Audy Ursula
29 January 2020 | 01:32

Very good episode of the category alternative superhero (with resident tambaram no connection, if that). Probably the idea of the modern is most similar to the Fatal Patrol. Heroes — a couple of outsiders with a bunch of cockroaches in head and skeletons in the closet. Naturally endowed with super powers, but there also not all super-smooth. More on the atmosphere of the film is similar to the Detective Agency Dirk and gently, and those who does not understands the series, probably something from the creativity of Wes Anderson. What a fantastic extravagant detective, a little action and a little humor.

The plot of this. In modern several alternate reality live young people endowed with super powers. In General anything they do not everyone go about their business. Although happy they can not exactly be called. Once they all gathered and raised some eccentric rich guy. And here comes the news that he was done with him. Grown up kids going to house they are greeted by a chimp Pogo with mind of an adult and a mother robot. And it turns out that in fact that the dad of the heroes he put myself there are many gaps.

Interestingly, the super-heroes no super-heroic names. They called by numbers. Number One — super-athlete, Number Two — who can change the trajectory of flying objects (mainly knives which he it throws) and with super-response, Number Three — the beauty of having the ability to get people to do that she says to them (he was a super-villain with such a gift to Jessica Johnson), Number Four — junkie who can communicate with the spirits of dead people and even a kind of able to materialize, Number Five — probably the most powerful kid who can move through time and space (like Hiro Nakamura of Heroes), Number Six — the guy who can turn into a monster octopus, but lost being Number Four and Seven — sad girl violinist, who for some reason does not possess any super powers (but of course not all simple).

In General, all this style company creates a pretty dynamic move. Sometimes quite comical, sometimes tragic and in General probably chaotic. To watch exciting. Not everyone will go. But the film is definitely good and not a classic for a super-heroic genre.

7 of 10

Morganica Davies
29 October 2019 | 04:02

In an alternate world 1989-wow 43 ex women suddenly the day the babies were born unexpected. Eccentric millionaire Hargreaves managed to raise seven children and raise a team of superheroes, so that one day they could save the world from the end of the world. Only here grown kids are deeply traumatized by the upbringing of the mad scientist, a talking monkey and the Stepford mom-robot who long fled where to gather them together again can only be an extraordinary event.

They write that the underlying based on the comic was much like the crazier, the series have done quite mundane, without sorts conductors skeletons or shooting statues. Even oddities left plenty to the eyes on the forehead climbed. As and all sorts of illogic, but God with them, well written worlds rarely have those who succeed. But any omega on the superhero classics and scrape in front of the iconic movies is enough. For example, a spirited skirmish under "Supersonik" Queen in a clothing store one in one Terminator lapped. And in General, the soundtrack and virtually all action to him — fantastic don't even care about that sometimes the song was chosen for the principle of maximum incompatible. And fashion is now timeless in all its glory: technically, it is today, the overall design of equipment/clothes closer to the 80s, cell phones are not available but and the moon people fly. Actually, I watch mobile phones, this is the worst enemy of most modern scenarios

The main thing is the history the end was interesting as not so much a detective adventures of people from the super-powers, a tragedy of growing up poor kids who don't matter all conflicts are somehow trying to work together. And turns a very, very bad. Children's resentment and hatred of the Pope, which they even the names are not bother to give, and called sequence number for the usefulness, to still AUCA so someone in the pills sitting, who have to be on drugs, someone the world save as he can, and someone is just looking for the massive love and adoration. So you understand the series in some places is pretty depressing, but and very exciting at the same time. It clings to the first of series away.

The two youngest of my favorites, although Sheehan for example to do not tolerate could. And then such a great role from irritating freak and to a full-fledged tragic figure in the end. The boy, Aidan Gallagher, General finding, in 14 so great was able to play harmful, smart, opinionated old man that he I have a new favorite child, I will follow career.

8 from 10

Sadie Marrin
02 January 2020 | 09:03

This show is literally physically painful to watch because of the lack of dynamics. Not secret now, many TV shows deliberately delaying to keep the season of 10-13 episodes, but in this case with the slowness was a complete disaster.

You can find (huge number of): lengthy close-UPS under the boring classical music, the brake dialogues with very long pauses and same brake scenes like if your player switched to speed 0.5.

By the way, fun fact, the series begins with scene in Soviet the atmosphere resembles amorphous-vague, like a shot in the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe or, for example, in Scandinavia (now popular "Nordic thrillers" as once they have such a nerdy-North atmosphere).

The actors also can't say anything good — they are dull, boring and dull — I don't remember exactly one charismatic person. The picture of the series dull blurry in the dull gray-brown tones.

Topics that affect the series has already has turned into a truism for the standards that gives the last years serialno-the cinematic industry: a little angst, a bit of longing for a lost childhood and statements the theme of "midlife crisis", a bit of trendy music, a small of being a Gothic Noir with a murky movie-picture — all these viewers are stuffed from the days of "Logan", although not note that "Logan" in the time was pretty good film.

In the end, this show went to my personal trash failure-dull titles and has been replaced by a more dynamic "Iron Fist" (TV series from marvel), "Lucifer" (TV series from DC) and Blood Drive (not comic book and just good and creepy series from Syfy).

What is the genre of The Umbrella Academy?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Crime, Adventure.
Who starred in The Umbrella Academy?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, David Castañeda, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Robert Sheehan.
What is The Umbrella Academy IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.
When was The Umbrella Academy released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-02-15.