Alene Zsazsa
04 February 2016 | 05:19

BBC Two, 2 season, 2012-2014, 3 the season may be in 2016

You are over the line, son, your way is over the line.

Quote of the Line of Duty

It is impossible to violate duty (line of duty). If the police officer crossed the line (line of duty), then he becomes vulnerable. Why? — the Policeman violated the rules or the law, it is very easy to blackmail or bribe. Claw stuck — the bird is the abyss! The principle is simple — do not break. However, why do so many good coppers across the line? Can grab hide behind bars of crooks, corrupt officials, drug dealers, thieves and rapists, if we adhere strictly to official duties?

Mini series Line of Duty talks about the work AC-12, internal Affairs (anti-corruption) of the Metropolitan police. The theme itself is new and love this anime. One detail not disclose methods and everyday life of these cops. Immediately to mind comes only Internal Affairs with Andy Garcia and Richard Gere in the lead roles. But there, rather, shows the confrontation of two opposites, but not diligent police work.

Harsh the reader will say that the officers of the internal Affairs Department is the most despised and miserable coppers which even a fountain pen don't can found in your pocket, judging by the individual episodes in numerous films and television series.

Line of Duty denies this point of view. So, who they are officers of the Department of combating corruption that are trying hard to put behind bars police officers who crossed the line and become corrupt? It turns out they also a great "cops", running at the trail. Know how to collect evidence, questioning, finding evidence, and convincingly to expose "werewolves in epaulets". I hate them just because the AC-12 is really good attacking the cops, and uses methods not perfect.

In their investigations the officers AC-12 used prohibited methods with the moral point of view, crossing the line of morality and ethics. Here why hate to despise.

Moreover, officers from the AC-12 also violate the rules as and "regular" cops, whose they are investigating: sleeping with witnesses and colleagues informed the authorities about their financial problems, although required. In the time to shout: "And these people in the way we pick the nose?". Right, ban. There are significant differences officers AC-12 from other officers: who they are always look to the truth in eyes never been deceived, and also defending the truth, why would not worth it. This is the line that AC-12 don't go. This they friends, money, career and health.

It is starting to sympathize with the officers of the AC-12 (the magic of high art). They doubt themselves, the effectiveness of our actions, even in the guilt of the defendants, but do not back down, supporting each other. Coppers in the Department of counteraction of corruption are always together, in contrast other police departments that remain in one with their little violations and large crimes. One small step for the line leads to a large walk in the edge of a precipice, and there drop a short distance.

Every season in parallel there are several investigations: the usual coppers and officers of the AC-12. All series lined up perfectly with the point of view of drama. Conflicts the main actors, their actions, plot twists keep in suspense. As soon you think you know what will be the development of the plot, the creators present you with the surprise.

Great and convincing acting: Martin Compston (Sweet Sixteen, The Disappearance of Alice Creed), Adrian Dunbar (Crying Game, The General), Lennie James (Lockout, The Walking Dead), Vicky McClure (This is England, Broadchurch), the Keeley Hawes (Ashes to Ashes, Death at a Funeral) and others.

The series is well filmed. He, of course, far from the diversity of cinematic techniques Banshee, but "Kincardine" very modern. Line of Duty is extremely realistic, that does not interfere with the artistic perception. Life and routine police, criminals, ordinary people "in the area", the middle class is shown very believable.

The characters main and secondary characters are written very clearly and textured. In the series of great dialogs and really great episodes.

- What, we've surrendered the streets?
- Try and enjoy it, mate!

Dramatic conflict and action follow each other, creating a fantastic in the voltage of the series that want to watch without stop.

Most of the British TV series absolutely not moralistic. No one to impose their point of view and fails to a certain thought. And, the however, after watching a Line of Duty, one conclusion is obvious: if you time of time across the line of official duties, can't notice a great evil already put you for line death trap.

Sam Bonneau
11 May 2017 | 10:43

"On duty" — British series, on the moment, consisting of four fully released seasons and two saints, which, apparently, will appear on screens in two three years. In the first season had five one-hour episodes in subsequent — six. The series tells about the work of the police of the unit, which investigates corruption in the ranks of the police. It just the facts that don't give any answer to question, then suddenly, from this Line of Duty raise the roof (and I blew it major, almost under the Foundation).

The facts — interesting thing, they are not mean a lot themselves without interpretation, and to interpret them as know, it different points of view. Any fact can be turned and  and  against the person, and if both sides of the fence are equal in mind possibilities opponents, it ping-pong, where as the ball will be used the facts, risks never end. But — only first glance, because in addition to the facts and interpretations there is still a law that sooner or later will prevail.

At first I could not really be determined by genre, and then I read in one review the definition of "police Thriller" and I would agree with him. The first season is still is more of a crime drama, but the second — Yes, of course, it is a Thriller, very casually and just a shot. In Line of Duty, no no formal delights, at least they don't jump immediately in the eye (although the camera movement specific, some camera angles, close-UPS). This series takes a form. Important in it — the investigation itself, the electrification of the atmosphere in the interrogation room (I love high quality questioning from times jamesidowasco drawer (who understand what I — shake hands)) and brought to absolute the ambiguity of all no exceptions heroes — and antagonists, and the protagonists (the second season of the meaning — the true top).

