Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels

For Galaxy came the dark times. Absorbing one world after another, the Empire continues to increase its power. Imperial troops occupied a remote planet, it sets an oppressive regime. But there are brave souls willing to face the forces of the Empire. This is the crew of the spaceship "Ghost"! Team the rebels will face face-to-face with a new and formidable foes to become heroes, able to raise a rebellion.

Seasons: 4
IMDb icon 8/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Anthia Jotham
25 July 2017 | 05:49

Let's start with that time period of the cartoon you selected more than interesting: it is possible to show how the Empire is gaining strength, as the emerging Rebel Alliance and what has been the policy of the warring parties; as the Jedi are fighting hard survival changed world the light of developments; what was the reaction of civilians on the effects of order 66; that taking the Emperor for increasing the power of the Sith... in Other words, the potential is rather big. Therefore, it becomes doubly sad when watching his shamelessly drained. Was such a wonderful cartoon Star Wars: "the Clone Wars". Remember, he was famous for the controversial and well-considered characters, not shared world black and white and elaborately talked about the political Affairs in the Galaxy. Well so now you can see the almost complete the opposite.

First, let us analyze the pros of the "Rebels." Along with new characters we return to your favorite universe, so familiar and dear to all fans. Thank goodness the original atmosphere has been retained, although, and a little converted to because of the easy character of the animated series. Space panoramas, landscapes of planets, the inimitable music of John Williams do their thing and let you feel that you really ended up in the most distant galaxy. This is probably the only positive aspect of the cartoon, I have nuances. Reference is also made to fit the humor, but it flashes not as often as wish. but it gets worse.

It would seem, for we love disney cartoons? The first thing that comes in mind: for amazing animations, a detailed drawing and the unique design of each animated creation. But as is no sad,  the"Rebels" then you decided to save, you just not began to mind. But there as if passed post-production; especially for the animation of persons and movements of the characters. If you see the plasticine faces, and the hair of the main characters and think for the season-the other will get used, I assure you, you vain hope. It is impossible to get used to cardboard body movements. And if  the"Clone Wars" places an unrealistic picture can be attributed to a special "chopped" style of drawing (and stunning animation of the fighting there. all were compensated), it here is not ride. Also very frustrating to watch exactly the same characters in the crowd: Imperial officials openly resemble clones (and they are not a clone!) so as the only difference is the hair color. The puncture the animators tried to flatten, pulling them canopies from the caps so that the eye was not be seen, but came out even more comical. Is it that difficult to create a little bit different from other 3D figures and periodically rotate them? In General, this is a bad work, which I personally from Disney well, not expected.

As for the main heroes, then everything is very simple: good characters — good, evil characters — bad. Good always triumphs over evil, the good guys are immeasurably cool, and bad — stupid pathetic, as expected evil.

Everything in this cartoon in much more simple, I would say, hypertrophied to explicitly. The notorious storm troopers just never get in the goal, they are shown to be almost not stupid tin ingots Confederation; the villains are flat and have not drop charisma, and their only manifestation of "wickedness" — stupid cliches like love to chat before the shot to opponent viciously laugh at this wit logic and the ability to competently build a strategy not even hint. Constantly wonder how to is such a jerk got into the admirals, and begin to secretly sympathize with Lord Vader: with the subordinate not really lucky.

All the characters painful delusions to talk to myself, obviously, to convey to the audience their thoughts. You know, this technique is often used in cartoons for the kids, so kids don't pushing. And although sympathetic to the main protagonists are still in the end, imbued, not say you worried about their lives: the obvious, that they are a probability of 99,5% will remain in the living. Ezra is suffering the standard teenage issues, Zeb — thug is an idiot, Kanan — the teacher, comprehending the complexity of education Padawan and at the same time gaining wisdom, — and other standard types very characteristic for this series.

Star wars lost all possible scale. Almost all the events are strictly local in nature and revolve around a narrow circle of persons to Sell a box of weapons, to get to ship Empire at once or twice, go for food to get in a stupid situation, disobeying orders, or that even worse, clumsy to stumble and accidentally press button on the ship — that's typical "Rebel" stories. The locations is also not so much though with the second season the creators are desperately trying to fix this mistake.

