The Americans

The Americans

The story about the complex marriage of two KGB agents, who under the guise of Americans settled in the suburbs of Washington immediately after President elect Reagan. Bogus marriage Phillip and Elizabeth every day it becomes more real and emotional, despite the escalation of the cold war and dangerous relationships they must maintain with a network of spies and informants. The tension increases when a new neighbor Stan, an FBI agent who works in counterintelligence.

Seasons: 6
IMDb icon 8.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Brynne Adelind
31 May 2013 | 09:54

Any new project of the channel FX automatically becomes for me one of the most anticipated. The entire the recent history of the management team responsible for the launch of the pilot of the show, never been summed, giving a family favorite biker Saga "Sons of Anarchy", and in the recent past and cristolose spectacle under the name "American horror story". Therefore, the message of that on FX will be implemented, the idea of life of domestic spies on the United States, was adopted by me on "cheers", but with a little fear, so as a result, could get a completely unexpected: from level leisurely espionage drama "a Stranger among us" to pickled cranberries on mother Russia, which is so sin American writers. However, "the Americans" surpassed even bold predictions in regards to the quality of the show.

The most surprising for me was the fact, as a picture of Soviet spies on the screen. It would seem, in the reign of Reagan declaring the USSR "the evil Empire", a portrait of the devious villains eager to damage the great power of the United States, should be the most unsightly. On the case, the characters Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings are shown as objectively as possible. They are presented by ordinary people who are not alien to ordinary human experience: love, the problems of motherhood, attempts to revive the marriage. Only in their case, it all this is associated with constant reflection on duty to country and the need to weave continuous intrigue on a national scale. In this neighborhood, and personal public and is the beauty of the show. The viewer, in the first American, looks at the mental anguish Phillip who begins to doubt in the correctness of his way, watching iron will, Elizabeth and sees the spies, first and foremost Individuals. For this approach the prescription of the main characters I bow to the writers of the show Joseph Weisberg, Joshua Brand, Joel fields companions.

Same serialmonkey thanks to Director Adam Arkino. One of the main problems of the other notable spy of the project "a Stranger among us" many experts and critic sensibly called the inability to catch the balance between action and human drama. In "American" this fine line was found. Development and the swell of the characters is striking, and this applies not only a couple of the main hero, experiencing on himself the blows of the unenviable fate of a spy in the enemy camp, but and the secondary characters. Supervisor Jenington Claudia in performance unmatched holders of Emmy Margo Martindale appeared as steel rock true to their cause the ease of manipulating the fates of others, but never forget the integrity and safety of its wards. Chemistry, built on the hatred between the characters Keri Russell Martindale, would be the envy of any other any couple in love. A storm of emotions was caused by the ratio of recruited African American Gregory (Derek Luke) to Elizabeth and, apparently, an alien ideals. Not been able to hold back the tears at the denouement of this storyline. Even minor characters such as the Russian Embassy employee Nina who's a victim of circumstances, presents non-trivial. It can be seen in what fear we live such "double agents", and what they have to go to simply survive. It is noteworthy that on the American channel show produced by American crew, shows us the special agents characters, more faded and fading in the background of their opponents, so most sympathetic, only a naive simpleton Mar, dreaming about simple woman's happiness.

Despite the fact that a lot of attention is paid to the drama of the characters, actually spies not are a party. Each episode is dedicated to the an operation of residency, which may be on the verge of failure, and in a fraction of a second to turn into a success and Vice versa. Events are completely unpredictable, making waiting for each new episode with a sinking heart. And the vicissitudes of the final episode so dynamic that never are in peace, worrying about the fate of the family of the couple.

"American" is one of the best novelties of pilot season, which gave a great mix of drive and drama, mixed characters of "hunters" and"victims". I sincerely hope that she will go unnoticed on various awards, and least amazing included in your way Keri Russell get honored your wonderful game actor nomination. The show has been well thought out, starting with original Russian and a stylized Soviet-style screensavers and ending the atmosphere of the era of the 80-ies.

Cinnamon Leonteen
10 December 2013 | 07:52

Everything in this life has its consequences. Like those traces that we reserve facing to other people's fates and lives. Here why, even after the second world war, as such is the war not ended. Because each of the sides (even allies) saw the that is capable of other and this gave rise to the phenomenon of the cold war, which became the theme for a huge number of films. Here and the Creator of the TV series Joe Weisberg it would seem returns to have long investigated along and across the topic, but it is with a completely different side. Frankly, this series can be called not just the brightest novelty of the season, but and by far one of the strongest of the series of modernity, which is not matter it managed to remain in the shadows of numerous awards and nominations. But this series is not worse, and quite the contrary. Indeed, in the first series impresses with its correctly chosen direction.

