The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour

Car reviews, adventures around the world, meetings with celebrities and humor that is an essential feature of each issue.

Seasons: 1 2 3
IMDb icon 8.7/10
  • Country: GB, US
  • Language: English
Salaidh Casta
06 January 2018 | 08:13

So I appreciate the appearance of the Grand Tour. After the scandal Clarkson and company was able to quit his job, started in Top Gear, so I set up a new similar show. But the old Top gear will not go away, Yes, started very well, you might say, warmed up, got used to work without the main star, but then all entered normal.

In the second season of Grand Tour removed the pointless column "with the stars" and launched a familiar, but it is often tedious ride stars after small talk. And now we have almost two same show, and old Top Geer, in my opinion, there will be more car, and Grand Tour — entertainment.

In the end, the audience such as I got two automotive transmission with beautiful car and types of good.

Cecil Sang
29 November 2016 | 04:08

... or Grand Tour: the Beginning — in fact, not matter what the title will be a new transfer of Jeremy Clarkson. What is more important: "the APE who shaved and wore a shirt", and also retired from bi-Bi-si due to disagreements with producers and, respectively, left, probably, the business of life in the face of the famous car show, which for many years of existence, has gathered millions of fans on worldwide — now a gray-haired old man, but still the same mischievous jovial Jeremy — back. And did he is in accompanied by his old friends and part-time colleagues Richard Hammond and James may who are not left to Polish the chairs of the Studio's Top Gere, and went to Wake the companion.

Shelter popular in the automotive world the trio found at the Internet-Amazon, which is not tries to highlight the incredible TV money creation of a new car show with the old headlining. Just look at these numbers: 250 million dollars to 36 editions! Of course, any investment in the film industry could suffer a collapse, but Clarkson and KO, judging by the ready to do everything to prove Bi-Bi-si, who were in building dad. The "Grand Tour", the prototype of which is the previous show Jeremy takes on the last the best and reload all exactly as follows (as follows showed bi-Bi-si with the new host). Not enough, perhaps, only racing driver Stig never removes the helmet, but but there is a racing track similar to the deadly Ebola virus, and as threat, t C. is a remote area of Britain with a lawn for the elderly lady nearby, and a pasture of sheep, the coolest hypercar on the planet is a huge cost and the abundance of one-liners and jokes about all.

What is the category, where a leading are waiting for the famous guests, but still never was waiting for, heh. Really not talking about the stuff each other — without it in General anywhere. Clarkson and TO just have fun, enjoying what they do, and the format of the new TV show it looks more organic than it was before. The "Grand Tour" with budget and scale breaks the boundaries of TV and looks expensive series, each series which, like the film of the popular franchise. Effectively? Thank you! Automotive cosplay on "Mad max" George Miller at the first issue is not will confirm: the level of quality with gorgeous views, impeccable detailing expensive cars and just shows colamarino environment — aerobatics. The Studio is — portable tent — will ride on the world with leading the program, which already boasted that the photography show will be held on the planet, and sometimes come back, of course, race Britain test cars and jokes Communists, associated with new driver — not the Stig, but too.

In General and overall, the return of Jeremy Clarkson managed with all points of view. The "Grand Tour" — this is an expensive high quality show with a real English sense of humor and good old trio, entertaining people with his extravagant vision of the car and not only.

Sallee Collar
03 February 2017 | 02:43

Watched all 12 episodes and here to what I came — Top Gurr, far away.

Replacement Stig

It is clear that they could just make a copy of the silent rider but a thick American, at times, able to piss off not good neighbors all day sterledeva holes in yourself the apartment. The beauty of the Stig: it just doing his job, without any unnecessary words and actions. New the rider then inserts his comments that won't display, in addition to its commitment to the American auto industry. To to us and so there are 3 leading is say.

Travel competitions

Leading not have forgotten how to come up with beautiful compare cars, and deftly find the advantages of their machines and disadvantages of choosing his colleagues as and teasing each other. But, sometimes, the impression is that the Trinity entirely to itself and does not know what to do. Instead of the exact goals, some routes that were invented on the go, and a maximum of 2-3 competitions. About the competition, not feeling that Top of gear they were harder, and as a result more interesting. On exit, a lot of water and no stories about.


Charismatic, funny, ready to defend my opinion as in time Top of gear. However, feeling Clarkson was too much.

A couple of times he alleged, he took out the crew and instead of the promised comparison of car And against car B, had to look as the old man says that he's smart, its a great car, and may Hammond fools. It feels like you where being lied to. No, I'm not against such stories, they work very good, but if I say now I served the meat in French, bring the Apple pie, no matter how he had was delicious, the mood all still would be tainted.

Spoken outside

Here all the old all right: communication in different automotive topics with a statement of its position.

Star brainiac

Why is it in General, you need not understand. Better to throw it away and save 5-10 minutes.


5 from 10

only for the charisma of the leading and good installation. I hope next season will be more balanced, and the creators will understand what they want show.

What is the genre of The Grand Tour?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy.
Who starred in The Grand Tour?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May,
What is The Grand Tour IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.7.
When was The Grand Tour released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-11-18.