Criminal mastermind Garcia Flynn steals the time machine to change American history and destroy the country. The team assembled to go back in time and stop it, consists of a history Professor Lucy Preston, soldier Wyatt Logan and scholar Rufus Carlin.

Seasons: 2
IMDb icon 7.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Joete Ulberto
19 November 2016 | 03:13

The plot of this series is a branchy "cranberries" or"hat." In contrast same Continuum or Eureca, here we do not pour in the brain resin, a cloaked scientific terms like "bridge Bose-Einstein". Everything here is much worse.

And at least some signs of common sense are beginning to dawn somewhere in the series to 6, when we at least something to talk about a mysterious collection Rittenhouse.

Three capsule is a lady-historian of the University — is its Abigail Spencer, African American postdoc and at the same time the pilot of the capsule, and also attached them a former marine who is experiencing severe PTSD for because he survived, but his companions in Afghanistan — no.

This colorful dangle space-time coordinates in a strange spherical device with two circulating steel bands (I suspect it generators of a certain mysterious quantum fields).

They are opposed at first apparent villain genius scientist who speaks out against Rittenhouse and ready to steal a time capsule, a plutonium bomb (which mysteriously over two hours makes a miracle battery with the life work of 300 years), to shoot a couple of good scientists and to start to wander around the annals of the history of the United States, here there tidying tracts of Rittenhouse.

Give credit to the producers, they have invested a lot of money to recreate the USA different periods, then you and rebellion Texas attempted President Lincoln, and recruitment of Wernher von brown movement the Black Panthers and much more.

I'm not a fan of the game Abigail Spencer, but my male gaze she the only thing has the meaning in the series, the beauty of it is, of course, on the fan, the actress from her average, but in her sweet face I'm ready to enjoy at least 20 series. To ensure that the heroine manages to climb into half of the window in fashion coats, boots, and purse in his left hand. Well as there is not to be touched.

In General and General, 6 series put series 5 points for Abigail Spencer. And for a ridiculous missile in the series about the Nazis.

Vonnie Tega
07 July 2017 | 08:05

To be honest, I was very zaintrigoval, learning about that there is such a series.

Travel on the time machine, good special effects, judging by the trailer, interesting decorations of different epochs and intriguing plot with an ambiguous antagonist. That still need to the happiness of man, immensely loving movies about travel in time?

Found out about it recently and so was able to immediately to watch the entire first season.

And indeed, the first few episodes intrigued by a villain who may be in the term does not a villain intrigue in the present, without which is not would flights past.

However after reading a further series, it is difficult to understand the motivations of the main characters. Despite the threat is far greater than the alleged primary villain, they do not try to cope with it but only as a obscure Express concern over this, everything is so trying to stop our poor primary antagonist. When the heroes realize that the threat facing the heroes is much more important than the original antagonist, they choose worst of angry follow the path of most of the victims instead of the proposed way to restrict a little blood for the sake of true democracy. And here is not quite clear that they they understand, if it is the American hypocrisy, they say, will save some lives have all mind, behind die a much larger number.

All this seasoned with a ridiculous main characters and secondary characters. A marine, constantly aching to the middle of the series and complain life. As it in General it took? A woman who instead is normal to hear paslode, constantly showing him the carton his contempt even where it acts more correctly than she(probably still hypocrisy or envy).

Watch as characters in again get a call on  the"case" and rush to disrupt the plans of the antagonist in again without any changes in the global storyline bored already by the middle of the first season.

Themselves travel in time at all spread realism in fluff and dust. The characters are constantly "being watched" in historic sites, kill, or save a lot of people, but this returns the current constant(with the exception of the pilot episode).

Of course, as an opportunity to show the younger generation of Americans embellished the story in game form film, of course, failed.

As a film about at time designed and plot twists — no way.

4 of 10 suits a very authentic image of epochs.

Joscelin Colyer
12 February 2017 | 11:33

The series is enjoyable. Although I little on TV today, like it. Of course not enough validity, it's a bit fast. Not very carefully with the technical point of view. But the actors are pleasant. classic normal jokes — netdevil "jokes" in the style of TNT and Comedy, the humor of which is based on the vulgarity, the carelessness and the removal of barriers of decency. It is contrast TNT jokes are funny. So good with regard to current tapes with the subjective "exposure" story, detailed violence.

About ardent physicists. Read" nature", view relevant documentaries if you want credibility. Yes here is simplified the fact, thatas for the equipment, but it's an easy genre to get positive emotions not to after viewing computation. Indicative scientific credibility and Ceptor in as a research consultant all ruined.


By the way, the moment of nikto not yet have proven the existence of Chernihiv — there is only indirect. The big Bang theory is only a theory, and there are facts that indicate that string Theory is more plausible. No who has proven is there move in time. Einstein in the time is not could not believe that there is a "quantum entanglement" quantum entanglement and it exists (it was later proven by experiment), though in the same time Hillsbor believed in the quantum entanglement

What is the genre of Timeless?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Drama.
Who starred in Timeless?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter, Malcolm Barrett, Claudia Doumit, Goran Visnjic.
What is Timeless IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.7.
When was Timeless released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-10-03.