The Outpost

The Outpost

The plot is representative of the race of Chernobrova — Talon. She is looking for the murderers of his family, the traces of which lead to the fortress, located on the border of the inhabited lands. During the trip, the girl discovers supernatural abilities that she will have to master to save himself and protect the world from a fanatical religious dictator.

Seasons: 2 3 4
IMDb icon 5.9/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Joli Mauer
05 August 2018 | 05:00

"Avanpost" his whole appearance, design and idea refers to the good old, "rubber" fantasy of the late eighties — the beginning of the nineties, when undisguised naivete of what is happening on all seriousness the efforts of the film crews turned into a good adventure movie. But time then it took many, technology has leaped forward, we already do not 10 — 12 years, and after the timeless Lord of the rings Jackson, the megapopular "Game of thrones" and top game franchises (which themselves have were not less cinematic), like "The Witcher", or"Elder Scrolls", a new creation from CW is perceived very much too funny.

Even recaptured fans of the fantasy genre (by the way, I myself of numbers), this series will seem too fresh, vegetarian, cheap and mediocre. Strange to see such outright savings from channel, successfully collecting ratings thanks to the "Hundred" in which obviously put more big money (let "one Hundred" is also the long lost taste). Saved here, in the literal sense, on all. On the script the decorations on attributes the writers. If CW and wanted his modest "Game of thrones", then the output is a rather budget "the Chronicles of Shannara" for teenagers 12 to 15.

The film would have lost absolute trash; if the authors do not hesitate to add blood, guts and naked Breasts of the main character (however, there is still 6 episodes, like not leave the hope to see the latter). And generally, some episodes, the movie is very similar to themed porn. Sometimes it seems that now, Jessica green will throw a sassy look ROSKOSH their eyes in the side door of the tavern, they will open the room will come five naked muscular men and begins very different movie.

Saw the series of films "Mitica"? So that, "the Outpost" is very similar to them. Same fan work without a tangible financing, acting and the seriousness of the situation. Only "Mitica", for example, is felt more clearly marked enthusiasm and a tribute to the genre — it is tailored for the canons, even also the penny, so definitely wins. What it is strange, because the authors have both projects is one and the same. Or mind you come some movies Uwe Boll in fantasy for TV with budget a couple of million bucks. With the other hand, in the"Outpost" you can see its charm and allure. It all depends on what are the goals of the viewer. Is interesting and highly detailed world us slip the raw concept and a stub, instead of chemistry between the characters what — the grimaces and antics, dialogues, levels middle school, and the fighting choreography evokes nostalgia, when we boys took up the stick and"waved" for the house, playing in the knights. If all that you seem funny and nice, then it is possible that show — for you. To relax and seriously think about what is happening. Movie tube, it is not terrible (even in those moments where we are trying to intimidate), fun in its attempt to establish itself in the genre. When that he still not gets interesting colorful characters for which would be a pleasure to watch. Jessica green — lady may noticeable, but very strongly on the fan. The choice of actress for the main role not the most successful, and bad acting thrown in eyes from the first minute of the first series. Convincing everyone here seems criminal physiognomy Andrew Howard in the role of a Marshal.

What's the verdict? Polulyubitelsky branchy cranberry from the CW channel, which is unlikely will last too long. Movie primitive, but places it is really possible to find that — is cool, if you want to. In entourage, for example, in the naivety of youth, or clumsy scenes of fencing. But is it you need? Obviously, project stage idea had much more potential, but of — for the acute shortage of Finance and failed casting looks like thesis students. No special atmosphere I here is not noticed, the story is also, alas, not intriguing and acquaintance with heroes prompts to wait for the next series with interest to find out their destiny. The choice of locations is very poor, the villains boring, the characters banal, almost no magic. In General, it is more like what — the sitcom, in which bad actors move between the two locations of series a and series talk uninteresting topics. All too plastic, too toy, a bit young and naive. If it lasciviousness was taken years ago 20 but the film spent all of this time the basement studios and it only remembered now. The best of that I'm here to see — is the poster that hangs in the movie page. Ah, I wish it was themed porn...

2 10

Christabella Ferdinand
27 November 2018 | 06:10

We must start with that the plot implies a formula "angel of vengeance", that I was alerted immediately, because usually the plot of these works is fairly primitive and one-sided. But after watching the first season, it became clear that in the series, there are side story lines, among them there is one very interesting and one is not quite clear what is needed, but its use revealed only towards the end of the series on my opinion.

The series is replete with colorful battles, namely the battle scenes, one on one, but that's not to say that they truly look with the point of view of historical fencing, but it I can close my eyes, because it in very rare cases it is realistic. The main character is like a martial arts master, is attaches charm. You can draw a parallel with the movies kung-fu or about other types of martial arts. In fact, we one of the series saw the obvious kung-fu without a cold weapon, the right one in one, look again, attractive.

However, the main disadvantage of the series, according to my opinion is the immortality of the characters in that they just simply don't dying fatal wounds. Two blade the stomach, a crossbow bolt in the chest, all this marks the death. Even for some reason the bleeding is immeasurably long, the person is not so much to live. That prevented injuries adequate as in other films, below is somehow it was like the truth. This point is made very silly, even foolishly. Not know what was guided by a Director shooting these scenes.

The main antagonist pure Thranduil, no ears. The owner of the tavern appears to us in the image of the typical capitalist is can set only one pursuit of money, also the quote "everything has a price", it's just that it is worth noting, as archetype.

This same fantasy, it is built on the archetypes, it had to surprise. But this typical image of capitalist in fantasy I see succeeded, or I forgot.

Summing up I can say that show me I went in, despite the stupid logical errors and obvious holes in the story, I close eyes because authors are able to put pressure on the feelings, though not as much as others. But the characters are clearly not boring they had to endure.

If you look for the most charismatic and memorable character, for me it will Marshal weathers. Most favorite character in the series, perhaps. He gives is so funny and witty phrases that even write it down. The actor played wonderful.

Will wait for the second season and hope the authors of the works you will find and fix their mistakes, from which just want to get up and scream at times with the words "How can this be".

8 from 10

Lishe Nara
30 January 2019 | 06:59

Already quite pretty soon the iconic "Game of Thrones" and so we all time to think about that we look into her absence. Well, that CW and other annually pleases us quality content. Today's patient as time of this category.

The plot of the series "Outpost" tells the story of chernobrovy girl the name of the Claw and her adventures in the Outpost in the Poisonous forest. He though simple but still can offer interesting plot twists and intricacies. Not forget that this series in the fantasy genre. All elements of the genre are present here: the magic races, artifacts and monsters.

Despite that from "the Outpost" sometimes breathes cheapness, the scenery and costumes are made on a decent level. The main music theme is also very good and memorable.

However, all is not the main advantages of this series. Main a plus is certainly the characters. Them many, but they charismatic have flavor. Among the most successful heroes — captain Garrett Peak, his father Marshall Cedric withers, the Ambassador of Thunder and, of course, General Cornelius Alcazar.

Watch strictly anyone who missed a good fantasy.

Of 10 10.

What is the genre of The Outpost?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Fantasy.
Who starred in The Outpost?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jessica Green, Jake Stormoen, Imogen Waterhouse, Anand Desai-Barochia, Robyn Malcolm.
What is The Outpost IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.9.
When was The Outpost released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-07-10.