Spooky Ghost opens the trunk, where are the comics with terrible stories. In 12 stories, there is a place American werewolves, murderous Scarecrow, the zombie, the cunning Genie, vengeful ghosts, and many other terrible monsters.

Seasons: 1 2
IMDb icon 7.1/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Junette Chaddie
02 November 2019 | 01:37

The authors of the almanac is seen — fashion tube the 80s, which came thanks to "a Very strange business," still not gone. Well and remembered. the old almanac, on which time worked king the elder (Joe king, who if not know, prefers the name of hill, not associated with father).

Novel pen king the best that is in the almanac. The story of Steven's just a Golden age, so still blows Lovecraft. From John a little more modest, but still strong and tight for a brief story with timing 20 minutes.

"Bad wolf" — the setting of WWII and werewolves: soundly.

"Man in a suitcase" — a good reflection on "Where can result in greed."

"In the Holler Maski times are tough" — a funny sketch on the theme of postapocalyptic. Mini Hello to the Walkers.

"Skincrawlers" — a Frank satire on the theme of the consumer society.

And further still, unfortunately, pretty average. The story of hand desires ("Companion") have not once all (in the number of the Simpsons) was told and retold by 100 times and fed up. Well and then the two stories head and finger fact identical, the only difference is in the parts of the body not more.

Unfortunately not and venerable actors. Yes there are people like Tobin bell and Dee Jay Qualls, but it is very small that the project looked good.

And more times — trouble in secondary the flaws of some of the novels.

The idea, no doubt, good, but unfortunately from the category of "throw on a penny" at the ruble backswing.

Joni Ott
08 October 2019 | 06:42

The name of the series flashed before me in a news with one of social networks. As neither what is not I began to browse further. And here to the margins of the subconscious flashed a spark — "Kaleidoscope of horrors", I already heard somewhere it's name, but once upon a time. After a lot of effort, brain labored memory of the movie, I have seen more in the mid-90s and had a great influence on the immature child's psyche. This film, as is not difficult to guess, called "Kaleidoscope of horrors" 1982 year. The Director, incidentally, was made by himself George Romero.

Not to say that even when the movie badly frightened. But it was a certain charm, a certain charm of the eighties, according to whom it is now fashionable to yearn even for those who was born on the turn of the century. Simple on the story was filed with irony and black humor. And one of novels starring himself horror Maestro Stephen king. He also have written 5 history which was filmed. There was all should be those horror movie times — alien plague, a terrible creature in the chest, the vengeful living dead, flesh-eating insects and so forth. In the end, this film became one of the favorite movies of my childhood.

And here after 36 years it took Greg Nicotero, better known as a Creator of special effects and makeup hundreds of horror movies from the legendary "Outside" to modern "the curse of Annabelle". Romero, K is none of the living. But Stephen king to still on horseback. And the first novel of the series filmed for one of his old stories. To the way, one of the role in it takes Tobin "Saw" bell.

And we can say that everything remained the same tube like and the early eighties.

From the preview are not it is scary, no of the game, alternately and waterfalls of blood. But there is a feeling of being back in the days when a simple story told in the dark, could scare you so much that had to ask mom not to turn off the light in the room.

Yet there were only two series, but it is clear that the atmosphere of the series is no way inferior to the original film 82nd year. The stated genre is the horror/mystery, but without notes of black humor naturally anywhere. The second Novella is the first of a series about the doll house sometimes forcing a smile, although not without pants skin.

Looking forward to output the rest of this series.

Of 9 10

Dulcy Bagger
07 February 2020 | 01:14

It seems that one of the sculptors of the magnificent monument to George Romero under the name "the Walking Dead", Mr. Greg Nicotero who knew and worked with Maestro on life was going to adjust the hero has a few small monuments, one of which — unlocking the potential of the cult, but little known in the U.S. Kinomaks-the anthology "Kaleidoscope of horrors".

I'm not sure about everyone, but to sell the series boomers is very simple — is exactly what loved man is strict structure and the canons of short scary stories, this viscous atmosphere and mechanical effects, it is just the eternal, naive, but always running theme is the absence of policy and flirting social and technological trends daily changing modern world. In the end, it is the most soulful and honest genre project for many, many years, at this is completely ignoring the era of the Hollywood horror of degradation.

Of course at the first season is and cons that are a little smeared ecstatic experience. And primarily — animated cutaways, which seem to created for to inspire horror by its cheapness, but coupled with stock backgrounds inspire only confusion.

The second important personally for me — it's the lack of even a hint of the original theme music John Harrison, which by the way is in the project participated and even directed several episodes.

But about all of this to remember is absolutely not want when soul heat only one of the existence of this series in today.


It should be noted by the way that the project was incredibly lucky. Just recently planned restart "Tales of the Crypt" from bestoloch Shyamalan. If this occurred, it is unlikely Nicotero have been able to recapture a piece of attention almost completely unknown persons.

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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Horror.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Hannah Barefoot, Bruce Davison,
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At the moment, the rating is 7.1.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-09-27.