The villains are obvious — they have Breakfast with kittens, eating babies, and dinner drink the blood of virgins. And are — police officers who serve the law and society, doing their duty honestly, but one day making a mistake that changes the whole their lives. Just — error. Yielding to weakness, impulse, feeling. And all. They already in the web, where every move all the more confuses them a lie. But there other police officers who consciously go against the law, according to one or other reasons. However, all they, realizing that around them closes the ring of the facts, will spare no effort in defending their own interpretation, in order to avoid punishment. This people who know the system inside out, who knew how to work the procedure, so catch them — damn hard. And that's the confrontation between equal professionals amazing shows. And for a good play is not the angels the most ordinary people with its principles, weaknesses, mistakes and flaws. They so can make a mistake, to do wrong, to lose the trust of your colleagues. In the end they can even be a secret players of the opposite side.

Chusovskoe "everybody lies" gets the series a new interpretation: there are people who always tell the truth, there are people who always lie, but most choose the situation. Heroes Line of Duty — one of them, and you can feel it one thing — either sympathy or dislike, you can not definitely blame them or to justify. And will write again: for the second season in the meaning — the absolute top. Even after the third season I can't say how it belong to the character, a former at center investigations in the second.

"On duty" — the rare series that from season to season is not getting worse. The fourth season less steep than the previous one (although the second I still think the best). I like that the authors have obtained in addition to the main investigation discreetly woven into the narrative a whole bunch of varying complexity and the problem and Temasek: from inevitably scandalous and difficult all sides of the topic of rape and punishment is it a crime to facing a global-level question "And judges who?". Here you loyalty, in range from married to civil; and responsibility — for myself, for family and do; belief in justice, different understandings by different people. And even very gradually, from season season, drop down the scale of the entire history of — no this show just hanging lines, almost all are they going to up in one common pattern that I sincerely hope, will be completed in the next two seasons. Moreover, the authors are quite detached, not trying to engage in moralizing, and this adds a series of values.

I advise everyone to see. Because if you like detectives, or crime drama, or tense thrillers, or British series, but not seen at this Line of Duty, then passed real diamond.

Martynne O'Malley
08 November 2014 | 01:38

A police convoy transporting an important witness, was subjected to an armed attack. Two policemen killed, the witness is in serious condition. Detective Lindsay Denton falls under the suspicion, as it is responsible for the escort, and it — not only injured in the attack. Unscrupulous police Department BC — 2 but his employees sneaking suspicion that wasn't as simple as it seems to first sight...

Old-timers remember as a few years ago the national press was raging, furious at the company combat "werewolves in epaulets". Passion subsided, high-profile revelations no, apparently all werewolves become good citizens, or (if you believe the TV series "On duty") moved to England. Compatriots gathering in London, you I ! No means not take pictures with English "Bobby". Among these lovely (at first glance) guys full of pedophiles, murderers, and(horror of horrors!) even bribes ! Yes, looks can be deceiving, I also looking were touched on them before, but the series "On duty" opened my eyes, brutally stripped me of my illusions.

Detective Denton was responsible for delivery of the witness of the one safe house in another what — reason, consorts not were armed, and had no reinforcements. It is logical that the suspicion falls on Denton, but no evidence her guilt from Department Combat Corruption (BC — 2) no. From the three components of a crime (motive, means, opportunity) to not none. Other suspects have no police authorities requires the result.

Whether the detectives Arnott and Fleming to find evidence of guilt Denton ?

Compared to the first season, the second lost dynamism, but lost to entertainment. Admire fantasy writers, the plot is so sophisticated and the narrative is so dense that the viewer no ability to break away from the screen. Response to question — who is the main villain becomes known in the end of the movie. By the way, the ending is not provides answers to and not all the storyline is completed, and that means we are waiting for the third season.

Steve Arnott and Kate Fleming are the same purposeful, as in the first part, but the centerpiece of the show is not they, detective Lindsay Denton. She — intelligent, cool, artfully manipulates people and skillfully playing on human weaknesses. In the film there is a wonderful interrogation scene, in which Denton turns the situation inside out, and demonstrates the police for their dirty Laundry. It turns out that they — people are weak, vicious, and have no moral right to judge her. Filmed and played brilliantly.

The requirements to moral shape of the Builder of capitalism high as never (and nowhere). Not say goodbye don't only such innocent pranks as a couple of pounds (charged with positive energy) and taken donated to the police when the execution, Blowjob made by cute and nearly an adult girl is on a hurry (only in the purpose of discharge, and not work place), but even the speeding — no doubt Western society recuperates not and bounds.

Of Keeley Hawes (Lindsay Denton) played a great role. She — Erin, goddess of discord, vengeful, vindictive, very rational, and perfectly knows how to portray innocence. Really looks like it bloated matron approaching retirement age, that very sad, given that she was only 38. And it could still live (in the best sense of the word).

The end.

Stressful, very atmospheric, detective.

10 of 10

What is the genre of Line of Duty?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Mystery.
Who starred in Line of Duty?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Martin Compston, Vicky McClure, Adrian Dunbar, Craig Parkinson, Maya Sondhi.
What is Line of Duty IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.6.
When was Line of Duty released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2012-08-21.