Dyana Jankey
20 February 2011 | 11:53

The history of relations between Do Mack and Tim vine, two British standup comedians, has more than a dozen years. For the first time the phrase "Tim vine" Do Mack heard on the dawn of his career from the hall, when one of his speeches were diluted gags of his own composition other heard from friends and UFO he thought for a moment to the General public. It turned out that many of the jokes from his program was very specific author, whose name was Tim vine with whom after a time he met the festival in Edinburgh. To by the time Tim was already heard about the name of the person who used it developments, posing for their at the first meeting with a plagiarist said his name such a tone that being in turn to a fortune teller do not need to understand that in front of him Tim vine. With then, Lee McCoy, Tim vine uses every opportunity to refresh in his memory the events of those bygone days.

Both of these comedian's familiar and Russian audience: in the beginning of the XXI century, when one of the "Six shots" is still not lit in the frame, but the performers in the sketch show "you Give youth!" was still too young to participate in such projects in the program of the channel Ren-TV came the British sketch show with the same name — "the Sketch show" in which If Tim coupled with three other comedians acted out short scenes, forcing the audience appreciating the humor came from Albion, to laugh from the soul. After another three years, this the couple has again been linked one purpose — this time their combined sitcom with it is difficult to localize the name of "Not Going Out". If you try still to translate the name of the show on Russian language, would sound, such as "Together, but apart" or easier — "the Neighbors in the room", because in the series is based on reality, according to which the slacker length (guess who played) divides the living space with the pretty girl, not being her boyfriend.

In the first season of the sitcom in the role of a beautiful woman martirosyany made Megan Dodds — her character Kate on the story was Tim's ex-lover, best friend Lee, and among other things was American that enabled the writers to which includes If Mack, with one hand to use jokes based on cultural differences of the two English-speaking countries, and on the other — create a romantic episodes between Lee and Kate, causing jealousy in haven't cold heart with Tim. Starting from the second season and until the final episode of the fourth, the If there are new neighbor in the room — Lucy (played by Sally Bretton), the younger sister of Tim on the story. To change of jealousy Tim came not a father's feelings: now he has become a sort of firefighters ready at any moment to extinguish the sparks running between neighbors in the apartment threatens to turn into a fire.

Whatever again the first season through charisma and the significance of the character Kate and jokes heard from her mouth (if invented the majority Do Makkom), stands alone (no wonder in the beginning of 2007, "Not Going Out" was named best sitcom at the Rose d'or festival in Lucerne). Have Megan Dodds was an absolute role of the first plan, while Sally Bretton got the role and not the first and not the second plan, rather one and half, if one exists. It is a pity that the way Megan Dodds with the series some reasons differed, but that need not be happy for Sally Bretton, picked up the baton of a female character in "Not Going Out" and swept it now for the past three seasons in his hands.

I must say, the writers do not threw trouble Lucy, who, being a girl is busy, follow order apartment in addition to which she lived not very clean idler If hardly could. So in the sitcom appeared the housekeeper Barbara is performed by Miranda HART. On actual fact Miranda was lit in series before — in the first season, in the role of a specialist acupuncture, but that was the role of episodic. Honestly after two of the season, Miranda HART left the series to concentrate on his own project — the sitcom under the name "Miranda". However, the time in the series originated the one female character of the second plan, worthy of mention: Tim found a girl at the name Daisy (Katy WiX). If there was Ivan the fool in a skirt, then his name is definitely would Daisy.

By the way, after the third season of the BBC functionaries hastened to declare that the television show repealed and the fourth season is not happen, even though good ratings series. "The Show must go on!" — insisted the audience and the team working on the series, and insisted-on its in the end of 2009 was given the green light to continue filming. And here in the beginning of 2011, the fourth season saw the light of day, and the first episode of the new season to same set a new record for the number of viewers its viewers. Not know the functionaries of the BBC, but I would wanted fourth season was the last.

How long is Not Going Out?
What is the genre of Not Going Out?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy.
Who starred in Not Going Out?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Lee Mack, Sally Bretton, Katy Wix, Tim Vine,
What is Not Going Out IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.6.
When was Not Going Out released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2006-09-25.