Ferne Fairfax
10 July 2019 | 06:43

Doom Patrol — this series, which introduces us with definitely the most bizarre superhero team of the comic.

The series tells us about the life of geeks that are here for many years hide from society the estate of men in a wheelchair (Patrol predates X-Men, if that). But one day, the heroes attract the attention of the mysterious Mr. Nobody, who kidnaps Niles Calder. Now the Fateful Patrol a long way in search of a man who became for them the father.

The story — the strongest side of "Doom Patrol." It interesting, exciting, with unexpected twists and turns, and still very unusual. The pacing is calm, I would even say slow, but it well, otherwise would reveal all the characters. All one of the main characters very well written, from each in its own moving story, with all card table is not immediately laid out, the audience only gradually introduced to each of characters, opening up the entire the whole picture just under the end of the series.

As I have said earlier, this series is very very strange. Man-Animal-Vegetable-Mineral, living, gender, the street priests killer... Do you have not have a question about that the creators were Smoking? Personally, I such an addiction like this kind of the main feature of the Fatal Patrol, it business card is an integral part in the comics. To do it normal it would be completely bizarre. But not think in "Doom Patrol" solid fun. The show is teetering between fun with jokes and seriousness. There is raised important issues, there are tragic, dark, very sad moments when tears well up.

The only negative of the series on my opinion is a chart. In some places the game looks very good and in some severely sags. If you look in the whole, such bad moments with the graphics are not very much. The picture in the show bright and vivid colors. It and well, dark and tone this uporoto the series is not would definitely.

Briefly about the main characters and the actors:

cliff Steele, he same Robotman. It's racing driver, the champion, which gets what you want. On one race the cliff falls into the accident is broken, but it saves Niles Caulder (Chief), planting it surviving a brain in a mechanical body. In fact that is the main character because it is through this character in the first we meet the other members of the Patrol and surprised together with him for all the shit that happens in this series. Robotman perhaps the most fun character with it involves a lot fun and funny moments. The role of cliff Steele was played by Brendan Fraser, as is still nice to see again this wonderful actor after a long absence on the screens. Acting on the height, as well as and incomparable voice, which he gave Robotman (dressed as a robot was shot by another person, if that). So if you have enough knowledge of the language, only the original voice acting! And what this character is unmatched and the iconic suit! In General, I just love this hero.

Crazy Jane. This is a psychopath with 64 unique personalities, each of which has its senses and views, some of individuals have unusual superpowers. This role is incredibly difficult, because you need to play as not one character, but from 64, the task is not easy. And unfortunately, despite all the efforts of the actress, Diane Guerrero with labor exports to this "load". And if not a creative solution in the form of different hairstyles, clothes, makeup and visual effects, I think it would be very difficult to identify what kind of personalities played by actress. Acting Diane Guerrero not bad, just actress took on too difficult a role with no every world-renowned actor will handle it.

Larry Trainor, he also a Negative person. This is a military pilot, who at the time of your flight collides with a negative energy that is infused in his body, turning Larry into a walking radiation source. Now he is forced to walk with legs up the head wrapped in bandages like a mummy, to the surrounding people are not suffered radiation.

Rita Farr, she same Elastic girl. It arrogant bitchy actress of the fifties, which after the accident on the filming of lost the most precious thing in your life — beauty and followed her career. Her body became unstable, causing Rita to become a shapeless monster. This character was translated to the screen, April Bowlby. Very good acting, April just well accustomed to their role, even the impression that actress life is exactly the same as and her character.

Victor stone, he is a Cyborg. I Think this guy is not need a representation, because it is the most famous superhero of the Justice League (though in this universe he still not became a member of this team). Cyborg can be considered a leader of the Fatal Patrol, he calls all to action and, in fact, collects all the main characters in one team. Many, by the way, I am I liked the costume of the Cyborg. Yes, first I appearance Victor stone seemed a little strange, but I very quickly got used to that image. Himself for a costume very cool and the canonical looks.

Nils Calder, he is the Chief. This is a scientist who helps these abnormal rogue-like the main characters of the series. Around the disappearance of this character, in fact, and twists the entire plot of "the Fateful Patrol." The role played by gorgeous Timothy Dalton. Loved it game, it feels like the actor is just created for this role is so good he got used to it, personally I already do not can you imagine someone else on this site.

Mr. Nobody. This is the main villain of the series and, boy, he gorgeous. It breaks the fourth wall, communicates with the audience tells the story and messing with own a and series main characters. It is the strange and stoned supervillain, which I have ever seen. Played the role of Alan Tudyk. The actor is the same unmatched, as and the villain, which he played.

Canon. It is something I just have to put a huge plus to this series. Doom Patrol — this is probably the canonical series on a comic book and me this very much. Canonical characters, costumes, scenes, even dialogues. And many times is repeat the pages of comics. Very pleased that the creators of a in this respect the original.

"Doom Patrol" — this is very unusual and very strange superhero series about the outcasts and dregs of society that will long remain in your memory, and maybe heart. The first season I liked very much, I recommend to everyone to review. Definitely a good show, worth your attention.

