Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor

A member of the government That Kirkman after the death of the President and his main successors are forced to take the place of the President of the United States.

Seasons: 2 3
IMDb icon 7.6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Addy Arela
15 March 2018 | 12:55

The first 10 series of the political Thriller on my opinion it is just a masterpiece. But since the second half of 1 season all politically motivated, confidently pushed on the background story about the evolution of a minor character, in the face of a fragile woman and part-time FBI agent Hannah wells, from prereflexive Desk analyst the terminator, datausage in one face men, special forces and essential so that almost no the plot is with a without her keen eye and steady hand. Very disappointed that these suddenly awakened superpowers, the writers somehow chose a means of unleashing the main intrigue of the season if not the whole series. From some NTV you would something to expect, but not from the Americans... In the result of one of the largest in my memory of ideas for the theme of political conspiracies, to the beginning of the second season slipped to optimistic variation of "house of cards" with age 6+. In which honest uncle President with his loyal friends regularly rebukes his hypocritical political opponents. The first 10 episodes a solid 10 points for all happened — 0.

Lori Other
26 September 2016 | 02:37

American television is extremely rich in stories about the events around the President and White House — without thinking, to mind immediately come many well-known television projects. The the output market new product seems a problem unnecessary — compete against an established audience would be very difficult, and if more precisely, it is impossible. Especially with the given that the subject is almost exhausted itself. The however, "the Last candidate" in this regard, a very original and invites the viewer to see the story of an ordinary Minister, "middling", which has to take on itself the administration of the country after the fatal past for all key participants in the annual address to Congress.

Perhaps, for a start, we need to explain how such a thing could happen, because the theme called "the last candidate", though, and times climbed popular culture is popularized. The essence of the individual is in the annual messages of the President U.S. Congress (in the original it is more effective name — State of the Union), in which assesses the performance of the ruling party and understand future initiatives, one of the members of the President's Cabinet is classified a remote place, that, in the event of an attack on a procession and the death of the political elite, to take place at the helm of the country. And just such circumstances require the hero Kiefer Sutherland, the Minister of housing and urban development Tom Kirkman, to stand at the head of state as the last candidate. If you find this chain of events is very tight, it in vain — officially, the employee office is the thirteenth in the succession of presidential powers, so the situation is, in principle, plausible (not considering, of course, the very audacity of the attack on the Capitol). Kiefer Sutherland is extremely colorful in the way, though, and hope he will run the ruins of the Capitol, and a twist the neck the villains than to wallow in the monotonous interiors of the White house. About any propaganda speech, of course, not going, however, if you are not cause the quiet delight of the scene with tuples Tahoe views of Washington, then maybe at some point you will suffer some depression.

The narrative structure of the series is not offers innovation, though the pilot episode was very well disposed — the screen time was devoted to the entrance to position and not stories about what it cool (or not) the President. Moreover, it is also part flashback, in which Kirkman is still the ordinary life of a member of the Cabinet, at some point, noticing the sarcastic "...if I U.S. President by the end of the day..." that allows you to emotionally bond with the protagonist and to feel the whole weight of responsibility that will fall on his future. Perhaps it was a key moment for the creators, and they did it. Actually, the episode is not devoid of certain cliches, such negative-minded colleagues, an extremely loving wife and troubled teenage son. A character Maggie q, an FBI agent investigating the attack on the Capitol, yet just not fit in the plot in largely because of the complete emptiness of the nature — not to understood it motives, lack even a minimal background. But then he series, in order to develop such things, because in General, the first series implements the intrigue on all fronts. — no wonder just what happens in the end, but myself process. And if the showrunners and the writers of the future will move in the right direction, not trying to focus on the plain banal family dramas or noticability the demolition, and perform in the wide-screen spectacle, it can get a pretty good mix of political drama and action adventure Thriller.

"The last candidate" for substantially bring anything specifically new in fantasy the theme of the White House, however, thanks to an intriguing plot, epic Kiefer Sutherland and high quality castings in several genres, the pilot episode allows us to expect an exciting season of the new show, which may be a lightweight version of the cocktail of "24 hours" and"house of cards". And if there is attachment, or at least the slightest respect for against the above mentioned legendary TV series, then most likely, it will cause the new.