And that the most offensive, the whole world it's flat as and stories! No no political motive, no long-term planning of the war, no global contradictions. All without exception, the citizens oppose the Empire and favored the Rebels and the Empire, apparently, somewhere brainwash their employees, so they became such devotees. All the things for we love "Clone Wars" has evaporated.

In an attempt to bind the seasoned fans to view the creators of return on the screens of the old heroes of the Clone Wars one for others or even canonize some of the characters of the Expanded Universe, however, has changed. It looks, frankly, like parasitism favorite images, in order to make that boring spectacle a little more interesting. In some as it but then, like 7 episode, the series loses its identity and relies solely on pure nostalgia. And it not leave.

And accordingly all the previous paragraphs, the logic in the cartoon dead or at least paralyzed. Small stupid things, and jambs so much of count and logical holes immediately rush in eyes long out of the head.

Of course, you can just write off all of the cons on target audience of the Disney channel, for young children are not particularly fussy, but you can leave room for the adults, this was done with the"Clone Wars". In General, even with understanding of the children focus of cartoon after watching is not very pleasant feeling of unrealistic expectations and lost potential. However, a mood episode is able to create. Ease, careless — that he leaves behind; according to all this is oriented to this animation creation Studio Disney. A couple of times, of course, my grown-up bombed after watching, but such a reaction is the exception rather than the rule. Now I watching the series just for the sake of the old characters and some details, revealing some facts from the history of STAR. And periodically slipped really of good stories. But, say, some familiar to me children 7-10 years the cartoon almost always comes on. Hooray, that required: this time Disney simply decided to ignore the huge adult audience of Star Wars, and it played he not hand.

Beth Aleris
12 April 2017 | 10:23

This series was the first product after changing the host Galaxy far, Far away, accompanied by the zeroing of the Expanded Universe, he also had a little to prepare the viewer to the revival of the franchise, I guess.

The result was not so clear and called the most part of negative reaction from the fandom. Although they were engaged in those are the same people who made the Clone Wars an integral part of the franchise.

The General outline of the plotand special changes during the War of the Clones has undergone. Many short arch in different locations (the first season was even on the same planet), occasionally connected storyline (nominal) which in all three seasons were changing.

Alas, but many of the arches, which would be more open setting, cause boredom and confusion. To the third season the number of arches was reduced and the overall quality of the series has grown, but perfectly through the arch with a dull errand and shooting stupid Imperials will not disappear. To in the season was pretty much inappropriate humor, then the joke is not to stop, just started to be used more successfully for the discharge of tensions. (though not always worked)

Also one of the problem is the intimacy of the Rebels, to observe the rat race Resisters still not I wonder how would Filoni and not tried. Of course, relatively large-scale battle took place in the end of the third season, and but it was oiled a Grand piano in the bushes that series has escaped the Bad Ends a.

The reduction of the age rating up to PG, certainly, in favor does not matter, the fight against  the"bad" Empire has become even more childish than in the original trilogy. Worry about the blessed with the charisma of the protagonists, is quite difficult.

Characters. Here in the presence of an immature teenager; a Jedi-dropout, trying to impersonate Obi-WAN (although kamisah it like a failed allusion to Han Solo); About Sabine, my opinion has changed in the best way when was presented her background and true motivation(best series in the season 3, still surprised). Further typical noisy and shaggy barbarian; gadget - a staunch Republican, the got the pilot — telecka and brash droid. Of course, we can say that they didn't get enough screen time and my inappropriate exaggeration, but is it possible to consider 57 episodes of poor? But here Vader, Ahsoka, they Say, and beginner Canon(came from PB) Traun on the contrary, often "pulled out" series, many of the most interesting arches done so they.

With action is also a problem if in the Clone wars, he is very good as shooting, space battles, and especially battles lightsaber, then the Rebels are inferior in all of the above components. For unclear reasons, lightsabers became more like a laser pointer from  a New Hope that a little happy. Yeah and the swords of the inquisitors led to complete confusion.

