Katy Pazice
19 June 2019 | 10:02

After watching all episodes at no I just words. Mere emotion. And joy and sadness, and anger, and shame. For 18 episodes I had many times say: "they thought of this before? It is it so absurd that even a genius" or"why, Why you such a great concept turned into a dull routine?" Impressions are very polar, so the best thing to say about the General advantages of the series, and then analyze the best and worst examples, and why they I thought so.

The idea of doing an anthology of a completely different animated episodes for 14 minutes in an average connected with a theme of death, technology or love — great find. It looks fresh. To each there own animation at the soul. Hyperrealistic, surreal, two-dimensional, three-dimensional, much fps, not enough fps. It also, short series; if the story is boring, then it will end quickly, and if interested, then no time to get bored. In General, the experiment was definitely successful. It is desirable that some of the concepts evolved into more and their creators have received in the hands of bigger projects.

Best episodes: "the Three Robots", "When the Yogurt Took Over", "Beyond the the Aquila Rift", "Lucky 13", "Alternate Histories", "Good Hunting". Now more about each.

"the Three Robots" Cool idea about how about us can think of a creature (in this case robots) after the total extinction. Helps to have a look at life another perspective. Objectively the best humor in the whole series. Plus good morals about vanity and pride of people.

"When the Yogurt Took Over" Chic absurd satire on the government.

"Beyond the Aquila Rift" I personally like this scenario. They keep voltage for all viewing, and it is unclear to end, occurs in really. Plus a cool song Matthew Perryman Jones — Living in the Shadows. The only one I remember.

"Lucky 13" a Simple story about how do not judge a book by the cover. Also liked the ambiguity of the event: were they a coincidence, or in it's something supernatural.

"Alternate Histories" Again, brilliant idea. To see what could be history if something it has changed. While the authors understand the whole fantastic ideas, so he added the absurd, giving lightness and fun for all events.

"Good Hunting" My favorite series. As 15 minutes of the episode to create a real, full-fledged story with exposition, climax and denouement? Giving it a flavour of China. Decorating alternative version of the world. Filling love line with great characters. Add the theme of revenge and justice. Investing in the promise of conservation about the dangers of technological progress. Only the authors know the answer. Subjective, but the series a cut above the rest.

Worst episode — "Blindspot"

I was surprised by its uselessness and emptiness. Scenario in literally looks like: "the Gang wants to steal an artifact. In the end, she gets this artifact. Everything!" No stress or risk, no interest characters. Knowing the final twist, I wanted to break the monitor screen. Nothing learned artifact world on the main characters! Then the question is: why is it to see if the there is not a single new thought in your head?

As a result, considered the arithmetic average of the ratings of each series of the order view: (6+10+6+8+5+10+10+10+7+9+9+9+10+9+5+7+10+9)/18

8,28 from 10

Eleanora Pergrim
23 March 2019 | 02:59

I would say "the Black mirror of a healthy person". In contrast the British almanac each team was invested with a soul my story.

Some of the plot so and read the parable — "Winter blue", "Good hunting" and"fish night".

There are stories inspired by computer games — "Costumes", "Beyond the rupture of an eagle."

The common denominator here hard to find. But that in each story (well, maybe with the exception of one or two) there's a depth and philosophy, dark humor, satire on the modern consumer society, bureaucracy.

Spotted a cute reference to the films of childhood as the "Eater of souls" or"Lucky 13".

Liked the style of the rendering of short stories under the movie. Visual solutions go to a new level. In this respect most like "secret war".

Such almanacs are not been a long time. Latest what came mind — "Animatrix". But she was focused around the film of the source, but here we have an independent history.

And I want to believe that some they will developed in something more permanent.

Of 9 10

Why not the highest score? The story from the Miller was in style "it's already been in the simpsons" and for the roughness of some of the stories.

But still times povtorus — Miller Fincher has created a great anthology, found talented Directors and animators, philosophical motifs and allegories of the stories is captivating.

Really want the second season!

Ginnifer Edmonds
25 March 2019 | 09:54

"Love, death and robots" — issue of interconnected short films made by different people and not even a common theme. Love and robots not him so much, but death should be about hand each of the eighteen stories in which the beautiful visuals hides a meaningful emptiness.

The first series tells us about the life of the raped and mutilated girls, challenging the world of men, speaking on the arena battles biorobots. The plot is served through the prism of the mythical battle of the sexes: the image of a strong and independent main character opposed to men are sexist, verbal and non-verbal expressing a desire she "fuck". Even the battle between the bio-fighters served as the analogy with violent sex.

The second short film introduces the viewer to the Trinity of robots, exploring the world post-apocalyptic future. They do not understand the nature disappeared from the face of the Earth people, and for this reason hackneyed joke, not pushing less jaded "green" the message of environmental protection.

The third series came the most dynamic. Its the main character — a prostitute, became a witness to the murder. Now it runs from criminal great city in which aid can be expected from whom: prostitutes — unprotected segment of the society.

In the future we talking about the farmers who exterminate alien monsters; about the archaeologists dug out the tomb of an ancient vampire; on over the world reasonable yoghurt, flown not going to the astronaut, and many more stories of varying degrees of originality.

Almost all the short films based on the stories by popular modern writers. The writers are to be commended for that has managed to adapt the original material for the minimum duration and write each series of solid and often filled with subtext of the story, the narration details of which can be easily arranged in the imagination of the viewer. The problem is that the source of the texts was too different: most of the selected plots empty and unprincipled.

The authors adhere to the boring social agenda, raising themes of sexism, xenophobia, concerns about the environment. But they are missing a fresh look at the illuminated problem. Bad colonialists against good locals, good women against bad men, a progressive minority against the blind majority. "Love, death and robots" not know colors other than black and white, and always shows the viewer one side of the coin.

The format of the project does not involve any end-to-end plot, no end-to-end characters. Each short film — independent work, so you should take "Love, death and robots" as a whole, not work. Need every time re-acquainted with peace and the characters of history deprives the viewer an emotional connection with what is happening. For three hours of on-screen characters so many times sacrifice, revenge, trying to escape, making unexpected discoveries that forget why you should be not anyway.

The project owes its popularity not how many stories of the series, how many of them to visual imagery. From each episode its own style: some imitate classic hand-drawn animation, reminiscent of other games from the Tale of Tales, others are in did not stick on the big screen ultra-realistic style. To the visual component faults can be attributed except often unnecessary nudity.

Successful and unsuccessful solutions in the series equally. After watching all episodes at the head is a mixture of bright and faded images fresh, but often nipped the plot moves, flat jokes, expressive and dim scenes, the obvious and controversial messages.

Reviewers often call "Love, death and robots" the mad show. But it no madness, only a calculated provocation: resonant themes, dismemberment, sex, male genitalia — trying to impress the viewer with cheap tricks, bringing on screen a fraction tabooyoung.

Impressions after viewing remain controversial. Some stories are encouraging, others — disappoint. The project is too uneven to watch some of the episodes are just boring, even despite the their fasting duration. "Love, death and robots" — beautiful, imbued with the ideology of a collection of short films of varying quality, the marketing power of United General title. Most part of you never want to reconsider.

What is the genre of Love, Death & Robots?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Fantasy, Animation.
Who starred in Love, Death & Robots?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Scott Whyte, Nolan North, Matthew Yang King,
What is Love, Death & Robots IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.6.
When was Love, Death & Robots released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-03-15.