Young Vic McQueen finds himself in a unique ability to open a portal to the world of lost things. Plunging deeper into this hidden from the eyes of the universe, she meets many other such "travelers" — some of them are quite favorable, and others are hopelessly spoiled his gift. One day Victoria meets Charlie Manx: after learning that he eats children's souls because of them remains immortal character decides to rid the world of this creature.

Seasons: 1 2
IMDb icon 6.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Brina See
29 July 2019 | 12:01

I channel AMC known first of all, its focus on the American history, American flavor. Here came such series as "Hell on wheels", "Turn" and"American West". However, if you look closely, you immediately emerged "all serious", and"the Preacher." So I guess not surprising that this summer was shows fantasy-horror "a Country Christmas", because now it's hard to say what is a channel format, and that there is such a hodgepodge in the program that amazing.

PR campaign of the series was relatively modest, but KP adequately described the process of creating this project + Zachary Quinto — this actor will warm up interest to any work in which he is involved. So, what we received the solution? So from you will not tell. Can safely noted that the series was released:

a) not terrible;

b) baby, but not adults.

C) devoid of classic colour stories about demons and vampires.

Don't know what the audience was the show, but not NOS4A2 draws on cool adult format, but and is clearly not story family viewing. Let's just say, our main characters 17-18 years, here is approximately so much Mature he series rough it audience. Not say that it is a lack that work niche — no no, but I would want more hardcore, a darker and stronger the atmosphere, so many sharp corners were neatly smoothed, apparently the same as with a purpose. Not think channel, who released a terribly provocative and dirty "Preacher", will be afraid of adult rating for his new offspring. There's something else.

Moving closer to business. To tell you the truth, the pilot I don't even he was disappointed, but has caused a feeling of irritation — many bloopers and just illogical things that you can remove the right next movie for YouTube. And this problem persists for the entire 1st season, no significant improvements. A typical picture — then things move spontaneously to dozens of meters in just 1 frame, then something disappears like here we see the blood and a second later she's gone and p. it's all close-up camera. I actually has always surprised with those notice the little things, and not just looks with focus on the plot, but here is clearly obviously that it hurts the eyes. To this is added sometimes just bozo cinematography, like a graduate of the University tried to do so, as written in the tutorial, and verbatim. Close-UPS of candy canes and the blur effect in riding motorcycle — this hi some methods the level of coursework kinofilma. Seats and graphics brings — somewhere visible computer lightly snow, fire or fog. Somehow it though work at this level.

Continuing the theme of irrationality, but it applies to scenario. About the laws of physics I do not say anything, they 90% films are absent as component, but there is problem with banal everyday logic. Well, crazy comes to the gas station, and inside the shop there are 3 adults, able to fight back and two weapons. Absolutely true you thought — the main character gives weapons two secondary characters, one of which just leaves the scene, and the second is stupid and does not know how his apply he is just with bare hands is a dangerous enemy. The General theme with the weapon for a sore the series — our Nosferatu has superpowers, but has some simple vulnerabilities, as well as but not got any means of self-defense for the long years of its catch, and in the team it is always 1. unreliable people, and our valiant defenders of good people too stupid to climb on his empty hands, and then, grab ass, get to thinking about what he's fucking unkillable. Well, of course, with such tactics and you anyone can fight and no magic need. Well and I would like to mention the dialogues, especially favorite things in the style of "you're right?", when the man there is no living space and I thought such cheap dialogues have lived. Apparently that yet... He is the project also seems somewhat illogical — produce the height of summer, when the window heat above 30 degrees, the project on Christmas theme — pfft, yeah no problem. Even I didn't get it, why.

A little bit about performance — Zachary Quinto is good as expected, however, I no wonder at the beginning said the series is still not hardcore enough, after all the horrors. The work of the makeup is decent, but the are not modified with the atmosphere, do something to the end is not imbued with the scary of what is happening. In the end, sometimes the character Quinto smacks of some kindergarten party, and blame in this. As says asked for is what he did. Nosferatu — the kernel of the whole story, but its history of development, we are not really see and the motivation for its actions depicted schematically, but family squabbles of ordinary people spelled out in detail, though we do not see every second film project, wonder what. More original fantasy component, little more mystery.

But minor characters — is another matter. I was particularly irritated by Ashley Cummings — looks at her the Amateur, still and old-fashioned hairstyle a La Alla Pugacheva, it is in 2019 year. Well and apiezon only was the start of the first series, when we say character 18 years she's a student graduate, and here to the screen close-up wrinkled face of an adult woman. What surprised — Cummings 26 years. The other students also so 5-10 older than the age of their characters. Well, I understand that show 15-16 year old in some difficult scenes, like sex and drug use, then they are played by adult actors. But everything looks softer and on-screen age of heroes have 18. You not been able to pick up Cust younger? If 80 years back on the court.

In General a whole, the series is good, relatively decent atmosphere and the acting, but the potential ideas have been significantly higher it close implemented. A great deal depends on Zachary Quinto and fantasy theme. Without this — nothing interesting in the rest not. Alas.

It looks easy, so 7 of 10

What is the genre of NOS4A2?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Horror.
Who starred in NOS4A2?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Ashleigh Cummings, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, Jahkara Smith, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Virginia Kull.
What is NOS4A2 IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.7.
When was NOS4A2 released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-06-02.