Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead

Action of the series take place parallel to the events of the zombie Apocalypse shown in the TV series "the Walking dead", but in a completely different place — Los Angeles. The plot is a family of single mother and consultant professions Madison Clark and divorced teacher Travis Manavi together to survive the zombie Apocalypse.

Seasons: 4 5 6
IMDb icon 6.9/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Ruthe Rakia
07 October 2015 | 06:27

The main objective of the creators of the series was to fill the gap between the beginning of the events of the original, and the beginning of the zombie Apocalypse. The essence of the series to show all the chaos and madness of what is happening. Do we were denied in the original series.

Good acting, although the actors themselves second-rate. Especially a good guy addict, and the head of the family. Well there is nothing more to say. The series is notable for its visual style, camera work, and the most attention I turned it on music. In the Walking dead do not have music, but there's a lot of dark electro motives. In General, the series has become more horrory, it will try to scare, though not very successfully. What is fundamentally important, it is that the series had its creepy atmosphere. Well and the work of makeup artists like always height, was particularly impressed by the moment with shot in a person walking their shotgun.

In General, the most important thing that the series is different from the Walking dead. He even afraid of the word, give a breath of fresh air. Well, what can you do now it has become fashionable to remove spin-offs.

8. out of 10

Elfreda Sanger
27 November 2017 | 02:10

luxury yacht guys are gorgeous!

and Luther for the captain, a-ha-ha...

Fear the walking dead

I don't think this series is some opening in the Z-film. But it is normal, once you can see. He just need time. In fact, many began to criticize after the first season. I agree, the first season (excluding the final series) was lethargic. And already in the middle of the third, I caught myself on the thought that I wonder.

Of course the project will be secondary. Here are generally a no-win situation for any series about a dead. There's "the Walking dead" (by the way, somewhere after the fifth season, they themselves began to slip a little, frankly), which pushed the insanely high level of quality.

Similar notes between the series — the inevitable! Although something was his idea. The most important moment — Mexican flavor (Machete-e-e-e). Like this in cinema? Welcome. And another point, there is there are male characters, but still, the main character — woman.

About survival, and "Walking", absolutely destroyed all around. I started to laugh, came in one city, all will be covered with a copper basin. Came to the farm's all anyone will be covered with a copper basin. Came to the copper basin in any all covered with e-my.

Yes, it is clear that somewhere I sit a little longer, and a couple of episodes, but in General, the result is the same. The creators were able to convey a very good idea. People do not can negotiate! You need to be afraid of people, is not dead. Part of criticism is to pale characters. Yeah, I agree on hundred percent, but hand on the heart, some of them develop.

For example? Son of the main character. Young Konachi of the "true detective" (with hints of johnny Depp). This junkie. Look, I think that because of Bob the Carrot, and then he is changing. Even the daughter — from cute girls in cute woman. And no matter how I myself emphasize the fact. So, the creators are working on a series.

Ideal for me — this movie Romero. Still love the picture of the 80s. You know. This series (like all modern Z-cinema) my love is not get it. But I will always be against irresponsible criticism (sorry, it too much). Have went three of the season, maybe it gets worse, but now — support the series, subjectively.

If objectively, somewhere 6, we put on one point higher.


All sorts of delicious little things — the song when alisha jumped in the water. Eyes and hair the most Alicia. Luther, of course. Very surprised by the hairdresser (cool guy). Huge number of psychology. Storyline son Travis. The storyline is a nasty kid with a military base.

7 out of 10

Idalia Wearing
26 October 2015 | 02:35

For a good well conceived characters and an interesting plot are forgiven inaccuracies and unlikelihood. But when looking forward to the death of the main characters is bad. For film/series — a bad sign.

Shouldn't have done the second series. It was enough just to put the history of the development of the epidemic in a separate season of "the Walking Dead" or at least to take one or two series. But why create a separate "instructions" to a good show? Because the first series is clear: not to overtake the novice colleague, not make it popularity. To what to sculpt an identical history, but even with such wretched protagonists? I do not care what they are ordinary people, "some of the us", is not life, and movies, and in the movie, the main positive characters do not supposed to enrage, as pisses the girlfriend of a divorced teacher (or who he is there — Italian, Mexican?). Or ghoulish sweet son of the teacher. I have viewed three of the series. And can I say it would look further happy, if not the main characters. The concept of the beauty of different, none of her. In the charisma problem. No charismatic — no interest in characters.

What? They did not unfold? The heroes of "the Walking Dead" had the first series of the first season, to win the interest. And it was one hour. And all in time for time: reveal characters, and characters of interest, and the plot to intrigue.

And again. Stupid name: "Fear the walking dead". When I first caught eye, the first thought was, our translators again indulged in with dictionaries. It turned out, the original. Second idea: a parody of "Walking". As it turned out there. They seriously chose the title for a serious series.

As they say, the loot rules the world. First went, why not to launch another one? "Everywhere money, money, money. Everywhere the money of the Lord. And without money life is bad, does not good anywhere".

I have all the.

Estimate put the pure beginner to the series, despite what I respect Kirkman and Moore for "the Walking dead". But not worth it to jump above the head. Now that created the get it.

p.s. But is "Fear the walking dead" here just reveal all the secrets of the virus and epidemic? I thought the writers themselves already confused.

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How long is Fear the Walking Dead?
What is the genre of Fear the Walking Dead?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Sci-Fi, Drama, Horror.
Who starred in Fear the Walking Dead?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Kim Dickens, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Frank Dillane, Mercedes Mason, Colman Domingo.
What is Fear the Walking Dead IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.9.
When was Fear the Walking Dead released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-08-23.