The Alienist

The Alienist

At the end of the XIX century, in 1896, new York shocking series of brutal murders in urban slums kill children, each time getting more and more sophisticated — like marks of some bloody ritual. The investigation leads the team bright: the future President, while the Commissioner of police Theodore Roosevelt, a distinguished psychologist alienist (studying mental pathology) Laszlo Kreizler and crime reporter John Schuyler Moore.

Seasons: 1 2
IMDb icon 7.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Roxine Amity
30 March 2018 | 10:01

On the background of popularity of stories in which the main characters and main villains stuffed and periapical vigorous protruding from all conceivable holes sick-brilliant features, "Alienist" became for me a kind of opening.

The main characters to the obscene like people. I heard a lot and seen reviews scolded Laszlo Kreizler for his nedostatochnosti, negotioations, nedorazumenie. It great for the lack of genius and the roughness-recitement character. What is this major shrink like this, without a clear sociopathically and charisma? We used to series films where the psychopath wins its cold, but only a brilliant intellectual, with a mandatory (mandatory!) wickedness, which we, of course, of course, forgive you, just because "this same shit, look at this!" He or alcoholic, or drug addict, or a killing machine without of regret, or a womanizer (Sherlock Holmes, Jim Moriarty, Gregory house, Tony stark, Dr. John Thackery, Frank castle, Rustin Spencer "Rust", Fred Abberline and etc.), but he is perfect or almost perfect in that makes. Even its weaknesses are attractive, in addition to it to kristallnact drawn the face of a genius.

Laszlo Kreizler not a genius. He people. And many thanks for the series that have made it so. It is a true narcissist, like this, which are described in books personality disorders, such walking on the streets, exactly the kind of person you can see near a. Who holds within himself the pain of inferiority. Creating around its crippled "I" protection in the form of pride and arrogance. Downtrodden boy who no one can afford to see my imperfection, my weakness, lack of confidence in yourself. All its symptoms, all his broken soul — here it is like on the palm. He wants to appear perfect, but can't because it is not a genius who always stationary, permanent and awesome, even in weaknesses, it is a living person, and this person has human flaws, ugliness and complexes. This man is angry, when in his alleged perfection and ideality in doubt, it out of myself when it called a liar and pull out what him hurt yourself to admit he is a long allows himself to fall in love, because it's dangerous, he finds the same defective collect them around, it looks with interest on your dark side and waiting for the probability to immerse yourself in it, it he his narcissistic revenge cold and fully conscious of the humiliation. It is a stunningly real character. Stunningly honest in which he flawed in. Yes, for jaded viewers who only respond to the most expressive traits and require to surprise and impress you, it is grayish. But for me it the series about the search for genius-killer geniuses like detectives. This story of the people who once lived. About people who hurt, humiliated, was throwing salubrinal, raped — just as make it now. The story of becoming the development of personality disorders. I see these people. I know people like Laszlo Kreizler. It causes no sympathy, stumbles and makes mistakes, hurting your friends. And it — the best psychopath of the series.

John Moore — nice, warm, kind, emotional, sometimes awkward, at first, seems unreliable and narrow-minded. Sympathetic heart needed the daffodil next to themselves. With each series by John better understand: let, man, you're not Shine mind, but with you will be much healthier. Yes, he, of course, similar to John Watson (any version). John's story — intense fear of abandonment, forcing it to return even to degrading Laszlo, silent love, softly creeping through the pain of the loss of the bride, honed in bed with prostitutes. But it is not swaggering dude. At this guy is a stud, so from invisible, vague, but there. And the web forces us to empathize and sympathize with him when it boldly goes where proud and dude go you want. So I want to say: "Come on, man, it happens. You really the good guy you want to be, do you great grandma."

Sarah raises less questions. The promotion of feminism, a strong woman who can work among the men and be better than them. Honest, educated father, not allow themselves to hurt and probably vulnerable.

Very pleased and impressed with detectives Isakson. Extremely hardworking, climb up into the essence, whether it is a dead body, tons of books and email or a dusty Bank under bed. Always ready to work, inquisitive and active. Easy guys.

Somehow, the very theme of the first season puts people off. And it's weird. Why the dead woman-a prostitute in"From Hell" — this authentic, atmospheric, brilliantly, "Hannibal" — this nourishing, inspiring and sexy and here, trading in a boys — this Fi, taboo, bad manners? In the series mentioned Jack the Ripper, John Moore, goes to the brothel to the prostitutes, but the selected topic is boys. And everything is held their noses and turned away. Yes okay. It is that was will this topic did not worse than any other. The more — for fans of wonder — it has relatively little where the affected.

Yes, the series have to something to strive for. A more dynamic plot development, even more clear cursive characters, courage in the disclosure of characters, the gun nose detective, the brightness of the expression of the main villains (apart from the police, so they are shown in all its glory). But am, he already very good. With a touch of romance, nejanilini honesty, great music, gorgeous costumes, fabulous atmospheric pictures and the spirit of the impending era of change.

7 of 10

Brittan Nalani
27 March 2018 | 10:35

In the TV series was anything to it could be a great detective, a masterpiece. The actors, money for decoration, a good team. All others a chance to become a Real detective. Burunduki cheeks fanning, new York on the turn of the twentieth century, Evans in the title role. That has not so?

