The Bold Type

The Bold Type

The story of three friends, Jane, kat and Sutton who work in large, glossy women's magazine "Scarlet" and all support each other. Girl live bright busy life in new York, looking for yourself, exploring your sexuality, love and the fashion world.

Seasons: 2 3 4 5
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  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Aggy Pacificas
27 August 2017 | 05:29

Worldwide recognition and love "Sex in the City" is not give rest to the producers who are trying to jump on the bandwagon yet not far to the left of the tram.

Before us is another and very bad variation on the theme of life of three young friends working in the new York publisher of a glossy magazine, their relationships with each other, young people, managers, mass ecolology and ekoloski.

At times the show resembles the movie "the Devil wears Prada". Especially those of the scene where the shot contains melora Hardin, 50-year-old leader of Scarlet magazine, in which also the work the young heroine of "Bold".

Despite that of the Bold Type at the period 2 times the duration of "Sex in the city", they look quite easy and exciting. Yes, it is absolutely dbcache movie, with their experiences, their lives and sometimes clear only to them. But young people anything can open the eyes on a lot that lies in any young girl, but carefully hidden, then what they often do not will say just between then I'll have to pull out of them red-hot pincers. Here is all the surface. See and go to us.

Summary: view all of those who enjoyed "Sex in the city", "the Devil wears Prada" and other things. Young people are not have to be embarrassed pink cover, T. K. inside their waiting for the ENCYCLOPAEDIA of the female soul.

Katharina Tina
28 August 2017 | 07:40

Missed the intrigues of four of the legendary "Sex in the city"? This summer the channel is Free Form presented hot new about the lives of three young girls working in large glossy magazines "Scarlet". Chip magazine — very popular today the theme of equality.

It seems that that we have already seen. Three girls are young and ambitious. Jane a few years he worked as an Intern, and now she had the unique opportunity to sponsor the coveted gloss. She sweet, cute and insanely stubborn. Experiences of personal life often interfere with performing work on 100%. But not least, the heroine tries to justify the increase in the post in any way.

cat -Director social networks. Under her responsibility 24/7 is not only update social networking, retention trends, but and tracking the likes and dislikes allowed readers. She answers all the angry posts and leading the conversation, defending his opinion. An unusual artist drew the cat. And here is the second new-fangled theme played in the series: the girl is trying to decide — guys it or the girls? Best friend trying to help cat deal with problems personal life and send the right path.

Sutton have many years is given to the work of the Secretary, although the secret dreams of working in the field of fashion. Here only the responsibility and modest upbringing prevented from moving further. When it will be decided on dramatic take destiny in your own hands? Dear lady in the secret meets the incumbent of the post of chief — Richard. Pretty to the ugliness of the man's their relationship will be the subject of public discussion. In turn, the girl is afraid to tarnish his reputation and to move in an honest way on a career ladder.

Jacqueline — the chief editor of "Scarlet", a stylish, wise, understanding and immensely kind. I think the image of the heroine is too idealized. The main heroine with her almost a short leg and myself Jacqueline worn with them as mom, gives advice and tries to help.

What special this series? Shows the inner life of the staff of the magazine "Scarlet". Play funny situations, the urgent problems of media and also conflict situation which are the characters. Heroines endowed with fashion model looks, they beautiful, but one has the chubby cheeks, the other not size x-size. This one of the most pleasant aspects of the series. Because the characters are as close to reality, people tired of seeing the frame is too perfect. The spirit of feminism pervading red tape is not only the idea and concept of the magazine, but the whole series. I don't say men is presented here in the amorphous form, but the main character by any means trying to show that they did not worse than the stronger sex. Probably for the first time in long time TV series Actresses age coincides with the age of the heroines.

In General, "Bold" was not bad soap Opera, a kind of mixture of "Sex in the city", series "Junior" and a little "Gossip girl." I wonder how to develop the main characters, change their character the image. So the series has caused only positive emotions. It will be interesting how the turn the or the other story line in the future.

Eveline Ticon
23 August 2018 | 10:01

"Bold" — easy, funny, emotional series about women's friendship. Say not exists, but the Bold Type shows us the reverse side of the coin.

The main characters, Jane Sutton and Kate practically inseparable. They are ready to come to each other help any moment, to cry, to hug or just to have some fun. Completely different character girls have one thing in common — loyalty to each other. And it's incredibly good, so as to have a lot of Dating for fun is commonplace. However, in difficult times, how many people around? Trinity gives hope that there are faithful friends, despair not worth it.

The editors of women's magazine "Scarlet" is a great place to build a successful career and the realization of ambitions. This new York, Millennials! Where, how not this city to realize themselves? Girl is well know do not cease to fight for the dream, ideals, their principles and life values.

The creators of the series raise acute social problems, trying to convey to the public women's needs. A woman in The Bold Type on the first place: it wants, needs, fears.

I recommend to browse.

8 from 10

How long is The Bold Type?
What is the genre of The Bold Type?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama.
Who starred in The Bold Type?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee, Meghann Fahy, Matt Ward, Melora Hardin.
What is The Bold Type IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.
When was The Bold Type released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-06-20.