Final Space

Final Space

Gary Goodspeed the result is provoked by a catastrophe on Earth is serving a 5-year prison term on a space ship in space. Shortly before the expiry of Gary faces a mysterious alien, which called Gingerbread. Gary has no idea what Gingerbread is capable of destroying the Universe.

Seasons: 1 2 3
IMDb icon 8.3/10
Ibby Statis
12 January 2020 | 04:36

Saw a lot of negative reviews in that the series reach "Rick and Morty", "Futurama" or"Gravity falls". And that the humor is too "childish".

But, Hey, let's rate the series as a separate product.

First, an interesting story. Yes, the bottoms are present, but they played quite original. + this is diluted with a huge amount of custom moves and turns. This episode me and geared to the first place.

Secondly, each character here to the site. Yes, they are not some super original personalities, but at the same time they all eats into memory. A simple but this is a live and close to the viewer. Not be able to throw someone out of the series not lose the integrity of the story. I liked everything from Kevin is up to Clarence.

Thirdly, the animation and overall style of the picture. Very nice looking, bright and dynamic. Definitely a plus.

Fourth, a series of sturdily built (estimate the average degree for the series, the first can seem a muddle, but as seen on the team pulled quality series), not deliberately delaying the story. For me this a plus.

Fifth, the overall narrative. Here then people are strongly divided opinion. Yes, the humor here is simple, the characters mess up and suffer from garbage. But is bad? This series about a simple characters who just live and out of troubles how can. How to me, it is a great concept that deserves the right to a niche. Yes, it is not Rick and Morty, not Futurama. It is a separate series, with its drama and humor. He unique and I see no reason to compare it with other projects.

And in conclusion, special thanks to the Studio "Cube in cube". Great voice and contact characters.

In the end, it interesting project that deserves attention. After watching don't wait what taste of philosophical reasoning or to break patterns. Just watch of sadness and rejoice with characters. Not try to inflate expectations and compare the cartoon with other projects. It simple in its thing. For all who tired a deep history with a maze of parts, car satire and complex characters. Of course, on the level of more serious projects series hardly will be released. But with the problem is it cope — positive emotions and pleasant aftertaste of a good story about true friendship guaranteed. For me this a breath of fresh air in the pile of serious and cool projects. And no more times, Extreme Cosmos is not Excel — it just dilutes the current great novelties.

Looking forward to the third season.

Ardyce Cori
22 May 2019 | 06:13

The series is more than the movie, the TV series give a sense of belonging to family.

In one of the reviews I have read, the spectator allegedly associating himself with one of heroes is not so. In show you as a member of the family of comes with crazy brother or a beautiful sister. And it happens with them OGO th how many, what our freshwater life and not dream.

For this, the most popular scheme built and discuss the cartoon.

Not associated blood ties nor any economic or psychological scrapie(C) the main characters: the Cool Guy (fry? Quil?), Strong and Independent (Leela? Gamora?), Robots (Bender? C-3PO?) and the Destroyer of planets (Nibbler? Grut?) according to the story first sight fall in love with each friend in the future, play a classic American family.

Feature cartoon — nothing behaves looks like, from this is the element of surprise: a cat walks on its hind legs, and somehow loyal to the Kid. Kid though generates no nonsense stopping, immortal. Somehow lust met 5 years ago Strong and Independent. Strong and Independent otbrykivatsya from a Horny Kid like LGBT Milady pills. Flying Robot (on the ship with gravity?) what does not only want is beneficial, kisses refrigerator repairing a ship with a flamethrower. Flying cute on really pocket-monster betrayed the Kid because gauged he does not like the look.

Gauged looks like the cartoon for the little ones, things are about the same. Only what we could ever understand what he gauged, according to the tiger growling and senseless murders of his own command (described above have the element of surprise).

From pluses: the initial moment in the style of the Iron man of the Finale. Modern dynamics ekshona and render.

The fifth series of the intensity of the stupidity of the Kid, the absurdity of what is happening, stereotyped all the characters and bad humor buried all the promise of the pilot episode: no no more captain Harry nor the strange relationship AI the prisoner and the other sane scientific and fantastic events, there is no trace of adult humour.

