The Good Fight

The Good Fight

By the disclosure of a number of illegal deals Diane Lockhart loses his job and savings, and her daughter, a young lawyer Maya — reputation. Some time later, Diana becomes the partner of one of the largest law firms in Chicago.

Seasons: 2 3 4 5
IMDb icon 8.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Lavinia Hartzel
30 September 2018 | 07:20

"Good fight" can be called one of the major surprises of the current series year. When is the next new season of many beloved TV series "the Good wife", the creators of the original Robert and Michelle king made a rather unexpected castling. After completing a full-length original after seven seasons and the abundance of various prestigious awards. Deciding to continue the story, unexpected and quite interesting offshoot of the way and is a "Good fight".

This episode of the spouses of the couple king picks up the events of the original series exactly where he once ended and continued to a little different direction. When the heroine of the original series Alicia Florrick just not found a place and a memorable and charismatic characters of the original series were only occasional guests of the original show. Where despite a branch of the source, the creators of the series decided to go in one same river twice. Have a second time telling the story of how like bottom beaten down by life, people themselves what to climb, to go further and maybe even become stronger.

The idea is perfectly implemented in terms of some parallelization of history. Where on the one hand, we are witnessing the story of a young lawyer Maya rindell, which is trying to cope with the scandal associated with her family. When on the other hand, we have seen all those also loved by litigation and just the everyday work of the life of an ordinary law firm. Actually not in again, perfectly revealing how the legal capacity of the project, and perfectly revealing nature of the main characters on the screen. Not making them in the usual puppets or background furniture.

Having collected almost all of the production team, the creators of the series did almost everything that would be possible to recreate on the screen the spirit and mood of the original series. Not matter that, "... the fight" has turned out a little heavier "... wives" in terms of atmosphere and style of the narrative. But in all other respects, the creators of the episode also managed to create a truly exciting and thrilling spectacle, for which is really interesting to watch and in viewing of which is drawn from head to toe.

Christian Baranski confidently and authentic looks in which has already become the title image Diana Lockhart. Noticeable growth Kas Jumbo, Luke Quinn in the execution of which is greatly increased in contrast the source. Becoming bolder, tougher and stronger all perfectly reflected in his play Jumbo. Quite a mixed impression called rose Leslie, or game, or the heroine herself which is not made I initially desired impression. It is impossible not to mention great acting DelRoy Lindo, Justin Barta and many other members of the acting team, each which coped with your task for the screen.

9 of the 10

Good fight — serial is the main surprise of the current year, which is the new season of beloved series turned into an absolutely independent and original project. Slightly inferior to its predecessor in the key and the presentation of the material, but otherwise — maximum of recreating on screen the main advantages of the original and creating the same exciting and interesting spectacle.

Rea Jemy
27 November 2019 | 03:00

Cons. First: of course they did not catch the beginning — "the Good wife". Many story lines going on the second circle. Crazy zazil on politics, especially in the third season, — terribly boring. And again, the third season is almost a disaster, because because of the loop to politics, the rest is secondary, and many things are just insane and not realistic. Some obsessive and stubborn desire to say — in our opinion — the only correct, otherwise not be can! The entire third season to ask myself — how is that even possible?! They are generally lawyers or who?! As lawyers experience, which supposed to know every letter of the law, I see characters, not understand the consequences, and in principle, can participate in illegal actions, guided by how would care about the common good, not considering the natural consequences, and all not even on duty, and on its own initiative (I want to say, — dope, because it is possible to imagine only about the young and inexperienced, but here)?! And it fails — annoying. Amazing that, — the detachment of all the characters from a friend (or just a different mentality that we not clear) — anyone can bring it (and this is how would be a variant of normal), to squeal, but this — not protect them from the tragic act — line Kurt — Diane, where do some strange marriage. Life? Or still film? — One big surprise. And probably the loneliness of heroes, even when no one someone honest conversations on serious topics (all can be used against You... Poor Marissa... And maybe — just a philosophical boomerang — how many times you debt service learned from that could be useful to the lawyers — here now do you? — Nightmare, not vigorous play in career race. A situation where it appears that money is the most important, important relationships father daughter and many others... still, in my opinion, "the Good wife" had more logic and humanity. At this look is still fun, even the third season, — first because know series a bit, and secondly, the skill still remained. Though suffered is not that the steppe, the part of the hysteria... Wonderful actors are still great shooting. One question revolves in head — are the clients of these lawyers all about politics, no exceptions?! — Certainly not: presidents come and go, but the underlying problems remain. Invited actor Michael sheen no doubt, as always, perfectly fulfills what he charged the writers and Director, but the impression is that last terribly overworked in the unreal games.

Advantages in addition to those mentioned: a good look at the original (simple enough English). Each story line is all still interesting. Still float great characters and actors from the "the Good wife". There are many controversial topics that still have started to discuss, and absolutely not politically correct. And that's good. For example, — in metoo# not all clear, so well as and racial issues that is as white and black racism. Well and of course "the road to the hell paved with good intentions". Still, hopeless, so I want to know what will go will finally the writers to the balance (waiting for the 4th season). Age rating — 18+, the rest — at the discretion of the parents.

5 from 10

Anjanette Brook
15 May 2019 | 12:00

Glorious fight is divided into "until the 3rd season" "what happened to the writers in the 3rd season?". Two the first season you look well-made drama about the lawyers, follow the court cases, development of interesting characters and generally get all that wasn't again well done in a similar series from "Law and Order" up to"the Good wife".

Yes, there is there is always a kind of idealism and unrealistic set of circumstances, but you know the rules: lawyers are more or less adequate, if possible, honest and smart professionals, and their joy will be understandable to most viewers. Except that, specifically in this series has much of the propaganda antithrombosis reserve that makes the idea that for this propaganda, in particular, he was removed. Perhaps it and the creators of knocked down in the 3rd season.

Apparently, someone decided that niche ended "house of cards" needs to be occupied, and the already familiar characters begin to radically change: someone is a drug addict, someone intriguing on the verge of criminality, who turns out to be of the professional clown etc. the Fighting heroes with trump goes to the level of podpaliny where the guerrillas are themselves not supporters are smarter than trump. Why, then introduce the hero, which suits the circus in court goes without pants — the logic of the previous series of this character would not sustained, still it is not "all serious" and not "Fargo," where freaks appropriate woven into the plot, but sometimes it was moving.

The collapse series is on all fronts: the events, characters, conflicts — all violate the rules of the previous narrative without any explanation. We is just to forget that we watched a drama about lawyers imagine that we are looking cynical political-psychological farce type "Billion" simply same me, and the first two seasons.

And this, of course, a marketing ploy. On the nose elections, and after the closing "house of cards" yet obvious favourites in this theme. However, the creators do not bother to make a logical transition, neither in the story nor in the behavior of the characters: from they just "Timur and his team" in suddenly turned into a "reservoir Dogs".

However, the first two I looked pleasure and who knows, perhaps this series will still be aligned and will find its place. Because the team is really good.

How long is The Good Fight?
What is the genre of The Good Fight?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama.
Who starred in The Good Fight?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Christine Baranski, Cush Jumbo, Delroy Lindo, Rose Leslie, Erica Tazel.
What is The Good Fight IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.3.
When was The Good Fight released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-02-19.