Lucienne Hitoshi
23 September 2014 | 11:15

Now actively begin to shift the series of universes DC and Marvel not only movies, but in the TV series, since DC transferred the rights to the Arrow will be released soon on "Constantine" and"Flash", and also Gotham on which will be discussed in this review.

As for the plot, then start we saw "Batman begins", the offender commits a crime by killing the parents of Bruce Wayne, the case is passed novice detective Jim Gordon and his partner, it soon becomes clear that not so a simple matter that it seems at first sight — like a banal robbery. And what these all can stand a very mysterious personality, and some will learn. After all, this city holds in itself does not little secrets, and it is difficult to know who to trust and who on the contrary is impossible.

The strategy for the development of the plot, I liked, because I am impressed by the grim DC universe, and I expect "Gotham" something such as dark, of course was expecting to see a city rotten from the inside. More interesting to see the plot development with the young future heroes — Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, curious to see how will develop their storyline.

And if in General, look at the beginning of the series, then it should be noted that the plot develops rather vigorously and consistently putting in a story of the chains, which shows that will intertwine. It will be interesting to see what the vision of the writers of "Gotham" on city times young Gordon.

That the visual part, extremely well realized on the screen the atmosphere of Gotham city — which is gloomy and dark, but while in the series has wonderful shoot.

Cast, Ben McKenzie — just not is ill-suited for the role of detective Gordon, honest and open, which above all wants to bring something light in town to help people in fulfilling their duties. Donal Logue — the unusual character of that something tells me that it will be easy to show will be a small role and can't even predict in what direction. Well and a very young David Mezzos Kamran Bikondoa I came to the soul, interesting to play.

If you tell you something "Gotham" put quite an interesting beginning and the future development of interesting and unpredictable plot visible, interesting adaptation of the DC universe, which was not little doubt the skeptics. Interesting while built storyline that shows that will be the key. Well, what will be interesting to watch the connection between them. I recommend the series to view and he certainly will continue to watch.

Grata Shushan
01 November 2014 | 11:13

Dark night. Unpleasant street. Gloomy city. Father, mother and son out of theater. They are happy. About something they say, laugh. Meet them out man. To face — mask. Polished to Shine black shoes. In hand — gun. It requires the head of the family purse, from his wife — pearl necklace. Both submit. String of pearls breaks. Large beads fall on the asphalt. Shot. Another one. Desperate, frantic cry of a boy, just lost its your family. It's name is Bruce Wayne.

Recently premiered one of the most anticipated series of this fall — "Gotham", based on comic book publisher DC Comics. This story that was to the appearance of Batman and Catwoman, Joker and Penguin. This story of James Gordon — the young detective, has just started working. This man — the complete opposite of the city in which he lives. Gotham — a dismal place full of savagery and bloody murders. Corrupt police and officials, the atrocities perpetrated on every corner, crime bosses that control everything and all.

Gordon — honest young man seeking to achieve justice, to destroy the established order and to punish criminals. He is opposed to the world, incorruptible, strict, arrogant and reckless. Him and partner Harvey Bullock come across the hard case — the investigation into the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. James also met with Bruce, their son, who spared the killer. He promises him that will definitely find the man who took the boy's family. And gives it hope. A thin ray of faith, saved the child from despair. It is a promise is Gordon a lot. He got into a serious game major criminals that control the city. News this game open dangerous — may get hurt by the closest people. So you have to pretend that adopted rules. And blow up system is inside.

The beginning of the pilot episode — a serious statement on the exciting and high quality TV series. Under end all rolled into anywhere. The creators decided to go the easiest way. Could happen a serious psychological drama with elements of a Thriller, went away Thriller, full of clichés and rousing music. Heroes cheerfully jaded catch phrases, cracking wise and pompous scoff over each friend. Cleverly scattered opponents and shoot a moment.

The dynamics of the first ten minutes of the series becomes the chaos of the remaining forty. I have the feeling that the Director of the first episode took up hours and a half, then he had a hurry to cut, because not to miss the air. In the result was a clumsy, silly picture.

Of the actors most of all allocated Donal Logue, who plays Gordon's partner. He — riotous cynic who likes to drink, wants to do good, but forced to act according to the circumstances. And even Robin Taylor, who plays Penguin. Its madness is written in his face, read in eyes, seen in every nerve and hasty gesture, in each an ingratiating smile and each tricky word. Amazing skills.

"Gotham" after viewing the pilot are not made me special impression. Delight he is not exactly like and frustration. The first series was collected at screens about 8 million viewers. Good result, but if things continue in the spirit of "beginning dynamic-chaotic end" to the second season of the series is unlikely to live.

4 of 10

Clarie Walden
03 December 2014 | 09:47

Perhaps the only show this autumn that I did not expect, because she was sure that it will be boring. And I wildly indignant that the new series is not be home for a month! How much he has managed to enter in my life and leave a lasting impression. So, what this to this series?

Yes, of course you can watch with an arrogant smirk on  the"subtle" hints about the fate of the characters in the future. The only not good point, my view, but on the other hand, nicknames don't fell from the sky, so why not.

At first it seemed a bit boring, and sometimes the only interesting character was a Penguin, it is Oswald, that he I'm killed. But after 7 series, the series went in the mountain! The ratings are higher and it's well deserved.

About acting here... I thought. Can you name the characters that are stable and encouraging: Gordon, Oswald, Nigma — for example. In General, the cast is fairly bad I would not want to change. Because really sincere sympathy and survive character. So this is Gotham, there is impossible to live in peace.

Scene. What do us with the story Can endlessly resent from that retreated from Canon I will not... no. The outraged about bisexual Barbara. Not Canon, here and claim. Yes, I am an old woman, which all necessary, how it was before.

The city is very atmospheric my opinion. Because of the corruption of the Gotham city legend. it was to be shown in the series, though and partially.

This series has it all, starting with a banal love line (even here manage to do the unexpected turns) and ... and ending with in fact, anything and ends. It is difficult to imagine on what place over fantasy writers. 75 years of comics. Not sure the fantasy ever end. Yes not necessary. I think the fans and just the audience will be pleased with this.

A little distracted from our theme.

Why watch "Gotham"? Because it shows all the awkwardness of life, all feelings. Opposition within himself. All that is not alien to man. True friendship, loyal love, responsibility, honesty and more. I think this series will teach many to many (though, there you need to think about what kind of characters you like).

My assessment is unambiguous and I hope not change the end of the season.

10 of 10

How long is Gotham?
What is the genre of Gotham?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Crime, Drama.
Who starred in Gotham?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: David Mazouz, Sean Pertwee, Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue, Robin Lord Taylor.
What is Gotham IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.8.
When was Gotham released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2014-09-22.