The first four of the series held the interest, then they let me go at all.

Pilot: 10 10

Further in decreasing, to the fifth series: 5 10

Ruthy Nisse
30 April 2018 | 05:48

I can say that are not an ardent fan of animation and write review this kind of series first time on a regular basis can only view a couple of masterpieces like "Rick and Morty" and"Archer", though the last 2 season of the second and seemed joke. What as for the other animated masterpieces like "family Guy" and all such counterparts, then they are absolutely sure there is a decent series, but on a regular basis to watch somehow does not pull, well, Yes it is my opinion, because as say: "On taste and color...". In April 2018 in my personal must-jewspeak added new sci-Fi, if you wanna call it, the cartoon in the face of "Finalspace" (then I will only use it's title as localization in IMDb not entirely correct), and I now I'll try to explain why you should pay your attention to him.

It's the story of signed in space station Gary Goodspeed (but without shanks, gangs, or shower pleasures), who was there just because I wanted to surprise a girl with planet Earth name Quinn, snatching the uniform from one of the pilots prestigious super space army "Guardians of infinity". On Board his starship prison, Gary has been repairing and other chores "on the farm", simultaneously trying to pull off at least one cherished cookie from the omnipresent AI ship the name Hugh. Of the fun Gary is not a particularly large choice in which includes sending daily messages to your sweetheart from the face of the captain, whom he is only his opinion, playing cards deprived brain and senses robots blanks, sudden sticking in the window of course the humiliation of a robot assistant in person clingy as strawberry gum Kevin who was left in a aid, that the prisoner is not gone mad (and it doesn't help), because Gary is the only person accused in this lonely prison, drifting in vast expanses of space. But all changes dramatically when, in one day to face Gary lands with a cute "lycee" in universe, of which he was christened with the name of your old pet — the Carrot. How we all know nothing this Galaxy is not just happens, because the Carrot leads the hunt for the most frostbitten, "creep of infinity" on behalf of the Lord Commander (who, incidentally, is voiced by David Tennant, best known for the role of "Doctor Who"). He Lord nurtures and cherishes the dream to grab the green vial and its use it to open a passage to the outer space. For execution Sion daring the mission, the Commander sends a squad of mercenaries, one of the members of which is a furious former General Avokato, which later becomes a good friend fighting for Gary. It turns out that the Lord Commander took the son prisoner Avokato and blackmail makes our saidlike to commit outrages. After a short meeting, good-natured Gary agrees to help our Avokato in the salvation of Cato the Younger (who is voiced by Stephen Yan from "the Walking dead)".

Many compare this series with the "Rick and Morty" but I would do not hurry to make such hasty conclusions, because in addition to the topic of space and the presence of bizarre extraterrestrial forms of their not lot common. Stylistically, "Rick and Morty" in their crazy adventures show all the bright and the dark side of human nature (the dark, it is necessary to clarify clearly dominate), raising questions of moral axioms of modern society and put them if not the denial, the at least pose the question. "Escape" as rather focuses on something bright and the good kind of gratuitous friendship or parents the children, whether biological son or extraterrestrial lump of green jelly. If after watching some episodes of "Rick and Morty" you were visited by waves of light melancholy, then after watching "the Final Space" rather there is a feeling that not all and shitty this world. Well and incredibly atmospheric musical accompaniment only enhances the happening on screen in some places brings the emotional tension to its climax, sometimes novaragasse smile and sometimes the sadness and loneliness of his genuinely touching scenes.

The series suggest at least to try absolutely everything, because in our time, there is not so many patterns that are taught with such a positive and easy tomfoolery, creating a good mood for all day.

7 of 10

How long is Final Space?
What is the genre of Final Space?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Adventure, Comedy, Animation.
Who starred in Final Space?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Fred Armisen, Tom Kenny, Olan Rogers, Tika Sumpter, David Tennant.
What is Final Space IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.3.
When was Final Space released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-02-26.