Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing

Today's world belongs to women, and this man set out to return the rest of the men worthy place in society. Men created civilization, invented the locomotive and the sports channel ESPN, but they have to figure out what world they no longer belong. Be braver than Mike Baxter impossible. He was marketing Director of the legendary sports store, loves adventure during business trips, and, of course, drives a pickup truck. While at work, Mike coolest at home he was under the thumb of women: his wife Vanessa, and three daughters — 22-year-old Kristin, 17-year-old Mandy and 14-year-old Eve. Vanessa returned to work after years of raising children, and, to the dismay of male colleagues quickly got promoted. Due to the fact that Vanessa spends a lot of time at work, Mike has to spend more time with his daughters.

Seasons: 7 8 9
IMDb icon 7.6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Daisy Villada
15 February 2013 | 10:35

It is difficult to create a good sitcom. Not so often it happens that them on the set there is a certain "chemistry" that makes the audience fall in love with characters. But still need a good, really funny jokes that keep people from television, Yes. about character development don't forget. Plus all it is advisable to find your audience and stand out among a number of other, often similar projects. "The last real man", with my point of view, all that succeeded.

Comedy series about family American television every year;at least three. Most of them late screens beyond the first season, but the rest find their niche. "Last Man Standing" stood out the fact that has become the most "American" of all family sitcoms, Recalling in this sense, "everybody hates Chris" (of course in original). Most of the jokes sharpened by national audience but if you have at least a basic knowledge of the modern United States, they are clear funny you too.

The head of the family — Mike Baxter in the performance of Tim Allen and is that the "real man". For word pocket does not climb, my opinion has speak for, and on the work of the plow like the ox, even the "plow" is in the conduct of its daily video blog for customers of the store. Think it's easy? And try to do this for the first time after fifty, not having any experience!

Mother, in performed by Nancy, Travis — this support and support, Yes still a fire extinguisher with a loudspeaker. Time and at work and at home. The main part of the women's team, who also represent her three daughters. Eldest (Alexander Krosni in 1 season, replaced by Amanda fuller in second) — the most sensible of all. To the word, quite naturally — because as a single mother she's son — Boyd. Average (Molly Ephraim), the lover of glamour and parties, and younger (kaitlyn Dever) — sports fan one of the smartest girls in school. In addition to the Baxter family in a list of the main characters are always either making up the head tank — ed(Hector Elizondo) and the young assistant of the main character — Kyle (Christoph Sanders).

I about the time spent on not sorry I recommend it to all who like to relax after a busy day.

Fionnula Nay
06 March 2015 | 04:44

Start with that some of the paragraphs of the description of the film was taken not clear what place (is actually not). Conventional, however, history. The author strings for the lack of free time mastered at a fast maximum the first series. Not know scared if someone a certain distortion of the facts, all fans of the genre strongly recommend getting acquainted with the material in person.

When good people get angry, on the light is born of sarcasm. And Mike Baxter is such. Good man, strong personality — the head of the family, additionally contain spouse and three "half" offspring. Daddy's girl Eve-girl Mandy, a young mother of Kristin and loving wife Vanessa surround the main character, presenting their problems and concern. In addition to these his life is not the last role play: each thirty years of experience in part-time head of the "Free men" ed and kind, sweet, a little blunt, "son of the regiment" Kyle.

Well, what made, made. The majority voted "for" and we should respect that solution.
- You them all will be hunted, Yes?
All last.

The humor in the series a little less than is of sarcasm, banter, ridiculing human vices, folly, posturing that makes it from other colleagues at the lineup. Characters most of the time competing in the wit and not who will champion into stupid or according to the number of attempts to tighten friends in mind-blowing adventure. The main elements of the sitcom undoubtedly present, but as I think there is a roll in the direction of stand-up Comedy, in meaning that "the Last real man" closer to conversational genre, contact comedian with a viewer than a casual image of amusing situations.

"Fun psychological fact that conscience is not clean, we begin to speak the opposite. Here some politicians, for example, criticize gays, but yourself take off my shirt, sitting on the horse wrestling."

Taboo there is almost no name whip effect hits everything. Religion, politics, sexual orientation, skin color, nationality — nothing escape their fate, but the stick does not bent, no humiliation and hatred. If someone lost his temper and said some things in the result should be repentance and an apology.

Which is consistent with the second genre die that I would have hung on the representative of the American cinematograph — "family cinema". In the plot is based on a large unit of society, and so, relevant themes can not be avoided. Yes no one not tried in the series is actively raises issues of education, healthy relationships in the family and society. And even if some scenes seem histrionics or even utopian, to learn from the Baxters have a lot.

For me, "Last Man Standing" is an opening and a breath of fresh air in the world of modern serial comedies. Perhaps in force a certain personal compatibility evaluation may not be quite objective, but that she needs to be below 7, I am best. As the Comedy, and not a romantic melodrama or a uniform clerk-satire. Not forgetting that "Friends" king of the hill:

Of 9 10

What is the genre of Last Man Standing?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy.
Who starred in Last Man Standing?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Tim Allen, Nancy Travis, Hector Elizondo, Kaitlyn Dever, Molly Ephraim.
What is Last Man Standing IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.6.
When was Last Man Standing released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2011-10-11.