Donny Chase
15 August 2017 | 03:02

Been waiting for the release of "ducktales", because this is a cartoon of my childhood. I love it! The creators were able to move the spirit of adventure of the series, adding some new elements that only went to him to use: it became more dynamic, and Huey, Louie and Dewey even more naughty! The changes affected even uncle Scrooge: here he is sort of melancholy for the old days and breaks search of new adventures! Incredibly, they even the Intro has improved, beating that same song on the other way!

The series, of course, was funnier. Humor in some places with philosophical overtones. Take, for example, the phrase uncle Scrooge, which he says the road to the lost diamond: "the Shortest distance between two points is not always straight", — and is true... especially if their way is through the lair of terrifying sea creatures!

Not without twists and turns — Donald arranged to work and, moreover, that he immediately begins to miss its naughty, its new employer one of our old friends at the previous series.

In General, the beginning of the series intrigued me, so much so that I threw away all the thought about dream the middle of the night wrote for this review!

Nevsa Shewchuk
19 May 2018 | 10:48

Now at Disney a time when the company refers to his world of animated classic and adapts a modern twist. It all started with "Beauty and the beast", and "the Book jungli", to turn "the lion King", "Mulan", "Dumbo", "Aladdin". Not forgotten Disney and about their series, the first was honored to be a restart of "ducktales." Today I write interim review, after watching 13 series 1 season of the new series.

With all my love to the original I looked one the background of the restart he objectively loses on many ways. In the original it was a global story, not considering several interrelated series, he appeared only in the last series, but God — better he is there did not appear. Because this nonsense with the aliens who took the vault of Scrooge — the worst thing come and what makes me remember the classics unflattering words. Classic is classic, but that's too. The second manifested a significant disadvantage — is the nature of children: twins in the original can be distinguished only on clothes, maybe the votes — individual traits in them no when they are dressed in similar outfits to understand who are who is almost impossible. Webbigail is also some kind of impersonal existence, which is annoying as not only brothers, but and the viewer, in contrast new Ponocky for which much more interesting to watch. The only thing as is worse — it's the music. Thanks to it don't forget the original series, but one is not enough to cover the disadvantages. And now on to restart.

Since "Gravity falls" new "ducktales" — almost not the only modern show that I was able to interest and captivate truly. And not just because of the fact that is a restart of the original. Restart built as the rest of the modern cartoons: there is a global plot (in contrast to the original) that evolves according to as series. Have enough of the series of Parallels with "Gravity falls" and not friend, almost all the team previously worked on "Gravity falls".

The first thing that catches eyes — this style of drawing: he made in the animation style of Disney years 60-70. Such animations are used in the latest mini-series, Mickey mouse. What would it didn't say "clever" of the Internet stuck in the early 90's and used to children's bright colors, this style is the TV series, the muted colors give it the effect the atmosphere what you need. The series has matured. And not only it. Characters ducklings here spelled out: each of the twins has its own individual character and habits. You never be confused with Billy Willie, Willie dilly: Willie — adventurer, lover of adventure, Billy — intellectual organizer, dilly — lazy, loving beautiful life. Webby also changed a lot: she never the annoying girl with the doll, and energetic a smart girl with their advantages and disadvantages. It is often compared to Mabel pines, this is the similarity reinforces the grappling hook, which was awarded both the heroines. However, at this is where the similarity ends: the main feature of Mabel was the optimism that her and had helped. Mabel is too frivolous and obsessed with the boys, she has changed little to the series finale in as webbigail smart enough learns on his mistakes and has its flaws, what makes her more human and more interesting. The only thing that they are United — this energy tool with a hook-cat. So much has been changing the way grandma Ponocky — Mrs. Cloudie. Now it is not that dear old nanny, and hard admit of a reply, the governess, ready to all fighting for order discipline. To some, these changes can be unusual, like me at first, but remembering the original. The elaboration of the characters only plus to the series. No changes were only Scrooge McDuck, Launchpad and Donald. What is pleased us to the voice acting Ponocky and Scrooge go back to the old actors.

The story here is built around the disappearance of the mother of the twins, della Duck, which certainly better than what happened in the original. Develops slowly, because now the fact propel the story only webbigail with Willie, who are in search of clues. It is noteworthy that the female character is written a little better in that they give more new information. Is to see how then introduce new characters, and enter quite often: almost every vilarnau series there is some character for which is fun to watch. And always place. However, each episode is a separate story, although the adventure here is smaller than in the original.

Came 13 and that time after viewing me not blame the show. Let the "experts" criticize everything, but the fact remains that objectively "Duck tales" 2017 better than the original at plot the study of the characters. The only what, you can blame the makers — in long history between the output series,  "the Duck" looks like "Lady Bug", but the series then less they interesting. Restart clearly failed. I will wait for the final 1 season, then you look out the second and turn to "Black cloak".

Zarah Sibie
03 October 2017 | 02:09

That's a phrase to describe my feelings view a modern version of the iconic "Duck stories". The project that stunned by the fact of its appearance, suddenly shot, but very aptly.

The first thing knocks confused (in a purely good way) — this radically redesigned the main character. However... no, not processed. Created. Looking back, I realize how little personality the characters had the classic version of the series, Yes forgive me irreconcilable adherents.

Grumpy grandpa Scrooge McDuck — a mixture of Clint Eastwood and Indiana Jones? Why not?

Harmless housekeeper Claudia — the female version of Mike Ehrmantraut. OOO, Yes!

Annoying and whiny, Ponca — duck variation Mabel pines on steroids? Jokes jokes, but in the 3rd series she even had a fucking grappling hook!

And so with all. Only one zig Zag not changed in any way, yeah not need.

Will go to ambiguous moments. I'm involved in the camp where not only approve of a sharp reversal in the personalities of the characters, but and even would prefer to see more changes. Donald Duck playing an updated version one of the main roles, about than it is not could ever dream of in the 80s. Yes that only same as crazy duck of the 30s, consistently inappropriate marine jacket. The spectacle of the classic Disney character, flipping photos in the smartphone is causing some dissonance. Here so someone for sure the update would benefit. For example, would rather, the main jacket to give Donald military shirt in military-inspired, so if him it is important to emphasize their belonging to the Navy. Dream, dream...

Panache. Frankly, I she like it. Stylish, no questions. But comic style I personally not weak hurts the eyes after lighting the classic depiction of the times "Disney-Club". IMHO.

I will add that the first two the series seemed to be a few boring, but after the 3rd and 4th I finally got involved. The authors to the time felt right balance between a well-aimed jokes, the disclosure of the characters and plot development. Yes, now, "ducktales" is not just a hodgepodge of one-time adventure, now through the series filament stretched the story of family of treason, where the first in history featured someone from the parents of the ducklings-triplets. Here is a twist. And we thought that they were raised in vitro.

My preliminary assessment — 8.5 in.

Looking forward to the new series. And... please, authors, hear my prayers do the same with Chip and Dale!

What is the genre of DuckTales?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Adventure, Comedy, Animation.
Who starred in DuckTales?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Danny Pudi, Ben Schwartz, Bobby Moynihan, David Tennant, Kate Micucci.
What is DuckTales IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.2.
When was DuckTales released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-08-12.