Troy: Fall of a City

Troy: Fall of a City

In the center of events of the Grand epic — the ten-year siege of Troy by the Achaeans great. This is a story of love, courage, intrigue and betrayal, told by the Royal family. This is a story about people trying to maintain dignity and compassion in terms of a bloody war.

Seasons: 1
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  • Language: English
Brook Norvell
17 May 2018 | 12:19

Initially, before output of this work by its founders positioned as the absolutely historically accurate work, almost not a documentary, with a budget and can't conceding the game of thrones. Given the fact what people Studio is said in it was unbelievable and expectation was through the roof.

But it is time release and what we see the result? Let's start with the least significant but perhaps the most notable. The effects of the series is clearly not even close to the level of game of thrones, in the equivalent to the quality of the first seasons. And think a large part of the budget up to filming so not reached. With a smaller part, perhaps, I finish.

And here we move seamlessly to that possibly less rushed some in eyes, about the stated historical accuracy. The scenery looks no match described by contemporaries of the events. The terrain is sometimes not correspond to the even part of morality not mention of their historical accuracy.

Perhaps the most striking part of this is the appearance of characters, the description of which are available in the many historical documents and which is not corresponds to the show is absolutely historical. Starting from of Zeus who became the representative of blacks, but no not a single bust, statue, image or document where would have described it with Negroid features. Also touched and of Achilles and many others.

As a result, all listed strongly discourages such things and denies any faith to modern Kinostudiya and stream services.

Melodee Mahon
12 March 2018 | 04:39

We all remember love the chic epic in the movie Troy 2004 with brad pitt, Orlando bloom and even other sea stars which told us story love and war, romance and brutality of a distant and bygone years. And now let's look at how we will present this fascinating story bordering the myth, after almost 14 years after his best film adaptation of such industry giants as a BBC NETFLIX.

This story is as old as the world, one very cheeky shepherd the name of Paris decides to challenge the other young people "blue bloods" and goes to match with Troy, where he is going to fight with the son of king Hector. After receiving a couple of pretty hefty blows in dirty the overgrown Paris, the king learns his son, who in childhood was taken by a wolves directly from home. Having washed and cleaned from the dirt of our hero, the king be named the protagonist of his original filename — Alexander sends Sparta to king Menelaus for the establishment of diplomatic relations, in the form of the conclusion of the marital relationship with the daughter of the "great and terrible". But on arrival in Sparta, Paris meets Helen, wife of Menelaus and immediately falls for the beautiful virgin, because shortly before the aforementioned games, he was Zeus with the three goddesses who had to judge. By bribing the judge (Paris) various promises of power and might, the young shepherd all chose Aphrodite and gave her a treasured Apple, after which the goddess had predicted to him meeting with the most beautiful girl on the world, which in the future will be his wife all happened. After a couple of discreet (and not so) flirting and courtship, Alexander and Helena offers to sail with Troy and getting rid of negative the virgin king Hector. After the classic women's don't want, I will be Beautiful still runs away from her boyfriend, hiding in the gift to Paris (if reference to follow "the knight's move" from of Sparta, then this allegory is extremely good fit in the overall picture, but to be honest, I doubt the consciousness of this scene). Well and then Hector learning about this "shot in the back", goes to the city of Troy, in order to clarify the situation with his lawful wife. All is a showdown blends in a large-scale war with we all known outcome.

While watching the series all the time had one and same question: "Why?!". After all, the whole point of a remake or other works may be based only on a few ideas: to surpass the original in scale, epic, entertainment or to bring something new in narrative, rassmatrivaya story with multiple angles. According to all, the creators were guided only by the principle of "to chop caputi", but without the above ideas, it is simply impossible. Remembering the same "Spartacus", the story is hackneyed to the holes, but how much entertainment, blood, and debauchery in all of history, and as a result — a very successful adaptation, well and the case of "Fall of Troy" is just made from camping... the remake only to fill airtime on the BBC. The actors play serednjachkov on the background cuts out your eyes the next CGI, yeah and a whole looks fairly low-budget, more like projects History year 2005. The battle scenes are filmed fairly well, though with a small amount of extras, but tried well, and again, it spoils the "basement CGI" in the background, though he was sent to outsourcing lost jobs "the eraser mustache" for  the"League of justice". Then add all black Zeus, flitting here and there, and get a mess that can only be seen in the very bad dream after taking a whole bottle of vicodin.

For all who feels a sharp shortage of free time, I wouldn't advised to view even the Intro of the pilot episode. Yes, who am I deceiving, if it and there was a desire to refresh the memory of this history, view the best movies of 2004, well but if you pull the series — "Ghost tower" you help.

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What is the genre of Troy: Fall of a City?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, History, War.
Who starred in Troy: Fall of a City?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Louis Hunter, Christiaan Schoombie, Jonas Armstrong, Carl Beukes, Garth Breytenbach.
What is Troy: Fall of a City IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 3.8.
When was Troy: Fall of a City released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-02-17.