Do not expect the series a huge amount of action, violence, bodies, and spectacle with maximum destructible. The creators of the film made it the sight in small quantities and less "pop-Corno". The most like myself reflecting the spirit of the cold war. Where the main action was not the skirmishes with the seas of corpses and destruction, and secretly prying eyes and maybe even anti dynamic. It is fully reveals himself the spirit of the time. In including how convincing the creators of the film managed to reflect the atmosphere of America at that time. Where the lack of bright colors and the purely joyful life compensated completely gray shades are literally everywhere. As in a visual environment, so in the mood of Americans. The creators of the film perfectly reflects the fear of a third world war, which flew on both sides of the fence.

I have always believed that in war there is no anything good. After all those other has claimed countless lives and did some terrible things. It's only subjectivism. After all, if the Frenchman Napoleon — a great military leader, then for us a tyrant, and if Stalin was for us "all", then for the Americans were a madman causing fear and anxiety for her own life. Here and how many movies I have not seen about the cold war, they all had one thing in common. Subjectivity. Americans have shown that bad — Russian. Russian that bad — Americans. This series is captivating and well that there are no standard separation of black and white, good and evil. All completely gray. In connection than the government of the USA and the USSR at that time are exactly the same, then the case metyas between sympathy and antipathy.

The very severity of the conflict the creators of the series reflected a gorgeous and the series wins another fact that the story itself develops on the background of a very interesting family relationship of the two main characters. Because the one hand, they KGB agents, who carry out their tasks and play a role. With other they like the American way of life, they love their families and each other. Each series of the series experiencing their strength trying to determine how their drawn and more tips. In something century project about the cold war is impressive not at all political intrigue and the like espionage, and the usual fate of ordinary people, who in one moment can turn from pawns q, and sometimes did run into the controversial Shah Mat.

A clear advantage of the series can be considered a luxurious cast. After a long downtime in the little-known projects, Keri Russell triumphant return to the top League in the last year by far the role in this series, I believe the best in her career. Carey I never played so contradictory and deep dramatic image. Impressed Matthew Rhys to which I just imbued with enormous sympathy. For Matthew not just fascinated with his bright charisma, but and created a very natural way. Like to the screen is a real person, but not an actor.

Noah Emmerich played perhaps classic, but definitely an impressive FBI agent. Actually as  Margo Martindale that has left perhaps the strongest impression on compared to all the other actors. After all, her character turned out very interesting. Visually it creates an image of a very calculating and duplicitous woman, but actually hides his kindness and devotion to his people. A character who you hate at the fact, however, which is imbued with unconditional sympathy and respect. Well and naturally captured the soul and Annette Mahendra. Perhaps even if not a game, it is a crazy charm and beautiful.

of 10 10

The Americans — not just the brightest series of the new season, but and definitely one of the strongest of the series of modernity. Outside depending also if he deserves recognition and awards, or no. So as so strong and intriguing sights on the theme of the cold war was not informed.

Rozele Romy
31 March 2013 | 12:27

80 years, the Iron Curtain, the Cold War, counterintelligence agents who have your house, your family, everything in USA.

Not to say that the film creates a sense of love for one or other characters, but rather the FBI agents, moreover, we can say that a healthy person will experience understanding and respect for KGB agents.

Challenging game the rulers of the KGB and the FBI shown to show sufficient detail and unobtrusive, quite lucidly and clearly.

A big plus of the show - the presence of not easy effective line agent jobs, and friendly and love Affairs agents themselves, on which side you whatever played you still an agent its mysteries and omissions, bonds on the work lovers (tsami) and it is very difficult.

After watching several episodes it becomes clear that the KGB agents, Elizabeth and Phillip perform their work not out of persuasion but out of fear of losing his family, and specifically, children. Them in the series plays a fairly big role, sufficient for in order to show the independence of children and need to his parents, from which sometimes does not get enough attention.

Not to say that the series is breathtaking, but it looks very nice, I personally I wonder how it will end, though, and felt that not very good. Whether that maybe they do start again?

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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Mystery.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, Keidrich Sellati, Holly Taylor, Noah Emmerich.
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At the moment, the rating is 8.4.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2013-01-30.