Of 9 10

Mufinella Blake
04 April 2019 | 11:45

10ые years of the 21st century have shifted the arrows of the cinematograph on a new path. Collecting dollars corporations have created a clear division: In theater — merry-go-rounds rides, senseless, merciless for emotions, his essence deeper, but bringing the picture right up to serotoninove receptors. At home, at the subscription Series, deep, smart, drop characters, leaving each episode ned rest unfinished Gestalt.

Before we attempt to mix the main chips from these camps.

To take the familiar, familiar, warm/tube characters, tightly welded to him predictable, a hundred times the vision of the role, add pepper, humor, humanity (hopefully all I remember quite cheerful "Multreality" (DrawnTogether)).

What happened. The result was a great gag garbage.

There is one definite positive: the Pilot episode went so good (even flew) that I already double-checked the rating... so why not?

Brendan Fraser, Timothy Dalton, camera Work (with capital letters), Mouzon, of svetogor, even the screen saver on the credits were deceived my expectations. Greatly jarred the voice in the beginning of the pilot, silly insulting absolutely sane citizens and citizen...

Well, then came the copper basin. And all covered. Of course the brain substance very soft but such rape to take in condition each. I pass.

View, add your opinion, but if a trend we goodbye DC...

Barry Base
23 July 2019 | 08:13

In recent years, the Studio attempts the Warner Brothers and DC Comics construction and promoting their kynoselen not scolded just lazy. Announcing a great number of paintings, the production of most of the them and moved, and the process of creating many paintings repeatedly passed through questionable management decisions. Given all this, the quality of the content of a newborn streaming service DC Universe initially caused some concern, but already in the third time — absolutely groundless and superfluous.

The plot of this series evolves around the crashed in a crash the racer get exorbitant charge radiation of the pilot of the aircraft, crazy girl with 64 personalities inside his mind, disfigured actress is able to stretch his body and a young guy who is in the explosion turned into the cyborg. Disaster occurred with each of heroes, destroyed them body consciousness. Such a strange gathering of people together, a mad scientist decided not only save all of them, but and create an amazing team of superheroes who will save the world from all the misfortunes of mankind.

"Doom patrol" once created by Arnold Drake, Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani can definitely be called one of the iconic key works in the genre of superhero comics. Perhaps this comic and not so well known to the broad masses, but for fans of comics it has an absolute cult status and its impact on comics cannot be underestimated. In fact similar to the "Keepers", "marvel Academy", "Kid" and"Kick-ass, the Patrol presented a completely fresh and unusual look at the theme of superheroes and has practically deconstructed the principles of the superhero comic. In this case, presenting to the audience not strictly positive and all-powerful superheroes, but these freaks with pronounced mental and physical challenges that have not the most powerful forces and the salvation of mankind for which happens rarely. Meaning that their superheroes very difficult to call.

Despite that the team of heroes existed for many decades, only the great Grant Morrison managed to open them in all its glory and the naked eye can see that it is the legacy Morrison was inspired by the authors of this series. Hence, no wonder is a huge number of battles and the salvation of mankind, the main focus of the series is made on the study of the psychological and physical "problems" of each of the characters. What my opinion, made to the screen is just amazing. Not only more than adequately revealing the characters so complex and ambiguous characters on screen, but and do the usual blurring of the concepts of characters such.

Jeremy Carver certainly has managed to create one of the most original and unusual series of the new season, which looks a breath of fresh air in the genre of superheroine. Carver not only understood his material, but and the heart of the Fatal Patrol and correctly set it on the screen. On my opinion, is very unusual cross on the screen elements of a superhero movie and a pronounced art-house works with vintage retro atmosphere of the 40's (similar to the approaching the visual effects) and focus on conversations psychedelia and not show. In connection this one side is not enough spectacular action scenes. With other hand, the series perfectly compensates for this absolute privatetly and sincerity of the material. In the plan separately want to mention very beautiful opening credits under the luxurious soundtrack by Clint Mansell and Kevin Keiner.

Not the last role in such a strong impression of the series, played very well chosen cast. Diane Guerrero, April Bowlby, Matt bomer, Brendan Fraser and Timothy Dalton completed your task for the screen. Every actor gave maximum none characters pulls screen time in his side. Even the main stars of the series were Guerrero and Frasier. First perfectly portrayed the personal nature of each of the personalities of the heroine and perfectly switched between them, and voice Fraser even only one voice turned a boring Robotman in a very charming and interesting, good-natured, for which is really interesting to watch. The only weak link was the only Diovan Wade that is not only badly outplayed with inappropriate Cyborg giperosmolarnosti, but and costume looked cheap rubber cosplay. Separately want to mention Alan Tudyka, who managed to create a hell of a charismatic villain of the perhaps one of the most bizarre and unusual villains DC. Authentic realizing it cheap visual effects that immediately become a twist.

8 from 10

Doom patrol — this is a welcome and worthy adaptation of the comic book about one of the most unusual superhero teams in the history of comics. Similar to the comic-the original creators of the series managed to deconstruct the superhero movie genre and to present it with absolutely unexpected side. On my opinion, creating one of the most strong, stylish, copyright and decent series this year, which on my view must see every fan of comics.

What is the genre of Doom Patrol?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Drama.
Who starred in Doom Patrol?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Diane Guerrero, April Bowlby, Alan Tudyk, Matt Bomer, Brendan Fraser.
What is Doom Patrol IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.
When was Doom Patrol released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-02-15.