Dore Belmonte
22 March 2018 | 11:40

Transcripts cheerful seriales. Action-drama of the life of fraud.

The main character (Sneaky Pete) have been stripped of their doorsteps with Kichi and in order to escape from enemies, on freedom decimated by the identity of the inmate and trying to lay low in a small town in the family of the inmate whose members think it is not it but cellmate. Don't it, so because the family is still peppers with the skeletons in the cupboards and cockroaches in their heads. But still a lot of personal problems himself Pete narisovatj that threaten the different troubles of different severity. But lewandoski turns, and deeds mutada. Pete of course all attempts to correct this have him in a whole work, but not always very smooth and the chips are flying pretty bloody and tolerate different minor characters straight in world.

The second stones by the way came not worse than the first. Changed some of the circumstances that it is clear that it was even more confused, there are new villains and new iconic characters. Dynamics and the drive remains in still good level.

The rest of the picture quality, the actors are good, the main character, played by Giovanni Ribisi looks very cool. All the place as needed.

So would recommend. Of course it is not a mega-hit like the Break Troubles, but in movie this genre is very decent.

By the way, Bryan Cranston is one of the producers kinchika.

Avivah Helbonnah
20 January 2017 | 12:38

Goes on freedom to the prisoner. With mind slender and cunning. His name is Pete. And he has a plan.

Pete were in jail — we'll discuss later in the series. Apart from him, in the action involved a family that has been in business for the payment of court collateral, and located on the verge of bankruptcy, the corrupt COP, brother Pete, a couple bouncers and the main villain of the film — crime boss Vince, whose role is wonderfully played by Bryan Cranston.

The series immerses us in the atmosphere of society, which happened a total crisis of confidence. Trust no one here. All trying each other to deceive, to hide something, steal — as a result lies is growing as a snowball that sooner or later to collapse on the heads of those who its blind. Family ties nothing meant for every need eyes on the eyes.

Vince deals with pretty tough, he cold-blooded pragmatist, which is only interested in money and profit. So it is not shy of violence — can kill without warning, cut finger on the hand. But the series strongly focuses on these points, Directors and writers do not relish the blood and suffering of the flesh, the camera does not linger long on killed or crippled. For I put a plus to the series.

The plot is interesting to follow. So and pull the "look in the end of the book," that there will happen.

I went through 4 series of 10 they will deliver a series of 8 points.

Emalia Eyde
29 January 2017 | 03:36

13 Jan 2017 can be called a day of "Sneaky Pete" — and fans of the series (and there is already a lot) to celebrate this a momentous date. In this day Amason showed all at once the new series! And audience literally amazed. I'm sure all wondered why the pilot in 2015 CBS refused?! David shore (the Creator of the famous "Dr. house") stopped to take in the moment. In 2015 launched the project "battle Creek" (first season has experienced) and"Sneaky Pete" with Giovanni Ribisi in the main roles (bosses, CBS even the pilot is not impressed). Great project and would have died on the stage of the first step, if no interest Amason Bryan Cranston, who became super popular after the success of "all serious". Amason bought the project CBS, a at the same time put Cranston to produce the project. He also played one of main roles in the series. So that the pilot (aka the first series of the ten) had to reshoot, adding in his scenes with Cranston. And then it went.

Of course, a strange decision — release series one day. But I lost. The ratings of the show was so great that for 15 January, is through the day after the show, "Sneaky Pete" renewed for a second season. And I am very glad that this happened. Because is one of the best crime dramas which have appeared in recent years.

The plot revolves around a brilliant con man who appropriates the identity of a cellmate Pete and goes to his family — a real pit haven't seen them twenty years. At this cheater a big problem. Small local boss (ex-COP) Vince (Bryan Cranston) highly offended by "Pete" and believes that he he one hundred thousand dollars. The situation is complicated by the fact that held hostage his brother "Pete" and his partner for fraudulent schemes. Marius Josipovic as actually called dodgy crook, gets to complex binding. He is going to take money from the family of the inmate to buy brother. But gets into a real mess, where all cheat each other — for good and for profit, too. On his trail is a dirty COP-killer, the money that appear safe, disappear, family members that the matter is beginning to suspect that Pete fishy, yeah and Vince is unpredictable. In General, the suspense is pumped by the creators very cleverly. When this voltage increases from series of the series. Spectators waiting for the two an unexpected outcome: one, I put all dot E the first season, and one — with room to the second season. The writers have worked on glory.

Of course, Bryan Cranston is great. Not even know — and can he play poorly? In episode given the space to Express themselves. Have it even has whole monologues that are so made of their look, not looking up from the screen. Giovanni Ribisi, on my opinion, absolutely brilliant actor. It is enough to see that he did in"the Rum diaries". Here he deliberately mutes the colors. Its main task is to show "sneaky Pete" a man of plain and plain — which must be a scammer, but however, knowing how soulful lie and do an honest face.

Great luck on my opinion, such a wonderful project not was buried in the stage of implementation. I will with impatience to wait for the second season. Put the highest score, because the crime drama — my favorite genre. And because this is a great series.

10 of 10

What is the genre of Sneaky Pete?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama.
Who starred in Sneaky Pete?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Giovanni Ribisi, Marin Ireland, Shane McRae, Libe Barer, Peter Gerety.
What is Sneaky Pete IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.2.
When was Sneaky Pete released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-08-07.