Dode Hendel
14 February 2016 | 02:27

A new series of the Twilight Hunters were supposed to be promising, because it is removed by a series of books of Cassandra Clare "the mortal Instruments". A series of books, personally, for me, was great, and the film is also pretty decent (by the way, I do not understand that it has such a low rating, because this movie is awesome).

This show I would recommend for young children aged five to twelve years. Who are older you will understand that Clary Frey in the way Katherine McNamara — hysterical. It behaviour, despite the age, reminds seven-year-old, who every occasion hysterics and concerts. It tears caused me a strong reaction of disgust. Unnatural! You ask about Jace? I say that not the cute, dreamy, charming guy, which shows in books. It is not the strong, melancholic, brave Jase, who was shown in the film. This incompetent pumped ugly, squinting under the handsome, came to me not liking. And miss Limmud? On what garbage it found?! Isabelle looks like a porn actress. It tries to seduce everyone and she doesn't care about that the demon has already attacks her. Alec and Simon even more or less play. Not OK, but not bad. And Magnus some ugly.

This series is actually new-new, but these five series were made me a horrible impression. This slag, toxic sucks! The scenery look special, cheap. The actors not only that, the description of the books is not fit appearance, play the downs! The story is no compliance with a book, too many misplaced pathos, very crazy happened. I disappointed. As just finished watching the five lame episodes more times (even in the thirtieth time!) I watched the movie.

Series worse I have not seen. don'T IT LOOK!

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Judith Behn
09 February 2016 | 01:36

And it really so. A lot of people now it is difficult to objectively judge this show, as they have you seen the movie, used to the actors, accustomed to the original idea. At first I also took the new castes of the very hostile reviews. But then I realized that it's stupid. And Yes, some things in the show is not to the end of thought, sometimes the special effects are lame. But still with each series I notice more and more progress and development in this regard. The acting is slowly improving, special effects too. Not all right, guys, give the series a chance to development, it deserves, the potential it is. This history had come to love many, and aided by books, film. Just most people do not can start to objectively evaluate the series as a separate, independent project. Remember the other series. It is not everywhere it is originally and like it, but then — is addictive, and with each season getting better and better.

In General, my opinion is — the series to be, to develop and to delight fans.

It's a different vision. Another look at to many have used to. And not worth it so negative to condemn, because each head this world is formed different. To please everyone is unrealistic, guys. If you want it to be perfect for you — well take that are you? Good luck. It would be interesting to see how your project is criticized in down the ashes of couch criticism of our your world. And in any case unavoidable.

The show has given this story of new life, gave her a chance to continue. And he deserves if not then least respect the work done. It is for us with you. And if you don't like — no one forced not take you for watching.

Teri Wedurn
16 January 2016 | 11:28

My acquaintance with the world of the Twilight Hunters began with a film "Death machines: City of Bones". The fashion for the film adaptation of teen novels has been in full swing, and I was a teenager. The film somehow does not caught, but want to know how in the end, it will end there. In total, the course went by the book. After them the film began to seem like a complete failure, although enthusiasm is also not called. And then again, the news that instead of continuing the movie series! Honestly, hope not been placed, but never expected.


The person who wrote the script clearly don't bother to delve into the contents of the original. He just got the main idea, add a little epic (which is one of Chernobyl), a little more drama (although still in books seemed much much more?) and submitted this is a very simple way. But it was probably designed for the audience, not familiar with books. In all together it looks pretty silly.


Katherine McNamara.

You can not note that with the book Clary Frey have little of common. But here that the girl is absolutely not know how to play, close eyes impossible. All the emotions are too manipulative Yes still one same expression (Hello, Kristen Stewart) on the duration of the series!

Dominic Sherwood.

When I learned that it will play James Welland, I immediately said: "it is not Jace"! And was right. You can again close your eyes to that even he looks not like the book Jace. But it is absolutely not passed character! Like the jokes are the same and narcissism on the spot. But it too many features in which it is contrary to the book Jace and even yourself, is serial Jace. In General, the specific image at the character not.

Matthew Daddario

While that the only thing getting in the purpose but with acting is also a little problem. I hope he will be corrected according to the course of the series.


Her character with a book Isabelle Limmud not has nothing to do. Except, perhaps, short skirt. From an interesting, strong character made a common whore. And after all, the book Isabelle was more than just a short skirt. But rather, it is a jamb of all the same writers, and not the actress.

Alberto Rosende.

Now, who really well done! It Simon is inferior to the book, and acting from his level. And the guy is quite new in this issue unlike other actors.

In General, it is better to be picked movies old cast. Series on the background of the film looks a complete failure! And so surprising, because some years ago failure it seemed film. Indeed, all known in comparison.

How long is Shadowhunters?
What is the genre of Shadowhunters?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Fantasy, Romance.
Who starred in Shadowhunters?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Katherine McNamara, Dominic Sherwood, Alberto Rosende, Matthew Daddario, Emeraude Toubia.
What is Shadowhunters IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.6.
When was Shadowhunters released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-01-12.