Gabi Benita
28 November 2016 | 05:00

Clearly, when you almost fifty dollars to run, to jump, to catch terrorists, and to expose the conspiracy and save America have not just as it was 10-15 ago. Therefore, we can understand the desire Kiefer Sutherland to change jobs as an operative, chair the White house. When you for 8 seasons + TV film  still one shortened season, playing one and the same role you you become the character portrayed. In causing the audience watching the adventures of your character, you begin to see you as a favorite hero of the series, and then, as the actor who played this role. You can call it with a curse in one role. Here and Kiefer Sutherland became the latest victim of the same image. But for some curse, then for others, a great success. Where would be Sutherland and someone was playing if not the TV series 24? You can argue long about that it would be, but I think that the role of Jack Bauer has breathed new life into a career of Sutherland, in that has long been needed. Summary — TV got a great series is zero, and Kiefer interesting character and a lot of time for its development, not mention about the financial component. But sooner or later just starting to get tired. The writers tired to invent new stories filled with intrigues and plot twists, the audience is tired of looking at one and also, as Kiefer tired of the role. History plays out, ratings fell and 24 covered, but leaving the ending open. Then after 4 year, various reasons, the series is back. Although half as long, but is showing, it back over an open end. All waited hoped for continuation, but Kiefer said his — no, and representatives FOX probably not particularly wanted to persuade. People are really tired of the role, tired of the TV, yeah and have proved how it seemed to him. As now know, is 24 though will continue but without Jack, Chloe and all those involved, but this is another story.

So, what I all am? Here what — 

Designated Survivor is Appointed receiver, the Last candidate, how can anyone, a new project of Sutherland, where he tries not to play Jack Bauer, but it is absolutely not work. Has repeatedly said that with the worlds TV finished once and for all, especially taking into attention of the Touch series, which began in health and finished the repose, Kiefer returns to tele-screens. What have forced the actor to return "to TV" its business, and we only had the opportunity to follow the misadventures of a new character this actor in hopes to a bright future of the series. Of course to repeat the success of 24 Receiver "is not light" initially, even when it became aware of project details, but still hope for the best was.

The terrorist attack on the Capitol, according to scale comparable to 9/11, President, Vice-President, as and the whole Parliament was lost. From the helm over the country gets people who never had this burden will fall on him. Who guilty what to do? — Sounds it's intriguing, but the output is another dummy.

When viewing just the 7 series one gets the feeling that the creators, writers, Directors and producers, made all errors and included in narrative full set of cliches for this genre. Here you only one CIA officer confident that not all as easy as it seems that is not particularly believe. The General is not satisfied with the new commander, who wants to go to war and acts their rules ignoring orders. Kind of a dark horse, thrown to the audience for reflections — who is he really? what is he planning? for us, it or them? Yes, who are they? Well and of course the family problems of the main character, without which is nowhere. And so on and so forth. The writers literally chew and put the mouth you that the viewer and the puzzles are great had. Yes, the main mystery of the series, as ball thread, it will spin up another long, but everything else is laid out right at the shelves. The feeling that the series is filmed at the tutorial — "How to make a detective series with a gradual investigation of the main puzzles". All too simple, formulaic and soulless.

I have to acknowledge the stem project, Sutherland tries to play another character, Tom Kirkman, but still, out of all the same Jack Bauer. Yes, the issues are not resolved as before using weapons and fists, the President is not able to jump in the plane personally to catch terrorists, now he is suit for preservation, on his shoulders the whole country, but his character was newly perceived as a CTU agent who plays the role of the US President undercover. Now Jack has to solve more global issues, and approach to him as a field, and as the man behind the following which all the country and he turn, responsible for her. Of course sometimes turns on and the Volume Kirkman, it tries to be a separate character with its history, Kiefer so and trying to scream at times with the screen — I Jack. — but I do believe in is weak. Maybe I biased and my perception of GG is stopping the love 24, this has nothing can be done. From the rest of the caste can be mentioned Natasha Macelhone and Maggie Q. The first tries to escape from a pained image of Karen from Californication, where David Duchovny for years gave it plaguing, the second plays tighter Nikita, but it's not so cool how you were before. Both ladies with their roles are coping. So there was cal Penn, which at the time escaped from the house hope to build a career in politics, now that there nothing turned out, playing in the series of tadpole-speaker, ironically.

In conclusion, we speculate that ABC has decided to withdraw his alternative version of house of cards with a mixture of country, but rated PG-13. More simple and plain, hope the viewer will buy the former Jack Bauer, and keeping in all the real pre-election reshuffle that happening in country the time of promotion and displaying the first series, will rush to the screens to see what could be if In... the end of hopes for something bright and not expected. You can of course believe that then something changes, the story becomes really intriguing, the characters become more interesting, and the plot twists unexpected, but I'm not believe.

I prefer to hope that the final candidate will close after the first season, and Kiefer come to its senses and adequately finish finally the story of Jack Bauer, on TV or on big screens.

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What is the genre of Designated Survivor?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Drama, Mystery.
Who starred in Designated Survivor?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Kiefer Sutherland, Adan Canto, Italia Ricci, LaMonica Garrett, Kal Penn.
What is Designated Survivor IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.6.
When was Designated Survivor released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-09-21.