Gunilla Theone
03 April 2017 | 01:22

Twice revised the first season, remained in a great experience! The feeling that look serious ten-fantastic movie!

I don't read a book Cory, so not can compare the adaptation with the original. But get the level series "Game of thrones".

Briefly about the content: space begin to fade and explode spaceships. How, what, why — unclear. Many heroes know only part of the truth and trying to figure out what happens.

If you I watched "the Bridge", you know what extent are interconnected, confusing and not obvious is this investigation.

This fiction a description of the life of the astronauts, and police action, and drama, and horror. It is not bathing in the pools at the flight time to stars)

While I watched the show, I'm a few notebooks scribbled and haven't understood. And would you like to know what happened Julie Mao?

Babbette Lyon
29 January 2016 | 07:09

It is necessary to praise people who took a project of such magnitude as series of different worlds, living in one galaxy. The theme of the conquest of new planets and universes is always relevant (because who knows when humanity will actually be able to achieve something in space).

The fate of the series is in limbo, because the main problem posed by the creators, it relations between parents and children. The main disadvantage of the series — the basic idea of hatred of those who was born on populated once the Terran planets. The main complaint of all who lives on Earth, is mainly intended for the humans and is it that it is necessary to appreciate what we have to share this with those who once tamed, and then left to survive. If you leave out this situation series, the normal emerges a spoiled child, which is 40 years and he lives alone, but believes that parents don't do enough to make the life of a rebel was even better. Also here: the Earth is in"Space" similar to today's world where people are born with fresh air and with the idea to conquer space., and having not able to tame. The problem can in this case be solved in several ways: to destroy the spoiled child or destroy the greedy parent. Sooner or later all would to the creation of a terrorist group that wants to destroy one or the other. The only question is that next? On the project will be to hang on when this will solve the problem? Or the war for their right to have and have ever end? I'd like to believe that the writers will come up with something more interesting than the plot-climax-denouement.

But even with such a puny issue the series I want to watch. It more than the space epic, because there are many problems that exist on our planet today, and wasn't only discrimination. Most likely, the life we see the ends of the Earth, you can find all in the same Land just a little further from advanced civilizations. The film is beautiful, the house is much higher than in DC, and space landscape -  against which flying pirates and abandoned people in suits — just something. It is worth seeing.

Anetta Erbes
01 May 2017 | 01:59

To reduce the number of stones in my garden, I have to say, this show me recommended to see how the science fiction. This genre in today's cinema almost never stayed... not exactly left at all. Of course, I couldn't miss. Watched the first season, but in sediment from "science" fell out already after the first episode of the... Science fiction is not allow that impossible she does not ignore completely the fact that well known for now.

Do Ceres the largest asteroid in the belt, but even her gravity is so low that nor what colonization does not can be considered. She will not be able to keep the atmosphere and no dome will help. Yes to navigate her as on the Ground, is unlikely to succeed. I keep quiet about other issues, enough for this. In network, of course, quite a lot of nonsense on the subject of colonization of Ceres (the writers have read), but fantasy and science fiction a little different.

Why bother to colonize asteroids? For mining valuable resources? Hardly it's worth it. The extraction of useful materials from the asteroids (where it really a lot) more logically presented in "Dark matter", where the plot of the first episodes and built on this problem. Need a fit for life planet in a system where are hangars, warehouses, repair facilities, spaceports trucks and etc. On the asteroids is only mining and there is no need for them "colonize".

Why carry the ice of Saturn's rings when the water is possible with success to get much closer. Europe — Jupiter — less than is of water. Kilometer layer of ice, under which ocean, with a depth of several kilometers. A virtually inexhaustible source of water near belt. Yeah and produce a much easier. There is ice and other planetoids.

About other mistakes, which is more than enough already from the first episodes, not worth to say, enough written. This is not science fiction, it is not. It is normal coooper.

And if you evaluate the series as cosmopro, then it's pretty good, although not to say that very good. With arch stingy, scenery, szeniawska and graphics on top. The plot is interesting, but quite muddy and tight. The dynamics of no, at least the first season, although it may seem that it is.

Summing up — series the fan spun coooper with good budget. If such is, it worth a look. But there science fiction, just coooper with a detective, an intricate plot. Nice shot, and that's the only reason my rating neutral.

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What is the genre of The Expanse?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Sci-Fi, Drama, Mystery.
Who starred in The Expanse?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Cas Anvar, Wes Chatham, Dominique Tipper, Steven Strait, Shohreh Aghdashloo.
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At the moment, the rating is 8.5.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-11-23.