Fedora Seroka
30 August 2017 | 12:57

I was really waiting for this series, because expected work in one or lesser degree the American version of the magnificent series "Inside the N9". I think that all connoisseurs of chamber of anthologies based on the amazing situations, and took the "Room 104" on notes.

Of course, when you start looking, don't know what to expect, unwittingly plucked in the head with different scenarios, trying to notice objects or events involved in history to guess among them Chekhov's gun.

But despite what was stated, all the stories are very different subject, however, can propose a development that seemingly must catch the viewer by surprise, the story does not mesh, not even the touch. With one hand, stories, too little drama, with other — not enough intrigue (enough for 5-7 minutes in the beginning of each series). And unobtrusive humor low degree of fineness, does not help the situation.

But a series of short, not load, look easy and quickly click like sunflower seeds.

Hardly want to watch next season.

Kerri Lemar
21 August 2017 | 10:47

To appear hard, how many secrets can hide a nondescript one-room country hotel, yet the guests are changing in her day of the day, bringing in it is not only your things and Luggage, but and its moral dirt, hidden phobias and desires to sin. Yes, every person has a skeleton in the closet, but where you will hide it, if the apartment hotel walk-in closet... well-Known and talented writers of the series were made him horror, humor, atmosphere, and wonderful cast, which pleases us short of the genre of series of length 25 minutes. Tell me a little? Not at all! In this time the writers put everything you need to plot each individual series, eliminating unnecessary chatter or unnecessary scenery. But what came on really? Tribute To David Lynch? Hodgepodge Of Silent Hill? Or is the originality of the Four rooms? I think it turned out fun cocktail party, in which everyone can find their shade tart taste and ate the icing anticipation of the new series. My score so far 10 out of 10, why so far?! Because even the most delicious cocktail can turn sour under the heat of applause...

Shantee Germaine
10 August 2017 | 09:47

This July new from HBO is a set of short (30 minutes), not related stories that happen in room 104 some roadside hotel.

Promised series in different genres: from the Thriller to Comedy.

But while in the first couple of episodes I came across viscous viscous Thriller is not Thriller in the style of Lynch and it is even a separate genre. Strange intoxicating dialogue, an unusual statement lighting, obscure a normal person situation Here... I love. Especially when interpreted unambiguously are not reaching try, yeah and the questions at the end of the series there is a lot.

Oh, and there there's even a lady with a characteristic facial expressions and a distinctive style dialogue, wildly reminiscent of Laura Dern — too Lynch. But not point. The story is really exciting, although the outside of the four walls of this mysterious room 104 the action is not leaves. Wonderland for weird Alice.

Obviously over the series worked different —  & talented! — the wizard, who managed the suspense and other strong audience emotions to put in a logically complete short film. I understand that is not will be like, but I will definitely otsmotret all series.

For clarity here is an example: me this show reminded of the old movie "Stories of lost souls", where the point was not in a particular place on which tied the plot, but in the possession of different people. There were Blanchett is young, and Hartnett, and Knightley. And wasn't that just required to Wade with force through all these stories, to understand and to realize. In 104й room happening too often close to madness, and that, you know, has a special charm. But sometimes even the meaning.

Summary: the series is not exactly everyone will enjoy. However, if you like the original, but not less, intriguing directorial chinoiserie, you here — in room 104. Helps to a long evening imperceptibly and slightly insane.

7 of 10

What is the genre of Room 104?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Drama, Horror.
Who starred in Room 104?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jennifer Lafleur, Jenny Leonhardt, Michael Chandler,
What is Room 104 IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.1.
When was Room 104 released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-07-28.