Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty

The plot revolves around a schoolboy named Morty and his grandfather Rick. Morty is a boy who is no different from their peers. But his grandpa is engaged in unusual scientific research, and often completely inadequate. He may, at any time of the day or night to grab a grandchild and go with him on a crazy adventure with the help of built of different stuff flying saucer that can move through interdimensional tunnel. Every time this couple appears in the most unexpected places and the most ridiculous situations.

Seasons: 1 2 3 4 5
IMDb icon 9.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Mommy Bull
21 April 2014 | 07:03

So, here is finally I decided to write my review. My thoughts hovered around Adventure Time and Gravity Falls, but most of the they have announced to me.

And then I accidentally come across one sloppy painted masterpiece, which may not for a long time, but still has managed to nail me firmly to the laptop screen. But everything order.

Rick and Morty, all of a sudden, tells the story of the adventures of Rick and Morty, you mean grandfather and grandson.

The first of them — template genius, town etokaya the quintessence of albert Einstein, Hubert Farnsworth Emmett brown (which served as a prototype for the appearance of Rick, because the similarities are evident even to those who are not very familiar with the trilogy "Back to the future"). A sociopath, a misanthrope, a dick, an alcoholic. Ko all the epithets are applicable, the word "very". Builds robots for fun, rivet in the garage tools that violate the laws of space-time, rides anti-gravity flying saucer and is constantly hanging out with representatives of other worlds. In your character has amassed an incredible amount of enemies, which in terms of intelligence gives one hundred points ahead. Technician by mental state, but not hesitate philosophical sayings, filled with cynicism a little more than completely.

A complete antithesis, it is a grandson — Morty. Also to as placeholder character, squeaky, wimp, at because of their age suffers from a lame line and a bunch of complexes. A regular participant in the experiments of his grandpa (who, by the way, my grandfather and calls and drawn just on the name). Due to their faintness and/or a secret thrust to the adventure takes on the role of squire, cannon fodder and container transfer of alien seeds. Blunt, but in the measure. Actually sometimes shows the wonders of aging and skill (in one series even picked a cute girl), but Rick any attempt of raising self-esteem. In the rest of the time doing what all wet Teens — whining in the pillow, suffers a hard failure on the personal front and relentless malapit (General theme of recolecta here is revealed to be much stronger than usually these projects).

In addition to their the main characters are the rest of the family members that are not as charismatic, but at times deliver not less than good couple.

In General, the whole series — this is a huge bunch of stereotypes and templates. Starting from the appearance of the heroes and ending with such phrases as "glib-glob", "squantity" and etc. the Authors very subtly making fun of the attributes of science fiction, this genre, at which grew by the millions. Who is not read all the books Bulgakov, Belyaev, wells, Correct ? Fantastic captures and at the same time touches with unreality. Reverie — that has attracted children. But these kids grew up, the world has changed and all sorts of hyperboloids left on the second plan. Mass culture supplanted the science on some cable channels and high-quality sci-Fi literature is now rarely seen.

But the creators of Rick and Morty breathed new life into the mechanism and dust he has earned with new force. Add to it, drama, dirty jokes, good humor and get candy, sweet as for old-school fans, and the modern viewer.

10 10

Ardelia Aeneus
11 August 2019 | 08:44

"Is impossible!
Is science!" (C) Back to the future

Easy to do something new in the genre of animated series not for kids? Probably not very. First, we should recognize that initially, "Rick and Morty" couldn't have been easy at least break into that narrow area. Indeed, despite the vast breadth of products, which is published monthly cartoon (even such gems as "Bojec"), it is clear that forming in this genre was and are all same three pillars — creations of Matt Groening, Seth MacFarlane and Trey Parker. It is interesting to note that once they were a non-conformist projects, making fun of the American way of life and established values, but now they are so integrated into the culture become a conservative.

