Selestina Atalee
13 May 2018 | 01:50

In the original story the classic version of "lost in space" was a very warm atmosphere, and sincere relationships between team members the Robinsons, a space adventure and the special effects complement the story. In the remake is a solid story bloopers, ridiculous dialogues, the lack of any logic in the actions of each character, artificial acting, and a semblance of dynamics of the plot. The series is lifeless, one big psychotherapy and verbiage. The original film began with a mega inventions the boys, he was scientific attitude of mind in the remake of some of nedorazvitie autistic, as if it was so it is difficult to find a more intelligent child to this role is not mention that all the actors are pretty mediocre similarly. The project "lost in space" implies a scientific story, new worlds, alternative reality, a fresh look at all, we do not. I think the series rightly regarded with the same treecko level 90s:) it is Unlikely that will continue, Ala Terra Nova for 10 series. Actually sorry, when the current possibilities of computer graphics could be much to cheat on , but the Americans have enough imagination only to boring talk all season, perhaps it is a real ceiling to their mental capacity.

Laurel Clie
21 April 2018 | 02:14

Every sci-Fi series and just a feature film about the space puts in the expectation of the audience with his script, because the space of thought in this subject is unbelievable — from space wars to parallel universes, and then all together, so the pilot episode of "Lost in space" called in this sense of curiosity.

But after 4 the series was clear about than he. It on how you have fallen colonists on a random planet happens to be the same the gravity as on earth, but the same time strangely large thickness of ice freeze over the second accident there is a difficult situation and one for other and then just as randomly resolved thanks to bright ideas on anti-tank mine and less same happy accidents (as with fuel). If the authors wanted to create the effect of an unpredictable "suddenly from no out of nowhere...", then they turned the opposite result and and want a street expression to finish the part, so all the script solutions are not very well cemented casual, as for example same robot, — he somehow, with some "friends", and tomorrow and other principle it is akin to the thrust of the infant to the maternal teat. Plus history the obligatory villain, the obligatory goofy conflicts between each other, accompanied by a long and tiresome chatter, which so too much.

Comparing the series with other space "Space", "Black cloth", "Krypton" appears that feeling that that you unlike they have seen — it is average and ordinary American films of the 90s, so

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Delphine Conroy
19 April 2018 | 04:20

In the distant future the Earth has become almost suitable for life and the most enterprising of its the inhabitants preferred to emigrate to other planets. Among them the Robinson family (dad, mom, three children of different sex and age). The way to better world their ship strays from the course crashes on an unknown planet, which turns out to be completely suitable for life: have air, water and relatively friendly flora with fauna. Now they have to learn this world that will become their new home.

That's about this tells the American TV series "lost in space". Yes, in the retelling sounds fascinating. But, alas, reality is much more banal.

First, the TV series "family". In this case, the word has become synonymous with "boring." Yes, he is absolutely sterile and can boast the tag "good for any age", but in the history of film and modern TV there are many examples when so called "family" movies were interesting to the audience of all ages. Here feeling that specially filmed for young children that will watch this show best of the company of grandmothers and grandfathers.

Second, the series is very slow. Each episode is 50 minutes, most of which virtually nothing happens. Some conversations and melodramatic poses. The plot is marking time on the spot, won't move.

Sometimes it is a reminder talkative soap Opera, only somehow moved to another planet.

Small children are unlikely to take the timing Yes even when the complete absence of humor and a minimum of action. And adults are at risk here just to sleep. Here they catch nothing at all: neither some double bottom or eye-popping special effects.

Verdict: should watch the animated series Guardians of the galaxy and the older audience will prefer another sequel/prequel/spin-off of "Star wars".

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What is the genre of Lost in Space?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Sci-Fi.
Who starred in Lost in Space?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Mina Sundwall, Max Jenkins, Molly Parker, Parker Posey, Taylor Russell.
What is Lost in Space IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.3.
When was Lost in Space released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-04-13.