In the center of a fantastic series of events that took place on the home planet of a boy with unusual powers, who became Superman. The action takes place several decades before the destruction of the planet. The grandfather of Superman, all his life believed in the equality of all the inhabitants of the planet krypton, decides to wage an irreconcilable struggle with the unrest and clear the good name of El...

Seasons: 1 2
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  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Veronika Shaff
27 March 2018 | 06:03

After watching the two-faced monster in the form of a "Justice League" and spontaneous flashbacks for experienced the exploits of Zack Snyder, I I began to be a feeling that the future DCтакое same as light as and prospects of the laboratory the SKOLKOVO to create a second Skynet and take over the planet. But the trouble does not come alone, immediately after the premiere of "Justice League" appear the first photos from the filming of the series "krypton", and honestly, a film set more like a cardboard box from the fridge, which usually removed all masterpieces Sigaba. From this spectacle to mind immediately comes the gravedigger of the old West, which is hammering the final nail in the coffin almost buried the future of the universe and grabbing the shovel, starts to canonical burial. But, after watching the pilot episode it turns out that not all so "interstellar" by Christopher Nolan of course, but not "Black lightning", which is constantly unclear where they are returned.

In the center of the narrative of the Sagas e, played by Cameron Kaffe and already this stage, the actor's face is reminiscent of hundreds, if not thousands of the same cloned characters with the margins of Hollywood, which is cloned for Sci-fi TV series. Sagas is the grandfather of the world famous and beloved "Man of the CGI-mustache", it is also worth considering the fact that the family of El has been excluded from the number of elite kryptonian society because of my grandfather Saga, who refused to kneel before an entity not give any signs of life, but the less wearing a Golden mask with three faces. Years after the expulsion of his grandfather and indicative of shearing of the "cuts" with the whole family have a survivor of adolescence, adolescence, young El, spends his free time getting drunk in a local bar and participating in various fights on drunken head. But one day to the Saga is a 30 year old man playing a 20-year-old messenger in wearing the Conversion and said that the grandfather of the Saga has advanced the theory of that krypton will soon be covered with Armageddon and the young man would cost to go to continue the study of his ancestor, and not as a typical student before the session eyes fill with alcohol. Yeah and also the mod in a cross reports that the family of El on Sage not end while bodysymptoms will distribute lyuley parademons, shining clean-shaven with using CGI the chin (but not sure). In parallel with this the elite of Krypton are all kinds of sexual-political conspiracies and everyone is trying to thrust a dagger in the back of his neighbor in the General General — classic.

And now for the implementation of all the above: in the series you can see enough good actors of the second division, like Paula, Malcomson of the "ray Donovan" or Rupert graves, but problem that these actors rather episodic, but here the main part is quite strongly inferior to them in acting. The plot meanders around so setuptooltip that among the procession Sion paths, it is problematic to see someone unique. But that would like note this is the environment that is not very and gives a cardboard performance, bought on market two shy Vietnamese, CGI effects, be it the blasters or explosions look pretty good for this genre of TV series. Zwecker, the camera work and the staging of scenes made on the conscience, but again, too lazy writers brings all done efforts on zero.

As a result: quite a good series, which on a head above all that produced CWза the last 5 years, but still have to compare someone to look up to: whether it is "Gotham" with its absolutely incredible authenticity to the era of superheroes or the same Legion with his hypnotic and captivating style, from which begins to feel dizzy. Yeah and let's face it, not everyone wants to know what reasons, the krypton has died. The series I can advise only the most ardent fans of the franchise or just fans of comics. The rest of you can try the pilot to taste and then decide whether you like them Kryptonian delicacy. Looking at show "happy" I know that is not the ceiling for the SYFY channel, it is capable of more. Only for a good idea to recreate the atmosphere of Krypton, confident camera work and one is a pretty familiar character already at the end of the first series:

6 from 10

Florencia Bikales
30 August 2019 | 07:28

The universes of DC comics and marvel constantly expanding. And if same this marvel occurs much more smoothly, in some way, then this is how times works DC not all too good. With the polnometrazhek one time it was so bad that might even seem that kinosalona will be destroyed on a root. But with the release of "Aquaman" like a few even improved. In the wilds of a very strange series, such as "Supergirl", "the Flash," "Arrow" and haven't released "Batwoman" climb not want principle it looks like it's very shoddy. But here are a few separate project, and it was "krypton", yet been able to attract my attention. How low has the impression that it does not must be a whole heap of superheroes, but story of persons of ordinary citizens of Krypton, yeah and the never did the backstory of Superman about his home planet that in the end, was destroyed. On really topic is very fertile, and with the right approach from it could squeeze the required maximum. Alas, but there something went wrong way.

The plot of "Krypton" tells us a family history of Kal-El, long before his birth. The narrative in the first place will be conducted from his face ancestor — SEG-al. The latter is on his home planet something of a pariah, Yes, not only he, but and it kind, mention about the future. All the matter in that grandpa Sega decided to resist the tyranny of the treacherous Voice of RAO, and suddenly turned into a rebel and traitor to the rulers of the planet. But even years after the death of his grandfather, SEG still continues to believe in the correct intentions gradually, too, begins to engage in his struggle with the treacherous tyrants of Krypton.

In my view of "Krypton" it would be possible to make his "Game of thrones", with twisted plot and permanent bases, Yes interception authorities. And like even the creators tried something to cut, but I gradually realised that it turns very sloppy and started to move away from the original plans. With for one only the first season "krypton" was introduced just for some obscene amount of characters that are in fact contemporaries of Superman, and in General, even familiar to us. Of course, I understand that brainiac and Doomsday are absolutely immortal monsters that exist in thousands of years but I personally very like to see the plot boiled down to something like that. But in "krypton" all is well, and even more than. But if a brainiac and Doomsday are all at least more or less tolerable, then some other characters are woven into the story just for make it. No one even does not bother at their occurrence here, they just somehow appear, and all. And later in General, all of them built up the plot canvas. But if not getting too far into the wilds of the local history, the first season he looked with a certain interest. The series is still looks like something very budget, sometimes here there is not the bad special effects, well-suited to the costumes, the interiors of Krypton (though not all of them), and even those few episodes of the action of the principle failed. With these parties "krypton" is quite watchable, and of course may be of interest.

The less the main problem of the series, I just not can mark, it is that sometimes it just incredibly hard to watch. And if the first season of boring episodes once in the minimum, the second season they just crowded. Will be of the order of five series, before you will begin to receive at least some intrigue. Many viewers simply throw the second season much earlier. It in principle and went out, because ratings it was so bad that at the moment the series is closed. You have to literally to Wade through frankly boring the plot of the second season, and in the end waiting for you just a couple of really high-quality series, well and very few quality episodes in the series. And if there is at least some thinking about whether to watch the series I hope I now she put them at ease. At all the advantages of "Krypton", and their can be ranked and the cast, there's enough cons in the plot that overlap the good, that there.

5 out of 10

How long is Krypton?
What is the genre of Krypton?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Drama.
Who starred in Krypton?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Cameron Cuffe, Georgina Campbell, Ian McElhinney, Elliot Cowan, Ann Ogbomo.
What is Krypton IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.9.
When was Krypton released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-03-21.