Not so I went to the ideology.

In order to understand the propaganda, which, of course, is this show, should know about the last "cultural" movement of the West. All sorts lgbttti, feministki and left-wing political movements, God forbid, socialism. Gender-neutral pronounces, preferred gender pronounces that sort of becomes a law in"progressive" Canada. Googling yourself. I'm talking about this.

The points:

1) God.

Alienista rather contradictory belief that understandable. The murderer who commits mischief in the religious holidays — not something new, thanks though, that is not the Bishop is a pedophile or a priest-the Ripper. Here especially no complaints, except... apparently, for showing what Kreizler smart, he shall religious disputes, in which the triumphs, and the deep significance of which is approximately the same as in the following improvisation:

- You wrong there is no God.
Boy - fucker response.

2) Feminism.

I remember in Great race, still one of my favorite comedies, the main character drowned over the emancipation, voting rights and all that. But there's looked organically and without pretension to seriousness. Now, in 2018, the problem of gender inequality is how could not be more acute, and so we shows all difficulties, squabbles, and "you think a woman is not will do" burundukovsky fanning. Without claims quotes:

- Here is the picture of the murder, but there is a sheet, eyes cut, body disemboweled.
- You think if I woman, I can't see scary pictures?

3) to Understand and to forgive

Maniac is filed under sauce "society has made it so", "we need to understand it" "I don't want to killed." Nothing more to say.

4) gay Boys

Yeah, that we got the very essence of the work. Gay boys, boys in drag, boys crossdresser — widest range of openly selling her boys on the streets of new York. After viewing the impression that women brothels there not at all.

I doubt that new York 1896 was so liberal, but test me too lazy.

Naturally, the series, released in 2018, not able to show homosexual relationships as something wrong, but by the middle of the series of Kreitler and even claims that this "nature" and you need to accept yourself and what your son wears dresses — this is normal, all men are doing but if you against the callin fu fu fu. Inevitably begin to get confused, what is from nature, and that companies... kind of like sexual orientation — it is innate, and if you get an erection, when you just cut the dead child corpse — it from I nothing wrong?

The still, the atmosphere and the detective part confidently pull Alienista with cultural the bottom.

6 from 10

Magdaia Herc
22 January 2019 | 05:20

I will not be original — the problem with this film lies in the main character. Only for me he wasn't boring, it pissed me off. It's one thing when the person is not able to social interaction or selfish, quite different when the main character finds and other pain point and presses it constantly presses on, knowing that brings this to a friend of a nervous breakdown. I think so the main character infuriated and Director with a writer, because the investigation goes forward only when the main cattle alienist eliminated from the search of the killer.

In General scenario, of course, a nightmare. Yes, I watch a lot of mysteries and horror, but still, when I can predict the outcome of EACH scene and fate (kill/not kill) each character — not I was so well done, it the writer is lazy and just collect the text of the script as a puzzle foreign cliché.

Series look nice, but it is a pleasure clicking seeds. So as mentioned alienista (read: psychiatrist) is not so much that this is a cute series with a lot of built small detalek. Okay, secular ladies dresses like usually made of rags, but that I force so, soon the whole world be sure the doormat was on the peak of fashion bogatek of the nineteenth century. But when in the frame appears Laszlo Cycler, all in my soul screams the capacity: Yes nail anyone this beast! After all, it is not normal that with such behavior he nobody prescribe any time about the face.

Laszlo Kreizler lying, bring friends, constantly reminding them about the sad moments (the man about how he lost the love of a woman — as she lost my dad) but he had once proanalizirovat it the way he sisterol and acted as a petty twelve year old girl. I think the producers of the film wanted to watch — where is the line. Where "brilliant and disgusting" will cease to cause girls which hormones more than ever had a brain, a joyful squeal: "He's just not understood, I would sorry!". The main character easy bend any stick. Nastiness and arrogance in it — a little more than able to carry normal brain.

The investigation itself is mediocre. It based on that the boys sell themselves killing a type that was friends with them to murder they no not really could describe comrades. Apparently fully convinced that the buyers are all pedophiles completely perfectly educated and have no inclination to games "get the boy a leg." Here is that the boys (all as the selection of cute, well-maintained and with good skin) — this is a pretty interesting subject, which are afraid to touch, and in our (I'm not about the country) is quite a free society.

The boys, the scenery, the General atmosphere, the gorgeous Luke Evans and Dakota fanning, the brothers Isakson (though once you see some actor from adorable Stage Fright in another project) — Yes, look nice. Who love, emotional connection... If you want to watch the detective, then you should not notice: 1. the blood that does not clot after half a day after the murder, 2. as the rope is barely held on  the"bound" hands, 3. "insight" of Kreisler (my God!). A normal Thriller 90-ies with maniacs, murderers, religious (for some reason!) Congress in the phase, a complete lack of investigation, just with a bigger budget and a more risky topic. Cliche, disgusting main character, terrible ending... merged In the following season it is necessary to change all. Best of all, he series.

What is the genre of The Alienist?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Mystery.
Who starred in The Alienist?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Daniel Brühl, Dakota Fanning, Luke Evans, Douglas Smith, Matthew Shear.
What is The Alienist IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.7.
When was The Alienist released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-01-22.