Gennie Zacek
25 June 2017 | 03:19

Remembering this series, I want to believe that the Star wars universe never will go past, haven't forget. And this series is not the exception. He can return all of the sparkle and love the story the Jedi and the Sith, even after a long separation. The series tells about the events between 2 and 3 episode of Star wars. The war is us through the eyes of civilians hundreds of planets, the destruction of dozens of worlds, the emergence of new numerous Jedi, opening new characters and old characters, we show all the political essence of the conflict, all its magnitude and all contradictions as the front and rear. I try to lay down their opinions, on the series considering the advantages of the first 3 seasons cons of next, because, my opinion, starting with season 4 the series has slipped. I must say that I watched all the seasons, even 7, which is so and unfinished, and nothing! In this experience Anakin on about Ahsoka, shown with a new party! Well, what I'm asking sold Lucasfilm, and Disney closed serialchik for the Rebels. We have to settle for 3 novels a book-lover about Ahsoka

So, the first season, just as the second — was the easiest in terms of viewing, one story held for a maximum of two or three series, we reveal the scale of the conflict, starting with the 1 series! You can see a lot of new worlds! Here and crystal city with an army of droids, and coral moon Rugosa. In the first series, we show the traitor with side of the clones, and in the other we see some men gave their lives for the sake of the operation. Here are the planets of all sizes and levels of development. Any plans of the separatists on to achieve victory in the war, such as the invention of biological weapons or even the creation of a huge ship breaker and flamethrower tanks! We show attacks Senator Amidala and jar jar Binks of the delegate on other planets, abduction by space pirates and hunters heads! here there was even a place for the disclosure of the characters of the leaders of the separatists. There are new characters, and it Assajj Ventress and the real symbol of the series Ahsoka Tano! She absolutely amazing, very similar to Anakin and their constant skirmishes (better than in the pilot episode) is not included. She itself a unique, about it says her fighting style, behavior, appearance, and backstory.

In the second season we introduce a longtime friend Obi-WAN! Duchess Satine Crisis and the head of two thousand neutral planets! These 3 series on and political intrigue, so and the relationship of Obi-WAN my favorite for the entire season. Also closer to the final we introduce a young Boba Fett!

In the third season, the chronological order of the series became even more complicated, and more interesting. Also we even more familiar with the political and the economic side of the conflict, as many as 3 series is dedicated to the continuous chatter in the Senate. The animation is starting at 10 series this season has changed significantly. Ahsoka turned into a real beauty, that their behavior and beauty just drove the crazy crowds of fans, and me well. Anakin and Obi-WAN changed his good children's faces and armor on costumes the faces of the actors from the Revenge of the Sith.

But I think final middle of the 3rd season — best was series! In the last series, we show how Ahsoka has succeeded in the possession of power. And in the 15-17 three of our main characters fall in an unknown world ruled by Son, Daughter and Father. Line Anakin as favourites revealed more thoroughly.

What for the complete opposite Asoka — Ventress, so is that her character has become more revealed, we are familiar with her background, she she is growing and changing, it already do not seeking revenge, she the Sister of the night.

But I will finish to describe the plot, because starting with 4th season the show slipped. No, 5 and 6 seasons though was far-fetched the ears, but still they had many advantages and was one of the most important series, but 4 — fail! I won't say anything about Darth Maul, because it is made up my other users. I say that almost all subjects in the season became boring since the second series. And if earlier one story arc took the 1-3 series, it is now 4-5! All covered and is seen as the authors running out of ideas. No, same it was necessary to prolong the pleasure!

Speaking of the main advantages of this series impact on kinosage, I'd like to mention the clones that are in the series is shown not just by countless online and humane, having the right for your selection the way people. And as Yoda said: "we can clone you, but in effect, each of you are not like". Have them all have names or nicknames your character. In many episodes we show the difference between the clones and the droids. For example, in some series, the captain doubted General-the Jedi, and he organized treason, and he was right, so as commander Krel was a traitor.

I want to praise also animation. Never thought the Disney Studio draw something terrible, but it happened with the series Star wars: Rebels. Here, all action, all fights lightsaber all the characters are brilliantly drawn and very realistic!

Now on to the cons. Starting with the 4th season, I have told a lot of series have plots. Also a character like savage Opress does not cause anything but irritation. If Darth Maul motives and target, savage just blindly obey Mother Talsin, Asajj Ventress and her brother. At this is the finale of this season does not comes with the beginning of the next. But all OK if only married the frame of one season. To it is possible to classify, and even music that is not in comparison with the works of John Williams. No, it is not bad, but worse. The level of violence in the last 3 completed seasons is extremely high, but still war is war.

Well, the biggest minus of the series, it is probably the mess chronological order of the series! But fortunately the creators have created the correct full order of episodes, maybe not be gone. But not negate the fact that all very confusing and sometimes there are two consecutive series of a completely different time points.

Overall, the series is not bad better than the Rebels. It is perfectly complements the Expanded universe of Star wars new worlds, races, characters, adventure and etc.

7 of 10

Yoko Mallon
22 June 2009 | 09:29

I can you say about a new Chapter in the great Saga of "a galaxy far Far away"?
To say that it's amazing what it's exciting and that's fascinating — clearly not say anything.

