Athene Huberty
06 April 2017 | 11:25

Series about that sometimes a divorce is very interesting marriage. Of course, even when you can learn about your spouse so much that were carefully hidden at the time of marriage.

The first series caused a storm of delight, justified his main genre is Comedy. All events on the screen was a true clown in the best sense of the word. the Inimitable game-Molly Shannon was forced to laugh to colic in stomach. And it was expected that having high standards pilot series, the entire series will be the same energetic comical. But alas! With each new series, hope went further and further. Despite an amazing game just acting caste and separate Sarah Jessica Parker on screen mostly, but a few moments,everything was dull and humdrum. That what was to become the original and Frank, from to the episode has become a boring spectacle. And right sorry!

But also worth to give a chance to this series. After all, in the history of television there have been cases where creators have corrected the error and over the next few seasons will be much better than the first, though, and rare. And we will see something like "the War of the rose". And why not?

Eustacia Delwyn
02 December 2016 | 07:19

Divorce — good plot for a Comedy? Especially when it comes to couples in middle age with a lot of joint property, memories and a couple of teenagers? So I think the creators of the show.

About the cast and the main characters. Sarah Jessica Parker. It is the name will attract a large part of female audience of the number of fans of "Sex in the city". And let this time she got a more controversial character, Sarah's still nice to see. Her Francis dysfunctional, some stretched mother, cheating-wife, she no what is not be sure, especially in itself.

It should be noted Thomas Haden Church, playing the role of husband and head of the family. It hero — it's most inexhaustible source of humor and cool twist in the series. And let Robert is not the hero-lover, humanly in it to fall in love. Moreover, thanks to him series is suitable for watching couple!

pilot series. For my opinion the first series was released weak and not even a few authoritative. In it shows completely empty and naughty girlfriends-gossip girl, including the main character. And the husband appears to be cloth. My Board: let the show warm up, and not notice the series will flow one after another.

Comedy or drama? still the first. A large number of absurd situations, sharp turns of the plot — that you will. These roller coaster a few down-to-earth questions of morality, of how out of situation the smallest losses. It makes the characters a little more real without a tearful journey "to the beginning of time".

So why not"talk" to humor such a serious topic as divorce? All whether the marriage or the relationship aware of, what a joy to have around that person? So whether the obvious advantages of a loved one(Oh) after many years? How just stop to appreciate what has become a familiar? Is it possible to build relationships, once you set them under attack?

7 of 10

Flo Ferdinande
11 January 2017 | 10:39

It is no secret that the American channel HBO removes some of the steepest a delightful series and movies. NVO as you know always takes on the difficult, a pair of provocative topics. Such large-scale series of this channel like "Sex in the big city", "the Clan of Soprano", "True detective" or the acclaimed "Game of thrones" you can revise and revise, and all really nice, and superior quality and interesting mnogoseriyki.

In 2016 starts the pilot episode of the new series under a great name, "Divorce". The first series was successfully adopted, and project development. The viewer already promise two of the season so before our attention another, an intriguing project from the HBO. On the main female role, the channel has chosen the famous Sarah Jessica Parker, with which NVO has worked in the cult have the TV series "Sex in the big city".

Meet the heroine Francis. She married she has two children. A woman going through a difficult period in life. It marriage my husband is bursting at the seams and everything is coming to divorce. Love no, only insults and quarrels, misunderstanding. To everything else Francis has a lover. The heroine is waiting for the inevitable cleansing wave of truth and an imminent divorce with husband. She have to build my life again and something to get used to change a new life to which it she went, but not really was ready for this...

The pilot was very eventful and meaningful. He gave food for thought, and already I can't wait to see the sequel. The beginning of this new series me seemed very ambitious and provocative as always that almost always is in the stories from the HBO. All looked interesting, and in addition to a good Director and a fresh, bright scenario in front of us bright and pure acting, what it is nice to emphasize.

The Duo Parker and Thomas Haden Church I seemed very interesting. Sarah Jessica I love all, so I immediately, it was a pleasure to watch the pilot episode of this new project. She really good actress, and I respect. I am sure that her role will be able, and possibly even Sarah Jessica nominated for the globe or some award for the role of Francis in this series. And we just have to wait and continue the next series. I think that would be of interest.

"Divorce" — American, new, provocative series with a touch of drama and Comedy, which may well be something fresh and interesting. The pilot episode was bright, so give the green light and waiting for the continuation. Thank you for the attention!

7.5 out of 10

How long is Divorce?
What is the genre of Divorce?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy.
Who starred in Divorce?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Sarah Jessica Parker, Thomas Haden Church, Charlie Kilgore, Molly Shannon, Talia Balsam.
What is Divorce IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.8.
When was Divorce released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-10-09.