Janeczka Marlee
20 October 2019 | 01:10

There are many movies and TV series about myths politics, they are made with different proportions of intrigue, plot twists, tone of story, humor, sarcasm, positivity/negativity of the characters and etc. 

But this show me direct crush in the heart. Probably because in the depths of my soul to still living one the small boy, who even in the most unattractive people on first glance sees something good.

I was very impressed and moved to the heart of love is not mother to adopted son and she is ready to sacrifice something very dear for the sake of his (or not his) child. Very touched by the love of the girl first glance, completely empty and stupid guy, but the with a big heart.

Really admired the emotional wisdom that had river — a friend of the main character, not matter the whole entourage of wealth he had. And as of course all submitted, nice and easy.

And faith and sacrifice girl the main character and another story altogether. Look and admire the characters, almost every one of them.

Of course, this series is no one promotes those are the most liberal values like and what is now the American market. And if other series is annoying how much of the "tolerant" characters or are forced out of himself strained drama, or worse — play just for the sake of quotas, they say "our show is a black man, who by the way still a gay", it is there to do on don't pay. Probably because a big heart, sincerity and bright charisma — it in any person with any appearance will attract to yourself.

So if you want to watch the series average lightness, with a fairly dynamic plot (it is neither in no way dreary drama with snot forced me from which have nauseated), and very very vivid characters who are really a lot of haunting scenes, then I strongly recommend to browse.

The series, after which the soul's warmth and nice and see it was easy and fun. Not even though the presence of brand of black humor from the creators of "American Horror Story"

Of 9 10

Cheryl Genevra
27 November 2019 | 01:14

Tandem inexhaustible and unrestrained serial energy in the face of Ryan Murphy and brad Falchuk issued the first series after the giant deal with Netflix. The agreement was signed for a period 5 years, 10 projects in the amount of about $300 million, making Murphy one of the most expensive producers in TV history. In the result of the Duo of authors has released a kind of "house of cards" for Generation Z.

Have from the very first minutes guess brand martinovski staging tools: sharpness, carrier solutions, periodic febrile installation, savory music, bustling event density, accompanied by machine-gun fire dialogue somersaults and wide range of characters, no presents, it seems that all the representatives of races, orientations, genders, social. groups and people with special needs. Only Murphy under power from this character is a narrative set to cook up a series so rich soup that, despite the periodic fable overdose, you desperately covets supplements. the Good, the creators of talent gets time to rein in the narrative leap-frog, in fascinating satirical manner to mock hypocritical nature of politicians and devoted to the intricacies of the unofficial American establishment, even very far from a similar theme viewer.

the Main characters of "Politics" is a young bourgeois growth, which has from school eager to deftly manipulate the gullible majority, skillfully covering up their selfish goals and an exorbitant ambition, cleverly tucked or now suddenly relevant agendas, requests, moods and desires alarmist transforming the present. At its scenic bile Murphy managed to splash almost all from the liberals and Democrats to rumbling of the electorate, from the loud feminists to sometimes overly aggressive representatives of the LGBTQ community. But the most amazing, with a unique ability of rapid and the cynical changing of the socio-political toilets, the characters in this was pretty ambiguous, "meaty" and clear to the audience. Sometimes they are you to madness irritate and enrage, but already in the next moment you imperceptibly for themselves captivated by this relatively farcical drama. For example, the main character Peyton as external and internally caused utter antipathy, with over time purge my spectator hostility in sincere sympathy and empathy. It applies to infinity Astrid and Sabinanigo hero name I and don't remember. But here is my beloved Jessica Lange is incredible and dazzling even in the controversial image, with every appearance of raskala hot little episode.

And such a mocking sardonic cliffhanger makes a special look to wait for the second Chapter of this history (only Murphy stated 5 km).

Verdict: Sandpiper praises is the swamp!

Lee Bertina
30 October 2019 | 04:56

NETFLIX has signed a contract for ten exclusive projects with Ryan Murphy and brad Falcolm, the creators of "American horror story". The deal is valued at about 300 million dollars and"Politician" in the first list of ten promised. The series immediately renewed for a second season, and the first came out already on September 27. With a one-month delay will examine with you than this series is different from all the others.

Payton Hobart — an ambitious young man. He is going to become President of the United States (according said that fact, not a dream), and to do this, he must first become the President of the middle school before doing the Harvard. In this difficult matter it supports adoptive mother Georgina (Gwyneth Paltrow. The Oscar winner and wife of Tony stark in the Avengers universe), and his girlfriend fellow councilors. But he has a serious opponent in the person of Astrid (Lucy Boynton. Bohemian Rhapsody, For the catcher in the rye), which makes his candidacy is shot dead her boyfriend.

Thanks to the TV series, Murphy pokes fun at politicians-hypocrites. He happy driven roller on the entire American electoral system and don't forget to hook wrestlers of activists for gender equality and the environment, the education system and selfish parents. But at the same time Ryan us shows how is purposeful school life of American adolescents: the election campaign, debates between the candidates, public surveys and so on.

So what the series is different from the rest, except for political topics? The fact that  the"Politician" multi-genre project. We will see teenage dramedy, shimmering with satire occasionally passing into a musical. And in the end, it all diluted educative moments that do not jump above his head and go to the ambitions. In one time you have everything to lose and down on the bottom of the alcohol bottle.

An interesting fact, which the series neglect — involves a real person with a disability, who played schoolboy with cerebral palsy. But at the same time the creators do not shy to show us how people can make bogus disability to their relatives, not revealing the truth use this for their own sinister purposes.

I want to highlight the pace of the series, which captures from the first twenty minutes and keeps the voltages the greater part of the season. All this looks at one breath. And coupled with bright, polished image and characters, not want to end this election race. But in the end, you will be expected to continue, but only on the level of the whole metropolis.

8 from 10

What is the genre of The Politician?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy.
Who starred in The Politician?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Ben Platt, Zoey Deutch, Lucy Boynton, Bob Balaban, David Corenswet.
What is The Politician IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.6.
When was The Politician released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-09-27.