Mr. Pickles

Mr. Pickles

In an ordinary town living an ordinary-looking family of Goodman, who doted in his pet, named Mr. Pickles. However, none of them know that the dog with behavioral problems, at night conducts satanic rituals and otherwise terrorizing everyone living in the area.

Seasons: 3
IMDb icon 7.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Wendy Shirk
19 November 2014 | 07:04

We have before us another Adult Swim project, the ability to immerse us in the depths of psychedelic absurdity, filled with mind-blowing cynicism and zubodrobitelnye visual style.

"Mr. Pickles" from those animated series (language does not rise to call him a cartoon) which is contraindicated to children, pregnant mothers, and moralfags to individuals seeking to make a political career. This tight stream of multi-colored vomit, caused by a spasm of the stomach, flying directly in the face of "zanimalsia the West".

Perhaps too abstract. Let's put everything in the shelves.


Characters. the Catalyst for the development of the action is the family of Goodman — town etokaya reference cell of society. Father works, the mother will domohozyaykoy, grandfather slowly sinking in senility. Their joy pride is the child of years 10 and the name of Tommy — moderately obtuse, but for good is naive and living child. Only here trouble — boy — disabled, in no friends and in his throat bogged down in work, just no time for him. And the only being with whom he can play to communicate, remains.. .

Mr. Pickles — the very spawn of Hellfire, the illegitimate son of Hitler and the right testicle of Satan, whose lust and bloodlust not go in any frame. Not see that this dog breed the border collie is cute-stupid name "Mr. Pickle" — while you will say it he will open you stomach, urinated there, and watching the agony draw the pentagram your spleen.

But only if you deserve.

Plot. Here all pretty standard. There are a few story branches that branch out in nachel and are as it were in parallel, but in the end still connected. Tommy at naivety gets in scrapes, from which it saves our dog (of course in your own manner), Gramps tries to expose fluffy Lucifer, but fails to fail, his father is a telemarketer trying to vtyuhnut Chinese goods(the way it bare those people I to it? wish him an early meeting with Mr. Pickle), the mother usually works at home or communicates with a friend of mine whose species is simultaneously laughing and retching. There are still the fool, the Sheriff, the elderly, nigga rapper strippers and a lot of people who die from the hands of a black-and-white beast.

Generally not boring. will.

Animation.For the series inherent a little primitive, but still its own visual style, the structure is balanced, all sorts of growths, like folds in persons and even breast mothers Tommy moving in time with the movement of the character and they look lively. However, the backs are quite poor. And do not rely on flash. The same Superjail! is much more pleasing to the eye small details. What applies the chips of the series — namely, dismemberment, then everything is very good. The blood splatters, torn tendons, and bones break as we expect.

Joke. There a combination of the two start — social satire and a few bathroom farce. Both are intertwined harmoniously and does not create the impression that this is another "the Simpsons". We like laugh over the "despicable" jokes about sex the fecal mass, but it's only the top foam. Blowing it, we see the subtle banter on topical issues of modern Western society — liberasty, corruption, decline of morals, the degradation of the moral state of society, drugs, the cult of consumption*TSTA and etc. and etc. 

By the way, you you will laugh, but in my opinion this movie is quite... good.

You only look at the Central tandem of the series — a boy and his dog. This itself very nice. And the dog is pure evil. The main villain speaks the world around us. Parents do not able to educate his son, grandfather too busy to expose the dog. Here and it turns out that Mr. Pickle — it is a barrier that separates Tommy from the pernicious influence of society. It a bright spot in this dirty samyshina little world where no place for kindness. Well and methods of Mr. Pickle — it's the prislavutym wedge, which the other wedge and blow. It has anyone killed/raped/dismembered/crippled Mr. Pickles (except, perhaps, grandfather Tommy) deserve it in full measure.

so. CEE works hardly can compete for the title of crown of creation adult animation, for "Rick and Morty" Superjail! not inferior of trasvesti and win the plan scenario work, but its place on the pedestal of the best it is definitely.

8.5 10

Waneta Denice
18 November 2014 | 11:03

It's just mind-blowing, nieadekwatny, devoid of all complexes of the series! Real trash. Murderous black humor, but not devoid of sense.

Cartoon tells the story of the family of Goodman. On first glance, it is a typical family comprising of father, mother, son, dog and krahte-farting grandpa. However, 3 second is a bloody hell. Dog — Mr. Pickles, so named in honor of cucumbers becomes satanic evil. Mr. Pickles kills, chops off heads, clothe the limbs of people cringe at the mother Goodman, pulls people in its lair — the booth-satanbraten, making with them the most terrible things. At this having an alibi in what he is kind and intelligent dog that runs on any assistance in the end, gets a cucumber in the form of encouragement.

Tommy — the main one Hellhound, silly boy, overly naive and trusting. Getting into different ridiculous situations, emerges victorious thanks to Mr. Picls, which is always in the right time in the right place.

Dad and Mom Goodman — also not very distant people, but still, my opinion the most intelligent species in the entire cartoon.

On their level, although my opinion is more reasonable — this grandfather, who knows the secret of Mr. Pickle trying to prove with foam the mouth to all the people that this dog is pure evil, but nobody trusts.

The cartoon really makes fun of many social topics that pokes fun at stupidity.

Here you can see a deep meaning for example, dog is a tyrant — this government, residents and Goodman, is a typical population, seeing his government is righteous, and who will help to solve the problem, you fools... and grandfather, what the sense of opposition, the opponent and knowing the truth. Well, is a delusional nonsense)

Cartoon yourself rocked. After this cartoon, all the rest were light. That touches of affectation, it here crazy acid with a mixture of psychedelic, in General, interesting. Music, in the form of a rigid metal, is also not left me indifferent.

In short, I recommend to view. There are about what to think something to laugh.

People with poor nervous system and blue blood is better not to watch.

Veronica Holds
23 November 2015 | 12:54

Of course I'm not any way can recommend to view this monogrades animated series. And natural love the trash it takes a very high place in the personal ranking of the most cruel, bloody and chyzowych cartoons. Of course it's movie designed for more or less wide audience, so as its form is a black Comedy with some parody and you could even say satirical component. But this form is so perversely expressed that the untrained viewer, most likely after the first minute of the cartoon will empty your bowels and with horror and disgust turn off the screen. Of course such a cartoon, when the cruelty that is many children's books, children probably still not suitable. Interestingly, if you omit all of negative emotions and try to concentrate on the semantic component, the cartoon teaches rather good, though, and using satanic symbolism. Promotes family values, which lie in the core of the American family. Well, or derided. There already is a game of interpretations. Naturally, the course of evil series punish another evil. Again, that whether describes a kind of absolute evil, is a play on the proverb "there would be happiness, the misfortune has helped". In General, to reason and philosophize as much as anyone, but still do not prevaricate and admit from the cartoon attracted the bloody slusarski enthusiasm, which is making a movie of this kind is so popular, even those not recognized. Compare with cartoon can probably Agli Amerikans. Although some of the points Mr. Pickle with a vengeance replay.

How long is Mr. Pickles?
What is the genre of Mr. Pickles?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Animation, Horror.
Who starred in Mr. Pickles?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Kaitlyn Robrock, Will Carsola, Dave Stewart, Jay Johnston, Frank Collison.
What is Mr. Pickles IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.4.
When was Mr. Pickles released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2013-08-26.