The series seemed to infuse new blood in  Star wars. And now what me it impressed:

1. Clones... for the first time in the entire history of the series (including many comics, books, games and individual stories) of the clones showed ALIVE! Now it is not soulless, faceless machine to murders. This ordinary people are the same as you or I. They think they experienced, they feel experience fear. For the first time in the entire history of the series from my heart bleeds, when another fighter is deposited on earth a black hole in white Mandalorian armor. Each clone is similar to brother it very unique. Especially good is shown series (I think the first, but maybe I'm changes), where Yoda with a bunch of clones had to get to the Governor don't-remember-what-planet to sign a contract before Darth Tyranus (count Dooku in the vernacular). It was there that the great Yoda reveals to each of the brethren unique.

2. Music. Well... that I say. The music of John Williams, of course. But... she's somewhat outdated (in my case — fed up). In addition is absolutely not suitable for action, kotoroe of razvorachivaetsya series. Kevin Keiner could not just to create the atmosphere of what is happening. Its song is literally telling us events on the screen, perfectly fitting in the image (although well be tried without it).

3. Graphics. Many criticize this series and polnometrazhki for a graphic component. Not know you, but it I liked it. And George Lucas too. In one of his interviews he said that is specially decided to use this graphic style.

4. Humor. A fair share common humor here is also available. If someone says that droids kidding flat and in destkom that not funny. do not believe this man, because most likely no sense of humor, or he he is not heard of, but learned from one deaf-mute stories (forgive me, these people for nothing offensive, I didn't want to say). If a phrase of the droid is ridiculous, then some are forced to literally cry from laughter.

5. Plot. I am delighted that will finally be able to see what happened in the time of the clone wars, and therefore will make this list.

6. Action. No to tell the tale, or pen describe. Such brutal battle scenes you have never saw a camera work just blows the roof) Music adds to the effect.

The result: what do we get in the result? Furious blend that is fresh in the Saga.
But the most important thing here — display clones. The number of Jedi here is understandable, so as it is a series of soldiers in white armor. Frankly, I would see again 6 episodes if they were republished in the same style.

My assessment

10 of 10

Malia Wivinia
13 January 2020 | 05:57

One of the best cartoons I saw!

Deeply fuse the plot, the characters and the atmosphere of the cartoon. I recommend to browse. I want no spoilers to share the experience from gone.


Most of the time while I watched the show, tried to answer the question: "WHO is the MAIN CHARACTER IN the SERIES ?" and only the end of the fifth season until I realized is not Ahsoka Tano, not Anakin, not running not even Clones this is the WAR itself, revealed in all its beauty. It is the series shows the triumphs and mistakes of great generals, shows the devastation in cities homeless children have lost family, shows the crises that come up in belligerent States, and banks that are getting rich from transactions the two sides, shows a simple "cannon fodder" dying not because of what the soldiers running with the battlefield soldiers heroically giving their lives for a good thing. the war in all its aspects is revealed through the series about it tells all story arc.


On most "Disneevskih" cartoons is the age rating of "16+" and typically, this figure mean anything. But things are different here. The cartoon, as far as the rating allows, shows the murder and tries to capture them the imp frame. Here death is not something heroic, but rather, it is a common phenomenon, here are the bullets pierced the body through, fall dead here, not without any one word before you die, here, cut the head and pierced with swords, there disease change the appearance of heroes, from the blows left bruises. The only thing that does not show "child" rating, this blood curses, but whether they? Separately want to say about policy the series, here the senators communicate very smart terms and understand the General meaning of the dialogues, it is sometimes very difficult especially if you no "16+" years old. Political intrigue as not strange, very rarely lead to death of whole worlds, which often they are forcing ordinary people to live without electricity hot water house. I Agree, it is not exactly the tale about the villain who tries to take over the world, is a real life, which makes the cartoon very adult and serious. And from 3 season a very dark and sinister.


I must admit, the first season it seems childish and predictable, at this hint and graphics, almost always, positive ending. But to break the stereotypes of their first need to create and the first season is dedicated as time to explain the laws of war, the motives of the parties, the relationship between the characters. And become the unexpected sudden death of the main characters and truly spooky moments from the second season. The voltage increases from series series, the plots become less predictable, murders are increasing, the picture becomes gloomy, and have not remember that was watching a simple cartoon. A lot of you know the cartoons where the characters, suffering from the pain of asking friends "Kill me!" where everybody's favorite cute character "flies with coils" and begin to crave death, where war separates the loving and destroys the lives of children, where during interrogations, tortured, strangled, beaten and cut the limbs where from sorrow or joy too drunk to unconsciousness? Where the war separates loved ones and quarrel best friends. Where under an hour, the evil it looks even more moral and right than good.


The creators of the cartoon claimed that want to show the universe of star wars and fix some bugs trilogy halts. On my opinion there are another thought: "War is the evil," — sounds too simple? But because 6 seasons the series has completely blurred the distinction between good and evil! Not were no one significant character, which through all test is better. In the age of the same type of fighters, presenting the shooting as the fun I think it is important for everyone to see this wonderful series, breaking illusions and revealing the sad truth, although in the language of Star Wars.

What is the genre of Star Wars: The Clone Wars?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Animation.
Who starred in Star Wars: The Clone Wars?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Tom Kane, Dee Bradley Baker, Matt Lanter, James Arnold Taylor, Ashley Eckstein.
What is Star Wars: The Clone Wars IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.1.
When was Star Wars: The Clone Wars released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2008-10-03.