Ekaterina Rana
07 December 2017 | 10:17

I must admit, the sight was quite a curious. The series is based fairly accurately, with an abundance of variety and quality of action scenes, which complement expensive and watchable special effects. But I what scope today, removed the series, the above advantages in our day no surprise — too high a bar set of "Game of thrones" and then different "American gods", a marvel TV series and other shows. After all these determine the rate of industry giants, today is extremely dangerous for any project to follow traditions formed because disregard for standard procedures is automatically fraught with fiasco. But the advantages of the "Electric dreams" not restricted to standards. Each episode of the show — this hour-long independent story with new actors, and using such a format, the authors offer the audience a variety of locations from crowded city slums to space spaces, where as a place of virtual realities, artificially "grown" people, struggles with extraterrestrial intelligence and so on. But with all this, it is not spectacle for spectacle as in movies like "fast and Furious", each episode of "Electric dreams" — it is a veiled beautiful picture of the deep story, raising sharp social and topical issues of our you the modern world. For example, in one episode addressed the issue of how's right to shelter threat for human society, even if that it's your son, and what price have to pay if the dilemma of "love or common sense" will win the parental instinct. The series is not give a definite answer to any questions, he only affects a very thin for individuals and society General questions.

Those who has seen the series "Black mirror", from view the "Dreams" time from the time will arise a sense of deja vu — both series are similar not only in the format "a new series — new history" have them same overall laid in the Foundation of the idea — by using entertaining stories to tell about obvious and unobvious problems of society, and introduction to what the end result selected by the humanity route. But if "the Mirror" — this is a satirical show, which first puts the question, and then ridicules the views of people and approaches the problem the show — is as the wise man who has seen at his lifetime all if judge of people, and a decrepit finger indicates the problem they say that it, think about this decide until later. However, in implementing the talent of "Dreams" somewhat inferior "Mirror", but but there is no signature stinging satire and cynicism of "Black mirror" — unlike it "Electric dreams" is more human and humane series. And it is more effective because it is someone can correct only the Council and gave the right way, and not by ridiculing its stupidity ignorance.

"Electric dreams of Philip K. dick's" — set a very interesting, beautifully shot episodes (unfortunately, 10 series came out only 6, the output of the remaining 4 episodes of the channel was moved to 2018), where, of course, not all series are quite good. But the in conjunction — it is quite watchable, instructive and somewhat dreamy series, which felt desire as the author of short stories, so and the creators to make their product the world is better than he is. As far as they will succeed is hard to say, but why you definitely will be impressed at viewing time, so is a magnificent actor's work — not every day that Bryan Cranston will see in the role of the alien.

Vevay Meeker
03 February 2018 | 06:46

I love the creativity Philip K. dick, it one of the most controversial and misunderstood at the life of science fiction writers. But now, after death, adaptations of his work out a lot, and quality very different. Now we got the whole series, and more anthology based entirely on the works of this author. And a strong series in it is clearly not enough.

Yes, the series definitely holds a quality standard not slipping in absolutely trash. Still actors most of the series involved a good at least the lead roles, yeah and the technical level for the series normal. Of course there is a certain intimacy of the narrative, some stories are clearly aimed at a far greater set of locations, but the problem is not in it.

The main trouble came from where to wait it seemed silly, but with side scripts. Probably the most obvious that with the exception of two were chosen not characteristic dick stories. Because of this series just missing a single artistic style, a leitmotif binding fragments of anthology. Of course in the series is a strong series, and the first series of Kapuscinski and does make me believe in the enormous potential of this work, but the whole experience left quite contradictory.

The series is definitely good, but I know to whom he can enjoy, fans of creativity Philip K. dick are not satisfied with the selected works and liberties in their interpretation, and people unfamiliar with his work have all the chances to take it for the fiction category B.

6 from 10

Shirleen Valdes
07 April 2018 | 09:38

"Electric dreams of Philip K. dick's" series, where each episode is a separate story, a separate mini movie. But let's start with that not all yogurts are equally useful.

Never loved collections of short stories, especially collections of fiction stories. In basically a brief history of unsolved in which all you need to think out of the last nedochital stories Alexei Pehowa, neponravilsya. The same thing happened with series, and "Black mirror" every episode needs to be assessed separately, and if you look all of the overall, unambiguously opinions are not will develop.

The most successful at my opinion is this series Geraldine Chaplin where she tries vernutj on the Ground. The rest is just a set of visuals.

Of course, many I mind by far to put a negative assessment, but their is infected with a classic choice. Yes, Philip K. dick writer became classics of world fiction and considered by many to make the works of the classic movie it already a 100% hit. Yes, a visiting small-town stars. And everything seems to be fine, but not catchy why then the universal longing. All the history of impassable sad narrative about the inevitability of life.

3 of the 10

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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Sci-Fi.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Gumuliauskas Vaclovas, Dominic Capone III, Juke Hardy, Russ Panzarella,
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At the moment, the rating is 7.3.
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