For example, consider the established Patriarchy of the Simpsons or American dad. Most of the time is the adventures of the fathers, and the remaining family members receive only periodic full episode. In "Rick and Morty" is to the concept of family to fit with opposite side — through the characters, always remaining on the sidelines. The main characters — the grandfather, who according to the rules of society and the laws of nature should poperdyvaya old man, to watch round the clock TV shows, and to travel around the galaxies, and a young boy Morty, not too old to become a full-fledged troubled teen "Wonders of science", but and not child of the areas of "South Park" looking at the world through the prism of a child's imagination is unstoppable. In General, Morty — a frozen embodiment of a subtle, invisible transition state, which is almost never fixed even psychoanalysts. Meanwhile, this age is the era of half-life brings a great potential for research. On the background of his older sister, overwhelmed emasculated problems manifested sexuality and social adaptation, inner peace Morty, an idealist, romantic, moral of the researcher's own "I", the phenomenon charming. However, sister — also is certainly a positive character, endowed with a genuine naturalness, which is not tell about the formal foundations of a "nepotism", and it — the head of the family and his wife. The given the minimum amount of time that is used exclusively for sketches, making fun of stupid, ideological laziness of these characters and the atrophy of the creative imagination of the characters.

Of course, the highlight of the show is Rick, the main generator of ideas, creating a variety of "adventures". He is a representative of the main ideological underpinnings of the series, fresh air dispersing the murky haze of frozen concepts other family cartoons.

Family life  - called good of the majority of our civilization is so dry and meaningless that over time it becomes unbearable (look at growth statistics of divorces). In order to maintain the illusion of co-existence, it is exposed to all kinds of kinosternidae and play skillfully with the help of a good alien, indifferent to cats, a huge St. Bernards, gentle ghosts, and etc. 

Interesting that fact that Homer Simpson or Stan Smith, who is also some kind of discharge for a traditional family ideology, the than are in the region. Rick Sanchez — a qualitative leap forward to the revaluation of all values. It offers a look at things "sub specie aeternitatis, i.e., from the perspective of eternity. Using the good old leibnizens the concept of the infinity of worlds, and backing it up scientific evidence in the form of interdimensional teleporter, he says that all this world is relative — personality, family, school, and even emotional attachment, such as love for his main partner and colleague Morty, not has any higher values. On the conflict — mind of the senses built a emotional design of a series of episodes, but note that the authors nowhere millimeter not allow yourself to slip into false pathos or idealistic propaganda, up to the end of maintaining their strictly critical position.

Himself the character of Rick in General is inextricably linked with all the events on screen not to understand that still is a big artistic achievement of the creators — the so-called "adventure" knocks the viewer with the feet of his extravagant and crazy innovative ideas or a monolithic figure of "the hero of our time", woven from nihilism, disgust, slovenliness and Nietzschean cruelty. For example, can be seen on my opinion, the best episode of the series — where's Rick, by scientific manipulation transforms himself in a pickle, for the most part, only not go with to shrink. Being left without care, in the end, it washes in the sewer, where he is fighting for life gets in the rat's nest. To describe what is happening on the screen then pointless, however it is worth noting that in the end, the appearance of the cucumber is not prevent look at only to deal with an army of secret service agents, but and defend in front of the family shrink your scientific beliefs trampled to the powder whole system of Freudianism. In the end, this repulsive from all character, systematic egomaniac, seeking moral principles, have became a cult figure, many of which with pleasure sees every day on his body in the form of a colorful tattoo. Because his aloofness and arrogance, genius and strength of will, forward thinking and moral evolution is not can not can not to attract.

It should be noted that the scientific and technical concept of the series sounds in sync with TV series "Black mirror", successfully along the lines of a wave of interest in STD. However, the same problem of the constancy of the human "I" in the face of new scientific discoveries and modern technology, as may seem "Rick and Morty" are considered to end, do not rush to half-way in hopeless despair. The transfer of the person in other objects, a journey to the beyond universe, matters of life and death conditions of cloning — in the animated series ceases to be a problem. Science was created for person, and not Vice versa, so let's have a foam party on the entire Universe!

