view all fans of hip hop who want to see that actually happened on the streets of those times gone into the basis of the present old school gangsta rap, and also for everyone to know (who is still does not know) — who are the "Crips" and"Bloods" and what eat them.

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Roxy Pejsach
08 January 2020 | 11:18

In 1996-97 gg was killed by the legendary Tupac Shakur and biggie is " smalls." Ten years later, going to the team of the agents the cops, ready to investigate these crime.

Almost a documentary movie got one of the creators of "American history of crimes." In parallel, here shown three times: 2006 — a new investigation, 1997 — original investigation after the murders to 1997 — a lot of flashbacks showing the birth of friendship and after a feud between the artists. In addition to presented in quite an interesting history, almost documentary recreations of important scenes (the murders themselves, fight after fight Lee other), it's nice to see the detail of the development of the script, such as the last words of Tupac, in which he sent a COP.

Details of the investigation to disassemble no sense, most importantly — follow him really interesting. Here is still, the show is not intended only fans fans of hip-hop (although the soundtrack fit here), it is an excellent opportunity to learn about the confrontation between the West and East coasts, to feel the spirit and culture of the streets.

What is the genre of Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Biography.
Who starred in Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Josh Duhamel, Bokeem Woodbine, Wavyy Jonez, Marcc Rose, Jimmi Simpson.
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At the moment, the rating is 7.9.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-02-27.