Corina Basile
21 April 2015 | 12:17

If you are going to watch this episode on the best recommendation of a friend, even a super what did not expect — series, show in today a lot.

Thought: look for fun and forget.

In the end, North for watching "breathless" through all series, still has revised the particularly interesting points, of which "the Royal family" very much.

To describe the plot and characters — makes no sense, it you just have to SEE. Such a crazy event I haven't watched TV screens: it is very hard, colorfully, poignantly and "Chernushka", whereas the latter is so pronounced that sometimes it is happening like a real farce. A farce in which the has  the"truth" behind tinsel, gloss and gloss of this crazy carnival, which appears to us the life of the Royal family and its entourage.

Go into the details as mentioned, don't I will note only a great game of actors, especially Alexandra Park and Tom Austin, whose "burning" tandem undoubtedly attracts the viewer's attention, and they do so defiantly with such a "spark" that all the other actors on their background fade.

Conclusion: even though I'm not fan of things like that, but "Members of the Royal family" will look with pleasure.

At the moment rating:

8 10 

all — it still only the beginning, but but what a scrapper!

Marge Obel
26 April 2015 | 05:42

Topic in the principle of win-win — well, the public likes to look into the keyhole see the private lives of the rich and famous, the more Royal family! It is clear that the apparent authenticity of the producers had preferred to avoid, after all, the Windsors are not the last people on our planet and better not to anger, so here's a fictional family. But all still the Royal...

I watched a couple episodes of the project and I admit, not see no reason to continue. No, it not bad in General, do not boring... but not kings and princes! Before us is a family of provincial American millionaires of some Pasadena of what we many have seen on the screen. Well and it makes sense to spend the time to watch another soap?

I am far from the idea to consider the real Windsor cream of humanity. These people just happily born. I don't know how they behave in an intimate setting. But fact that the rules of etiquette they definitely vaccinated and in public they do extreme icing. It is impossible even to imagine that the British Princess was turning for meeting people that allows himself to Princess Eleanor. As it is impossible to imagine the Prince of Wales, throws the hands of the crowd. He who, Justin Bieber?

And Liz Hurley in the role of Queen — I please! Maybe Queen Elizabeth and the bitch true, but it definitely has the Royal gloss. Liz in the role of the "Queen" Helena looks like a Secretary, happily married for a rich boss. Yeah and save on the production budget obviously hurts the eyes. Where luxury? Solemn sessions with personal liners, chic receptions? In the Royal Palace should be a lot of servants, not you, but according to the show, there only one servant facing a desperate choice — or to do a Blowjob to Prince, or to live on welfare. Other alternatives in Britain, no!

The series could would go barbed satire, but we suggest something like "life". Here and the characters are idealists! To regret it looks so fake, what do not pull even on a farce. So, nonsense any. In short, the swing was much steeper implementation and turned into a small-town Santa Barbara or something like that. It is not the kings of England!

5 from 10

Shelbi Latrice
29 March 2015 | 10:01

When viewing the news feed in we all the famous social network Vkontakte, I came across advertising of the series "the royals". To be honest, the trailer interested me. It had something like my favorite "Gossip girl", but instead of rich kids with Upper East side here tells the story of a couple of the British Royal family. To compare these series no sense to one series already finished and the other only came on the screens. No one knows we are waiting on at the plot of the series "the royals", so that make it.

After watching the first series, I came to the conclusion that looks implausible. first, the depravity of the Princess. Yes, of course it makes the series is unusual, BUT, in real life a Princess would not so raised, even if nothing could affect the establishment of adequate representative of the female, for this behavior of hers it would put under the castle, so as not to besmirch the honor of the Royal family. secondly that for combat makeup and fur Cape, from which emanates from vulgarity and cheapness, have Her Majesty? Sorry, but is not become the woman of her position. thirdly, by my opinion, the king took not very well. I think been contrast pathetic Queen like "his guy", a man with an open heart and good intentions and family of the country, but it looks like a Concierge in an expensive suit. fourth, in the series is completely absent chic. Where same the servants? The Palace looks completely empty. Even want to refer to the daughters of His uncle Majesty. Ugly in pink robes and with a bunch of dogs. Their simulated narrow-mindedness greatly catches eyes.

Of pros can say that the choice of Actresses for the role of the Queen and Princess. One of the most common rules of Hollywood: pick a mother and daughter so that they were maximally dissimilar in appearance. BUT Elizabeth Hurley and Alexandra Park are very cute together even as a real mother and daughter. I would like to mention the architecture of the halls, rooms and etc. In a whole looks decent. Also, I like the main characters seemed to the funeral (appearance). William Moseley (Prince Liam), he also Peter of the film series "the Chronicles of Narnia", in the frame holds quite adequately, as however the girl playing Ophelia — Merrit Petterson.

So the idea of the series — the life of the Royal family inside out — quite bad. Comparison with "Gossip girl" to him, of course, not to avoid. According to the series is not have a pair of key characters, say commoners. My assessment the moment 6 out of 10. BUT it just yet. I will continue to watch "the Royal family", the more it already renewed for a second season. The story is interesting, but needs improvement attention to detail.

How long is The Royals?
What is the genre of The Royals?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama.
Who starred in The Royals?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Elizabeth Hurley, Alexandra Park, William Moseley, Jake Maskall, Tom Austen.
What is The Royals IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.5.
When was The Royals released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-03-15.