Strike Back

Strike Back

John porter before the invasion of Iraq in 2003 led a special unit in the operation to rescue hostages in the center of Basra. However, the result of the operation is a catastrophic turn of events for him and Collinson. Porter, suffering from guilt, after 7 years there is an opportunity to return to Iraq and try to fix it. Over the years, porter and Collinson face again.

Seasons: 6 7 8
IMDb icon 8.2/10
  • Country: GB
  • Language: English
Cindelyn McGill
13 December 2012 | 12:47

The militants, admittedly, not are my favorite genre and I look more of them under the mood. It is another film with Richard Armitage on the viewing of which I decided first of all, thanks to him.

Admittedly, consumed by curiosity from how he lost. this role after the North and South and Robin hood.

To view I began with a dual sense, with one side wanted to see again dearly beloved actor, with the other hand, I don't really understand how to use it in this role. On my humble opinion, is equivalent to the gold to pave sidewalks. Beautiful course, but the point?

But in the end, Shakespeare's Macbeth, Richard in the role of commander of a special unit that performs various assignments in hot spots around the world pretty.

Do yourself the film is good. About it was written that but it removed from the direct participation of former employees of British intelligence. So or no, but the film touches much stronger than conventional or more familiar to us, but probably a little similar to true state of Affairs, movies about the invincible soldiers, agents, spies — part-time Superman.

Probably primarily because more or less spared from a grotesque scenes of characters breaking down concrete walls with their own heads or catching missiles earth-earth with his bare hands.

The plot of the film revolves around the relationship of people serving in the unit conducting the RAID at the instructions of British intelligence. They do not fight all the time, but go to complex or a secret job that requires special training, skills, and abilities.

In the first series happens to be the key event that determines the development of the entire first season of the series. The incident at the time of executing one of the item which usually, appear winners and losers, changes the life and destiny of the main characters.

Became a victim of his own humanity, the protagonist is accused of the failure of the task in his failure as the commander and, most importantly, in the death of his subordinates, which his friends.

Added to all this is to be expected dismissal from the work was dedicated to all the life of the protagonist, despair from their inability to adapt to intolerable civil situation (which is very understandable for a man with this profession, being able to splash out adrenaline turns it in the most terrible and destructive for the body of consciousness poison), condemnation the families of the victims, and, most importantly, the contempt with their own family and child.

This doldrums are seven years;the life of the protagonist, after which he, unexpectedly for himself, is once again brought to their work returns to perform a variety of tasks, which is reflected in all the episodes of the first season.

Interesting, and nothing but the main idea described by me above, not connected with other stories of the first season filmed very wonderful and M. with so most likely that produce the viewer a strong impression.

Just want to watch and look no further. Quite often it is scary for the main characters, and you start over them much experience — love, which the fighters, I had to break the habit, waiting for the habit that the main character already right with all can do straining.

No, here is really experienced and strong people, the basic idea of the profession which — the need to constantly risk his life... he of course times a hundred superior to the ordinary layman to the ability to behave in critical situations, but beginning all still just a man, a man, which is scary...

This feeling invites the viewer to film creates between them a movable and the indissoluble community — plus a great movie.

Liked the first two series of the first season, but it is a subjective feeling.

Well, from your pet Richard I again in an indescribable delight.

Removing itself, knightly garb Gaya he stepped out of the XI of the century XXI to go replacing the sword machine played always a brilliant and breathtaking. Now I can tell you exactly what he can do everything! and I sincerely wish him the future career success meaning for the viewer the opportunity again and again to enjoy its wonderful talent. Waiting For The Hobbit!

Show must go on!

And counter-strike — solid nine!

Elsbeth Danila
03 November 2012 | 07:29

Watched the pilot of twin series of the 1st season and remained ecstatic!

It turns out that the IP address to determine location, British intelligence is required on 24 hours. Open them has anyone's eyes to a lot of services in the Internet allowing to reduce the period of such operation to 24 seconds.

It turns out that Albion so conservative in terms of "new" technologies. British intelligence MI-6 is not have learned the bullets of the bodies of killed and wounded soldiers with in order to determine the caliber of bullets and weapons, they issued and ultimately, the person by clicking on the trigger. Although much to overload the immature brain of the spectator — here is not CSI. Yeah and why would a meaningful final scene of the 2nd series, if all the intrigue would be known the beginning of the 1st?

It turns out that members of the radical middle Eastern groups such a touching sensitive that dull eyes at the spectacle of preventive ohaivanie whip healthy SWAT. At this, their conscientiousness goes well with by cutting off body parts from the ladies.

It turns out that the best place for carrying a folding knife in the camp of the terrorists — this, sorry for the details, the rectum. The possibility that the first terrorist "greeting" hero Shoe under buttocks, she could there are spontaneously open, apparently not counted, with I may say, the writers of this opus.

In General, thanks to the creators of this magical linebred for the set of plates issued for the script.

Patsy Irvin
07 January 2012 | 02:08

The series (both seasons) were I scanned in within two weeks, the benefit of studying more was nothing — was sick. Hooked: the idea, the pressure, the quality of shooting and play — all very good.

And most importantly — this is very similar to true, when any sort of military of the best of reasons, even Patriotic, in fact, betrays his colleagues. It turns out that the British army (intelligence) the same problem as and us: are people good, not for heroes (soundtrack of the second season is about this).

Hope will be continued and will not worse seen.

Of 9 10

How long is Strike Back?
What is the genre of Strike Back?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Thriller, Drama.
Who starred in Strike Back?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Philip Winchester, Sullivan Stapleton, Michelle Lukes, Robson Green, Rhashan Stone.
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At the moment, the rating is 8.2.
When was Strike Back released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-02-15.