Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon

The story of a difficult child Prodigy Sheldon Cooper. The parents of the young genius did not share his son's Hobbies science: his mother is very religious, and his father, a former football coach, prefers to spend the evening in the company of beer and TV. With peers is also not going well, because Sheldon is much more interested in the toys where you can take enriched uranium for scientific experiments.

Seasons: 1 2 3 4
IMDb icon 7.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Viviene Carlina
23 May 2019 | 01:22

I think it was a great idea to tell the story Sheldon. Very good and lovely series, there are references to TBV that very handy. Perfectly reveals the character of the protagonist, it becomes clear how it all of these troubles.

Also liked the mother and grandmother of Sheldon. Mom really tries to understand his son's genius, trying to love equally all three children. Grandma even fire, I would that!

Sheldon's sister in the beginning is not a very smart girl, but during the development of the series, she sometimes says things to which is not everyone can think of at her age.

His brother, a classical dunce, father — the beer drinker in the family, not particularly hovering about the kids.

In General, the series absolutely should appeal to fans of the big Bang theory, about the others to say, not can.

Sue Manville
25 September 2018 | 04:18

joke's on you!

(well, it's classic simple)

As stated by one extraordinary and may not much, man: "I'm here purely for fun". So there is, in fact, as a big fan of "TBV", I couldn't miss the spin-off on Sheldon Cooper. Without doubt the most popular and interesting the majority opinion, the character in one of the greatest sitcoms of our time, but not my favorite, like strange. Met not very warm, so to this is, frankly, full commercialization of the "TBV" and attempting to play on the feelings of the fans who really just not pass it show.

Speaking at the whole of series — not bad. Could be worse, if you go into the statistics, which do not lying says that most of the branches from the original story — utter failure. I must admit that is a little the Sheldon, which we know. Here and the atmosphere is different, but it is warm and approach to the parts do not be careful, as wish. I don't like it was discovered the question comics "star trek", and we know how adult Sheldon kind to the things sometimes offended, when to him show proper respect. But, it is not for Aquaman, because, as we all already know: Aquaman sucks! Aha-ha-ha. And generally, this plan all slightly crumpled, unnatural and hastily.

The icing on the cake was, of course, mother Sheldon, which was filled with a wonderful Zoe Perry. Such a cozy and lovely. The ideal mother and woman, and the actress is the daughter of actress Laurie Metcalf. I was shocked when I saw how they are similar, from facial expressions to style and then I heard about their close relationship. I thought the casting Manager did a fantastic job, and everything was so simple. Nothing but respect for this actress. Give five. A very convincing game, I'm overwhelmed.

Frank Sheldon, and it is George Cooper, Sr. I was a little different, but as Sheldon and said he loves football and beer gushes to blue in the face. At first it seemed that he's cold to their children, but found that it doesn't know him approach, but trying. With him a lot of touching moments. In the most part, they are associated with his fate, about we told Shelly still in "TBV". And grandmother such Dolly parton on the minimum salary, not enough Kenny Rogers, and the background "Islands In The Stream".

With regard to Missy Georgie, then I'm disappointed only Georgie. He was too stupid, sorry. It is hard to deny, but the neighbor's kid. stupid. Georgie is too stupid, but it was made to Sheldon looked too unique on his background. Georgie plays football and is full of stereotypes about that players with American football Shine mind. And Missy is a very sweet girl, which for word pocket does not climb. Such rude and tries to be witty at such a young age. Really cute.

A large part of the humor is based on that Sheldon in significantly exceeds all others in mentally and mock them, fix them errors, doesnet, forced to follow whatever their rules and forcing everyone feel awkward. All this we have seen in "TBV" the Time same paid to how Shelly is trying to choose its place in the world your way. All like that. Interestingly, and young Shelly have idea that as an adult violate "Agreement on relationships"? Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah! The notorious Emmy in the edge ruined our guy.

impressions in General — I was expecting a more Mature project with a child the lead roles. Strange to wait, but not less. To really just a Comedy with a hint of drama about the difficult childhood of a genius whose the mind affects everyone around and no one knows it will be managed. Sometimes naive and a bit young, but have that have. And you can pour judgmental reviews in the creators of the series, but let's recognize Sheldon is the character which I can tell you more. The series is interesting to fans, but expectations are not quite justified. It's funny in one line to criticize it, and the other to praise.

P. S

And here at once, no laugh. Just thank you! He already mentally exhausted and all got. And Courage Bamboo for the former holds a special place in my heart. Thank You, Denis Kolesnikov. I know you read this.

Very pleased with the appearance of such stars as ray Liotta, which is awful, as old. Why time flies so fast? And innovator Elon Musk.

First season:

6.5 out of 10

Velma Carolynne
18 January 2018 | 06:33

So, I understand the desire of people to earn how can any spin-offs and so forth, but why is not to make people curious to watch? I'm not wanted to watch "the Childhood of Sheldon," I don't like to see spin-offy about special characters, it is exactly the same story was with "Joey", which the creators considered the most funny and charismatic of  Friends and decided to create a series about him, and failed. Why? Yes, because the Comedy is, as a rule, the set of all characters, because funny that they are all different and good each in its own way. "Theory" is ridiculous and as they say, "went" in the audience, because all the characters stand out in their own way and only all together they create a unique atmosphere.

Yes, Sheldon is funny and unusual and, of course, is the most visible character, but what to do about the Comedy hero brand naconecinii spin-off? How to me, the chances of "Childhood Sheldon" could be, if not changed concept. I was expecting something light and least something approximately resembling a "Theory", and the result was a dramatic series about a difficult life smart child. Where all those stories adult Sheldon would say to his friends? Yeah, a lot of that he told me not was fact funny and you can regret, but you can also a funny all to play this? I said that throughout the movie, I found myself thought that I see this little boy Sheldon, well does not a bit. Mom Sheldon managed and Sam Sheldon, my opinion, disappoint.

Thanks to such spin-offem, I every time sure to watch their do not just another attempt by the creators to collect the profit, well do not go such things. I understand more, to do a spin-off of the "Game of thrones", where a huge universe and is where to turn around, but attempts such as "Childhood" seem to be just a waste of money. Not have the charisma this series, no that same brand of humor and traditional was loved by the audience.

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