Luella Gregory
20 July 2009 | 10:32

I absolutely do not understand cars. I can't drive (never was sitting at the wheel), the gear lever — a mystery to me, pohlesche kripakov of the "Code is da Vinci", I can not be distinguished Lamborghini from Ferrari (I do not sure whether I wrote the names of these brands).

Why I love this transmission. Yes, because it is brilliant in all respects a Comedy show!

Judge for yourself. Leading transmission: Jeremy Clarkson — received from GQ award for the worst style in clothes, Richard Hammond — undersized guy, whitening teeth, James may — Captain slow (okay, very strange nickname for a man leading a program about cars).

And The Stig. Well, it is generally something. Some tamping are worth. "Some say that he opens the beer with his scrotum." Wow...

And these people talk about the cars, test the cars, make crazy raves and crazy experiments. Especially remember when they repaired the "Zhiguli" (where in Britain "Zhiguli"!), spending on this process is more money than the original cost of a "car". And all with an indescribable sense of humor. The impression is that in the basement Studio "Top Gear" sitting the best comedians Britain chained to the batteries, write, write, write scripts for transmission.

Add another voice, which gave the leading Russian ozvuchili in time show on NTV. Do I was ukatayka only as said Mae.

Summing up the above rambling: the transfer of the cars, which will be interesting not only the most ardent motorists.

10 of 10

Alvinia Gerfen
18 August 2011 | 04:18

The first editions of Top the Gear was presented to a wide audience back in the late 70-ies. Then the debriefing, automotive companies was dissatisfied with all the same Jeremy Clarkson, young and energetic. In 2002, the show launched in a new format, which continues to this day. This is probably the most successful show in history. It is so popular due to not only exhaustive and interesting stories about the best not really the machines of today with original metaphors and city of the wheels, unusual competitions and jokes. The key factor is the leading Trinity, each of which has its own unique character and charisma.

Jeremy Clarkson — or Jezza as it is called among themselves "topheavy" truly the most scandalous journalist and leading the history of British TV. It manages all processes in this factory from the BBC. It knowledge and player doubt he is about all dissenting opinion.

Richard Hammond — or Hamster (hamster) — Guy suburb of Birmingham. The youngest and among the leading miniature that is often a reason for serious bullying from side Clarkson. Truly the most dangerous "hamster" in the world. Love the Pagani Zonda and motorcycles.

James may — or Captain Slow (Captain slow), so named because of his careful driving style. Gentleman, in contrast Jeremy versed in the intricacies of mechanical processes, why my friends think its boring.

Each issue is not only the test of any car, but and discussion of the news of the world automobile industry, and the next challenge — journey or engineering idea. The program is not seem too abstruse and difficult. If You enthusiast — You here, although, of course, You that way even if You never life is not driven a car.

Lotta Tina
06 August 2009 | 08:05

As a child, when I looked at all brand TV associated with the cars this transmission stood out among many of imitators. All they are telling us about the difficulty of repairing of diesel in the far North, were just imitators because obeyregulations, a Top Gear the rights of their dictator ignored. For years of live their accused Smoking in a public place, crossing the double solid and progressive extermination of the Morris Marina. In all Top Gear...

Attempts to move this transmission American, Australian or Russian field in my opinion failed because they copied everything: the script, the scenery, "chips", but forgot most importantly — leading. These three delightful jerk require special descriptions, so:

Jeremy Clarkson. Cynical, fat old man with yellow teeth and the child's soul. Is opinion about to earth Porsche to the teeth of Hammond, which is a remarkable flatness at faces of the stupid obstinacy. He is the dictator of this program, about what he never ceases to remind everyone.

Richard Hammond. Undersized boy keep on feel it all the most dangerous - he was drowning, was exposed to a lightning strike, frozen and doing everything in different machines, not forgetting to comment, but once he has set a record breaking in the raketomobil on the speed of more than 400 km/h. he Also hates fish, but he loves his Opel Kadett at Oliver crash of may.

James May. "Captain slow"- like comfort and slowness, drives it is not very good and has a topographic cretinism, drives a motorcycle and plays a piano nerd and geek, sometimes it seems that he is ready to kill his teammates, but has been kept.

Stig. Dark horse, it was a lot of rumors, but realistically about it knows nothing except what he loves the bagpipes, not loves boy scouts and when it blow.

These people are just astonishingly inconsistent and contradictory: they just have a huge EGO, but to emotion self-critical and recognize that they show — garbage. And this is true of the instructions car or log In the wheel you learn more about machines so never do not learn how to treat car that's not just a piece of metal, and almost the animate being. It is a great show for fans of politically incorrect humor and good cars.

And on that bombshell we gonna end our show. Bye!

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What is the genre of Top Gear?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy.
Who starred in Top Gear?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson, James May, Ben Collins, The Stig.
What is Top Gear IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.7.
When was Top Gear released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2002-10-20.