Graphic component of the series is also criticized more often than would not matter that. what the first season the situation has improved markedly.

There were a few points in regards to voice actors, which I thought worthy of mention. In the climax of 2 of the season(meeting Vader and Ahsoka) James Earl Jones Ashley Eckstein gave the greatest possible emotional intensity of the scene. Sam Witwer worked on the glory of voicing Maul, having different feelings. Lars Mikkelsen added Traun harsh Nordic accent.

Music support, on a good level as it seemed to me.

The series gradually becomes darker as and the war of the Clones, however, it is not designed for seasoned fans, THIS like me, and aims to bringing in a very young audience, although in this case it was possible to make it better.

6 from 10

Rubetta Mastat
22 October 2015 | 08:36

What a wild disappointment. I here is the first season to inspect and still can't watch it can, because do not that. Here Clone Wars watched with interest. Like the universe, THIS will become of Aladdin and Luke Skywalker will sing songs, and around him gather animals and other Bambi. Drawn better? In something of course you can and detailed, but not better. Really don't know for sure, but I think the Clone Wars are not these colorful and colorful, Motion blur and lighting the clones is much better implemented in animation, due to this, it looks more cinematic. So not to say that drawn better. just painted in different. Just switched myself the style of animation. From ground contours for more smooth and soft. It as for the technical part.

I looked here is one video review positive. Stunned. The author of the review says that a fan of STAR, but honestly, what is a strange Star wars fan, he noticed the explosions that they look like explosions of the old movies, and what light swords of steel drawn completely different, yeah and the swords themselves have perverted, handle-the ride, handle a gun what is it? (soon at Disney light axes probably will be). hence the conclusion that not a fan he does. It is that the shots of blasters also look now as flying red pencils is also nothing? Walkers go as the disabled people do, ugh! Sickening. What same for the plot. Well, kindergarten. Characters sometimes fool around in the frame so that I sometimes forget that I look now, Chip and Dale or Star Wars? All they always good. Is good is evil. Evil always and he loses, and good some incredibly easily and effortlessly wins. Need to get on top-secret object? Please? To steal what that? Yes, easy! To release someone? Pfft, piece of cake, because the storm troopers are all still not get someone in the back will always be this purple yellow-eyed fellow who just do not each series of knocks storm troopers heads.

Pay attention to fight fighting, why all the is a sharp, twitchy and not plastic nor the hell? Much prettier and more plastic is sold in the clones. Moreover, the characters are totally superficial and without character bright. The plot of the series is absolutely uninteresting and boring. All revolves around a kid who, judging by his character, never become a Jedi. I remember Luke Schawacker was much more disciplined and serious the Iodine it Chmyr and said he is useless, and about Ezra to remain silent at all possible. So here, there is no scale what. All revolves around one and the same. Absolutely not want the characters to empathize. And why? Yes, because they so everything is fine! Empire just ogrebaet from them and they live happily ever after, and easy all scattered when they need. Having considered the Clone Wars, I really learned a lot, I saw a story different planet, different characters and how the situation developed in different parts of the galaxy, how hard was that certain inhabitants of this galaxy, and so on. At this revealed the clones themselves very well. Yes, it was more politics and intrigue was, and how bad is it? The war is always politics. And thanks to this policy, (not very tricky available even to children) a lot of that becomes clear why everything happened so a not otherwise. And all very well with the battle scenes, of which there is a lot.

Star Wars. The rebels. Think about the name. Yes, the name and time of the events, this same untilled field story about how was born the rebellion of the development of key it figures much more interesting. But no... the whole world spinning around only one of the crew and sometimes we roll the dice from the past, such as the Lando Calrisian or Sedge tan, but these characters are so ineptly implemented that them without them, completely boring... Whew! It's probably enough. Tired. I will only add that I was afraid that Disney will ruin the franchise, and it is started my eyes...

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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Animation.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Taylor Gray, Freddie Prinze Jr., Vanessa Marshall, Steve Blum, Tiya Sircar.
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At the moment, the rating is 8.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2014-09-26.