Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy

In the center of events — a young woman surgeon Meredith grey, daughter of a doctor Ellis grey. She, like her colleagues, such as novice doctors like her are working in an urban hospital in Seattle. Surgeons operate and fall in love, give birth history and office romances, keep their medical secrets, struggling with complications in patients and in their own personal lives. And often with the opposite sex excite them as much as question their acquisition of professional experience.

Seasons: 14 15 16 17
IMDb icon 7.6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Cosette Budworth
23 June 2015 | 01:45

In my view this best TV series. Best in all — plot, actors, music. Perhaps, say the doctors, for a medical topic, it is separated from reality anyway, personally, I learned so many new things and interesting that area that I now free time reading medical literature about any scientific facts.

The actors and their performance, it is simply inexplicable. After each series, I want to cry, I want to analyze, I want to understand — why is everyone is this happening, why can not different. Why doctors must sacrifice their lives, their families for the sake of others. But they this is life itself, without they don't they. But it's hard. With one hand you are proud of them, with other than understand how can live. And you can set priorities...

I waiting for 12th season! Even with the departure of many actors, the series has not has lost its appeal.

Of course, 10.

Petrina O'Hara
14 October 2014 | 01:24

Series I love to watch. Especially when you knit your hands are busy, and I want the head something to do. Reviewing a lot of series, I with longing and sadness were looking for something new and interesting came across "grey's Anatomy". After reviewing the first series, I readily embarked in the lives of the heroes of the hospital Seattle grace. Here were all my favorite components: hospital, doctors, surgery, hanky-panky, beautiful actors. The series looked for a series, I could not put it down, in night began to dream of scalpels and white coats.

Unfortunately, not for long music played. In I started to hate Sondu Rimes and the whole team of writers, who turned an interesting episode in ordinary soap. All screwing all — that's the motto. On the front displayed the relationship of the protagonist with a handsome neurosurgeon, the best in the world. In the course of two seasons they like a swing: it everything is OK, then bad, now all is well, but not bad. Meredith, the main character, it throws neck is offended. The handsome too, it slams the door. Very, very, very tiring. With other characters too, all in the same spirit: about God, he looked at me, Oh God we slept together, Oh God, I want another. As I have wrote all screwing all, my opinion is so exaggerated, that just real-life would unreal.

In addition to the eternal bed stories, show all standard kits: here and pledges to the deathbed, a showdown with knife hands, pregnancy has a troubled past. Here the heroine goes against the rules, cutting the wire from the machine, before it struck a five-minute impassioned speech, here is another character, deathly pale and beautiful, lies dying on table and only a miracle brings her back to life. At this around her gathered all the senior Registrar, head of Department, the best neurosurgeon in the world, the best heart surgeon in the world, the best gynecologist in the world. And outside the chamber of the dying victims in a major accident. By the way, the main character itself, if it to speak frankly, just weak on the front, but her way, of course, very romanticized and idealized.

I broke down on the middle of the third season, realizing that you can't look at this whole rigmarole seven long boring seasons. Opened Wikipedia, see who who still sleep, who will fly from anyone who who will marry and divorce. There still lesbian theme slip — wonder what!

In General, from the foregoing it is obvious that I was very very disappointed. A promising series turned out to be banal Santa Barbara.

If you are interested in the "Who whom said," "who with whom slept", see this show without doubt. But if you want to see something a little bit intellectual, then this episode to viewing is recommended.

Pattie Jolanta
26 November 2011 | 12:30

As any other show, "grey's Anatomy" has its disadvantages and its advantages. Not they are the first not the last is raise the issue of doctors and medical practice. And exactly not they were innovators, offering a sincere philosophical comments of the protagonist somewhere far beyond the scenes that are kind of like should make the viewer think about life. And not this tradition will end. It is not the first series, the leitmotif of which is human relationships. Through the prism of the worldview of each character they will change, we see all point of view events, match them, draw conclusions and... if not doing it will do the voice for the frame the end of the series.

But it would be foolish to accuse this for 8-seasonal melodrama in that she has brought nothing significantly new in its genre. This incredibly difficult and preferences of all the viewers in any case it would be impossible to satisfy.

And more foolish it would be compared with other series of the same subjects.

My assessment was formed from the number of features that made "grey's Anatomy" good, even very good series in my eyes.

1)Soundtrack. The songs matched perfectly. And not just the melody with sweet voice of another singer. The words reflect the situation. And it is very rare, on my opinion. But without music, any creation of cinema - just visuals and nothing more. It is coming like as background, makes its adjustments and does, of course, only better.

2) the Main characters. Not going to have a description of the characters and all the rest. If you already watched the show, you so all know. If not, then this would just not fair. The bottom line is that the characters are really interesting. Each with their own. they stick together. And most important: they — the most ordinary people. How many of us. Fall in love, grow apart, change all... it is. They do not idealize. These people are not completely positive and not completely negative. And if you manage to escape, you can even project them actions on your own. Who knows, may be it will even help. Returning to the title of the review. It is not chosen by accident. It — the words of one of the songs played in the series. The main characters are constantly rushing from one hand in the direction, make choices, wrong, correct their mistakes... burn bridges and build new ones. How each of us.

Secondary characters help to reveal the character of the home, pushing them to certain actions. The surrounding circumstances also play a role.. but in the end, to make a choice, dare, to step forward or retreat, it is necessary to abstract from all.

On my opinion, the main idea of what we see in  the"Anatomy...": you, You and you the master of his fate. If all around is crashing and nowhere to go — it's your fault. Reverse the situation — so you did a good job. And as always. The people that there to help or will worsen the situation, but the last word is always you. And main — is to act. Just don't stand place to be afraid to solve it. To be myself and not ashamed of it.

And that's why

10 of 10

How long is Grey's Anatomy?
What is the genre of Grey's Anatomy?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Romance.
Who starred in Grey's Anatomy?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Ellen Pompeo, Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr., Patrick Dempsey.
What is Grey's Anatomy IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.6.
When was Grey's Anatomy released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2005-03-27.