As for the technical side of the show, initially, it is clear that to realize all the wildest fantasies of the authors in terms of the meager budget it was necessary to use the most advanced graphics. Many may even scare almost a caricature drawing and the angularity of the picture. However, with the start, the architects tried to use the advantages of such a visual approach with maximum efficiency — the viewer is not the picture itself in its VHR data from embodiment, but only concept or contour, whether it other worlds, beings or situation a start-up jolt gives greater scope for the imagination. Yeah and very stylistic approach in some way hides revolt against the current conventions with their ultra-precise, Hyper realistic rendering. To the third season utterly contrived authors — dynamics the richness of images increased high quality, but you cannot have become familiar vintage style.

Summarizing, we note that the series works perfectly in all levels — technical, ideological, educational and entertaining. The theme and the characters not exhausted. Let's hope that the creators have the strength to withstand wear cult status and continue the same easy, light-hearted and charm to carry such a favorite with many brilliant and profound philosophy of the universal frenzy.

"To live — it means to risk everything. In otherwise you just a sluggish bunch of randomly assembled molecules floating in the flow of the Universe." (C) Rick

Dorry Wileen
16 November 2018 | 10:20

Greetings, supervisors.

Often hear from all sides about "super entertaining" and"Orthodox" animated series "Rick and Morty", I since his Majesty decided to watch. And here, seeing all the seasons three times in a row, made several findings about the painting, mainly on the magnificent scenario of parallel universes and taste of the satirical "South Park." But, the biggest and black diamond — a diversity of interesting characters.

A mad scientist, an alcoholic and a drug addict, the main character of the movie Rick, so as bad and cynical as the house of another remarkable series. Periodically breaks the fourth wall and if you like such moments the appeal of the character to viewer — cartoon you. Knowledge on multiple realities and the people living there give it the reason is not bother loved ones, so as always, their can be replaced. A remarkable fact about Rick: once he forgot the word "people". "it's all Here, from one less of eight limbs are disabled"

There is a Rick grandson Morty which he periodically takes him on adventures. Morty, to put it mildly, not genius, what is more, with a slight degree of dementia. Despite this, the boy constantly shows itself as a brave frankly, overly emotional human. Although I think this character best in the series. "the always. Morty Morty killed..."

Morty's older sister summer sometimes is also a member of adventures in a different reality. Summer is a typical teenager: angry, easily vulnerable, insecure. It certainly smarter than Morty, but not like mother Beth. Hide that she freedom-loving, militant anarchist. "Grandfather, you need help somewhere, don't matter where without care if we die..."

Daughter of Rick, the part-time mother of Morty and Summer — Beth. Very early on, got pregnant, became a veterinarian, instead of what would be a normal doctor. And now because of that was disappointed in life and in marriage, the meaning is not see anything in the family, no children. Same cynical as and the father, for example, always can choose from the children of the favorite. As they say, the drunken mother — grief family. "Life — this voltage and will stop me coffin"

The last one of the main characters of the cartoon — Jerry, husband of Beth the main loser in the family. Seriously, even the wind whispers to him ear "the Stooge...". If I could to project the image of Jerry in that thing. would pick slimy, intimidate slug. Naive and stupid, intelligence, resembling the son. Instead, it would solve the problem — hiding, sitting in the corner and quietly cries. Although, really, from his father is better than mother of Beth. "Nothing to be proud of, but I continued to creep and the only reason I have survived..."

These are General features of the characters, but the trick is that they also have even a lot, a whole bunch of others. Same entertaining is multifaceted. And are they in the most incredible and funny situations, which are a must see!

"the universe — it's a crazy and chaotic place..."

Of 9 10

What is the genre of Rick and Morty?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Adventure, Comedy, Animation.
Who starred in Rick and Morty?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Justin Roiland, Chris Parnell, Spencer Grammer, Sarah Chalke, Kari Wahlgren.
What is Rick and Morty IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 9.2.
When was Rick and Morty released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2013-12-02.