Gerhardine Brookner
30 December 2018 | 03:45

"Berlin dogs." It already do not the first German series that has received international recognition, but, perhaps, the first such... without bows (though... on the order of "Perfumer" at the Suskind. And Susskind at the Germans — is "all of them", almost like the Pushkin, but without Arina).

Okay, about "Dogs". Hardcore full. Dirt, dill, violence, and none of the clichés about Cologne left neobychnym. Ghetto Berlin — the Berlin neo-Nazis in the basement of the Plattenbau, the DCFS who run the  black, Turkish mafia, bookmaking Agency with illegal betting, selling players of the national team at the football. Happy people do not, the world — the mess, bought and sold everything, and if not sold just as long as the price is incorrectly named.

The story — the day before an important qualifying match Germany - Turkey killed the best player of the national team of the Turks at the origin. The investigation entrusted to the two police officers — the guy hails from the Marzahn with a neo-Nazi past and the young man of Turkish origin and non-traditional orientation.

They say that Turkish community have started making a noise — "And what is all the Turks were portrayed in the movie thugs with a criminal past/present/future"? Neo-Nazis while the voice is not served as and the bookies complaints not been reported. But film Netflix just two weeks, so all found.

The homosexual theme, the involvement of youth in criminal gangs, disorder of working-class suburbs... Everything is the place to be as usual. The chief of the German police and HER wife are training together on rowing machine, while a slave (just crawled out of bed two Russian prostitutes) reports on what is happening.

Glad that yet the Russian mafia. After trying to digest McMafia have me this phrase eye twitching. Turkish mafia and someone else around the person with the name "Kovacs" (Albanians, Serbs... passed me) — it's just a breath of air after the London rotten cranberries.

"Dogs" please. Sometimes hints of those or other living characters much too Frank... the Writers don't even particularly strained, changing the names of national team players. Sometimes the hints are too prophetic, given what Netflix has released the series and he's gaining popularity.

Of the minuses — the abundance of clichés. Such right book. Bikers, Turkish bandits, police, which tied his hands, and the sweet — the red line in the middle of the city, for which starts no go area, controlled by the criminal Turkish clan. For this red line should never be crossed, including the police. Right here are line asphalt. Paint.

That is not just a cliche, but 3D — cliché. But... something in this.

And the General, firmly and truthfully. But not fans of multi-colored unicorns by far.

Abra Frechette
04 January 2019 | 07:07

Netflix again, after the sensational "Darkness" is a good German show.

Killed by a soccer player of Germany of Turkish origin, in the head of the investigation of this crime are two police officers: German, because he identified the body, and the Turks to the public is not very raged. How often happens, the official synopsis and also the trailer described it is very conditional and just give a rough idea of the series. And actually it much wider and deeper than just a detective. I would even say that this is not the detective, and tough socio-crime drama, which forcruciverba RAScruciverba around a symbolic murder. Well for me this is primarily a story about a gray area of the law, after the view which each viewer himself to decide to accept him with the main characters or count them same criminals, like and those whom they put the grid.

Almost all characters in the Dogs of Berlin interesting and ambiguous. Even the second and third plan plays in the story of the important role existing as would be parallel to the main line, but in the same time adding to her shades and nuances. Main characters are just great! Have a Turk, openly gay, the burden is lighter: the contempt of the father and the misunderstanding of the tribesmen who work in police believe it a traitor and too German. But the second yy drags imagine a lot of things: gambling, debt, and floats gambling mafia; not the most simple on this stage of life relationships with a wife; a mistress, at which all somehow also not just; a neo-Nazi past, brother, neo-Nazi and mother the same. So it has to constantly balance on the verge between the quality performance of their work and desire need for this to save his ass and reputation and family. Here and it turns out that professional solutions it takes quite questionable as from the point of view of morality, so with the point of view of the law, but...

Whether an officer of the law to be a knight in white armor? Valid if a small evil for the sake of the greater good? On where you will after the tenth of the series? View and know.

Great show. I recommend it to all who are interested in modern history. He dynamic, relevant, controversial, exciting. Individual scenes are shot very cool (especially notable is the apartment shootout 9 series). The season looks to be very complete, but in the same time the fat-reserve for the continuation (if it will be). Well and the identity of the killer, the footballer well as and why exactly nobody indifferent.

Clem Nickey
11 February 2019 | 01:06

Quality and sturdy product from German filmmakers shows modern Berlin is very bad tones, not even clear why would here to strive for so many immigrants. The plot is so full of diverse content that clearly not limited to police issues and a showdown of two of the main characters working detectives. The main complication associated with the murder of a leading player of the German team of Turkish origin shrinks to eyes the background of all of life's problems, covering characters to date and waiting for resolution.

The public life of German modern society hypertrophied exposed through these two characters and several minor. The addiction, gambling addiction, gay sex in Muslim families, the resurgent Nazism and the mob, is not full bouquet, presented issues of the series. Betrayal, racial hatred, trust issues, honesty, helping others just seem to be invisible on their background. And that this is related to relatively honest and partial to society and police members of the numerous circle of acquaintances, only adds fuel to the fire.

The characters are constantly in motion, rather big series look at one breath. The scene is diverse and dynamic accompanied by a rap that was clearly superseded in the preferences of the modern youth all the rest of the music. One gets a clear idea of what if you going to actively live in a large modern city, it is a place among the heroes of this film you are guaranteed. To sit not work, but not in Berlin (new York, Moscow...). The final of the tenth series clearly needs to continue, because, as I said, the plot of the story is absolutely not important for the world is opened to us on the streets of a big city and surrounded by heroes. But an extension is possible only with the situation in society, it is a stalemate...

The mood and atmosphere of German films is so very different from English or French, that viewing the similar high-quality paintings brings only positive emotions and avoids the American standards. The time of many of the film's themes, like exile or Nazi together with their atrocities the accompanying shot with an exaggeration, a purely German trait. Pretty obvious who sympathized with the creators and what is the promise given citizens are not citizens of Germany. It is a pity that I know live sentiment in German society, but the series tells of ways I personally like.

8 from 10

What is the genre of Dogs of Berlin?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Crime, Drama.
Who starred in Dogs of Berlin?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Felix Kramer, Anna Maria Mühe, Urs Rechn, Katharina Schüttler, Fahri Yardim.
What is Dogs of Berlin IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.5.
When was Dogs of Berlin released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-12-07.