Talking Dead

Talking Dead

After-show, published on Sundays live, immediately after the new episode of the television series "Walking Dead". Usually the studio hosts Chris Hardwick and several guest guests. During the show, the guests of the show answer the questions of the viewers and discuss the last episode of the series.

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  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Ardene Baggett
31 August 2017 | 12:21

Public interest the zombie has its roots in the distant past. Disturbing tales of the rebels of the graves of the dead came in a civilized community along with travelers returning from exotic lands, and the more terrible tales were told at night at the fire, the stronger the minds of the people strengthened the fear of zombies. For a long time restless dead wandering among us only retellings and themed books, but under the late 60's through the efforts of Director George A. Romero all speculation about zombies have gained a strong art form. Confident in their own abilities and skills an independent Creator has set a goal to remove and show most of the General public "Night of the living dead" scary genre picture, flirting with the hidden nightmares of a society, afraid of becoming a victim of perdition, which is spreading with astonishing speed OTO everywhere, where it reaches the vision. Only coming on screens "night of the living dead" turned into the instant classics, with more than repulsed all the cost of production. Zombies have managed to press in the direction of the terrible count Dracula, Frankenstein's monster and Man-werewolf, has finally won the right to leave a shadow. He George A. Romero subsequently made a few sequels to his most famous movie, but Sov time it became clear that a kind of sub-genre of horror requires radical rethinking.

The audience begins to get used to non-stop dynamics, large scale and special effects of the highest quality, frankly tired of the low-cost experiments Romero, causing his latest zombie picture classic cycle began with great difficulties to pay off in hire. Other stories inspired by "Night of the living dead" is also not a helluva lot successfully showed itself in the car the symbolizing the end of an era, slowness in several decades. On the turn shift of the ages living dead has passed into the category of questionable entertainment for home video, finally alighting with larger screens and television broadcast. Change to the best situation is only able to joining genre, Danny Boyle and Zack Snyder. With respect the legacy of Romero, the creators of the not afraid to change unbreakable genre canons, pour in the filming process was a lot of money to attract iconic, popular actors from the demanding part of the fee and allow the zombies to chase with incredible speed, while before they moved openly slowly, and not caused no threat. However, in addition to full-length works for over the world it is worth noting the value of the genre of the Renaissance, as series of comic books by Robert Kirkman, "the Walking dead". Has long been interested in zombies and everything is Kirkman came up with the hard, uncompromising story that has attracted publishers. Having carte Blanche on the development of drama and action, the author managed to avoid the pitfalls of unoriginality, lengthy and platitudes, presenting to readers to really unique show, demonstrated a whole new level of the zombie threat.

Soon "the Walking dead" has become a one of the most profitable series of comics, and they turned their attention to Frank Darabont, acclaimed Director, famous for work on "Escape from the Shawshank" and"Green mile". In the comics Kirkman, Darabont found a lot of social cues, has opened for all the depth of the characters, I learned a lot intriguing from their past and realized this story has great potential. Making all necessary to ensure that the famous American TV channel AMC has acquired the rights to the film itself Darabont has started to work on the adaptation of the publication, personally putting the first series debut of the season. The producers of "the Walking dead" knew that such a high-profile project prohibitively saves money, and because the creative team Darabont got all necessary funding. And in addition to the technical component of the series, not calling any doubt, AMC also carried out a thorough selection of the leading performers subsequently turned into the icons of popular culture. The ratings of the first season of "the Walking dead" has shown incredible results. The audience with great love took the story of survival in the zombie Apocalypse, and even the timid dissatisfaction with George A. Romero experiencing gloomy feelings against the revolution inside his favorite genre played absolutely no role. A short season for six series was soon continued with another round of confrontation between the survivors with the zombies, but already doubled the number of episodes, each of which provided brilliant television ratings.

Naturally, such a promising project, as "the Walking dead", were widely reported in the media, forcing the audience to count down the hours to the premiere of every subsequent series. However, newspaper articles working with the Internet, the producers of AMC's decided to stop. In 2011 screens of the channel came the show "Talking Dead", leaving the broadcast after the broadcast fresh episodes of "the Walking dead". In Studio host Chris Hardwick appeared all the key actors of the series starting from Robert Kirkman and ending with the main cast. After the audience knew all the key events of the series, began its a full-scale dissection, and the audience had the opportunity to ask free questions program participants, trying to find out how about the plot, the validity of the deeds and the future prospects of history. Sometimes the creators had to make excuses for the excessive tightness of some of the highlights, but the majority of the questions to the creators of "the Walking dead" are prepared in advance, so not surprising that "Talking Dead" is purely positive. After all, guests in the Studio was going for in order to evaluate the efforts of the crew, and do not look for another reason to criticism.

It is noteworthy that one only drama discussion topics "Talking Dead" not limited. Literally in each series of "the Walking dead" has at least one memorable scene with killing zombies, which mandatory tell everyone involved in its formulation. From the stories of the teams we know how difficult it is to put make-up, to build around appropriate decorations, to sum up the lighting, set the camera and much more. And all only to write a couple minutes of time. So what "Talking Dead" comes up a lot in actually intriguing information, which should be interesting not only to fans of the series, but all the viewers who are interested in how shoot a modern movie and what you need to do to the artistic quality of the work does not cause any doubts. All in fully displayed in the television program, albeit suffering from excessive enthusiasm, but at this pleasing abundance of entertaining informative facts.

In the end I want to say that "Talking Dead" analyzes the work of the team "the Walking dead" and reveals a lot of interesting moments with shots trying to at least partly to be an objective show as part of the analysis strong and weaknesses of the series. Of course, the TV channel AMC would did not cause the doubts of the public in the correctness of decisions, but even when the openly subjective approach to review "the Walking dead", and related the premiere of the series program is worth it drew attention. Nice view.

8 from 10

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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Talk-Show.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Chris Hardwick,
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At the moment, the rating is 7.2.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2011-10-16.