Blondell Huber
07 September 2018 | 06:08

The truth — the first victim

Of course, I was intrigued to learn that is cleared, "Kondor" — 10 serial spy Thriller with max irons in the lead role. By the way, not just because I had previously seen the famous film, Sydney Pollack, his inspired — "Three days of the Condor" with Robert Redford in the role of John Turner. For me attractive and the genre: I love thrillers, detectives in a tangle can be linked to a catchy title, dynamic, intriguing plot and good action, which in this case was already the name of the series.

Just note that in recent times the boundaries of genres in the film are so vague that it is difficult to separate the political and spy Thriller and remove them leaving the detective: the crime, the investigation, looking for clues... it Seemed such "layering" may cover only a show, but often these presents bestselling action movies, sometimes series of films, where the main character needs in the shortest possible time to find a way out of an explosive situation as it was movies the CIA Jason Bourne ("the Bourne Identity" and etc.) or with the character of Professor Robert Langdon ("the Code da Vinci" and ex) on the novels of Dan brown. With a rating of high expectations is the next film in the interesting best-selling novel by Robert Ludlum "the Manuscript Cancelaura" with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role.

The series "Condor" also begins with a extraordinary the tragic situation that occurred in the invisible, the company engaged in technical development and analysis at the CIA: from a sudden attack on their office dies the whole Department involved in the development of an algorithm for the identification of terrorist threats and the author — a young talented analyst Joe Turner (Max irons), the only accident survivors, forced to hide as the main suspect. It the task — not just to stay alive, but and to find those who are the attack was profitable. The task is not easy, because the mask of complacency, patriotism, loyalty to the interests of the country may be hiding ruthlessness, cruelty, desire in any way, even any human casualties to achieve the desired result, when it comes to a modern bio-weapon capable in a matter of moments to turn the whole world in chaos.

It is significant that being a spy series, "Condor" is not is in his narration "breakneck" speed. Joe Turner is running, it was persecuted, he can not to stop anywhere for long, but it in the show is a place for reflection, debate, perspectives in family history or picture of the modern world, and each episode is preceded by a relevant quote. Sometimes it seems that it takes side of the development of the plot. To really meaning in fact, to more fully reveal the image of the hero, Joe Turner. After all, the main idea of the series is not is, what Turner runs, or rather, not only it but they move over he is ready to fight! Rather, it is drama series with Thriller, where the internal component of the character is not less important than the political spy intrigue.

Interesting detail: "Condor" in the name of the series — not just a vivid image of a bird, it's call the main character — Joe Turner on the novel "Six days of the Condor" by James Grady and film — predecessor of the series. It is a pity that the authors have forgotten this to clarify, because in the series about call no question. Another one disadvantages: a bit boring valid team on the analysis of the attack on the technical office, one that is as times should create or strengthen action. Thus, all dynamics the show rests on the John and the people that it involves is detrimental to them swirl in their time of flight.

The show was mixed and naturally, someone will find in its pros, some cons. Personally, I love to have a look at max irons in the role of a genius analyst classified firms. I he remembered in the role of king Edward IV York in the historical series about the war between the red and White roses "the White Queen". Excellent, sensual, charismatic actor with a wonderful, sincere smile and I hope a great future for your acting career. It should be noted and appearance after a long absence, Brendan Fraser. It character — quiet, slippery — causing a twofold attitude: actions, the case, which he used have a negative connotation, but completely touching it love daughter. Here such that the ambivalence, and brilliant!

Good luck to you in the preview!

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Catie Cavanagh
08 August 2018 | 11:00

Let's start with that I personally spy theme impressed. But the Condor, something at some point, all went so. Why? Not known. The series was a remake of the popular spy Thriller of the past "Three days of the Condor". The film was gorgeous. Its chic interiors, actors, dialogues, the development of the storyline. Just in the remake is not. Not at all!

And it seems to be the seed was not bad. The program automatically recognizes a potential terrorist. It author Joe Turner superbrain, he can perform not even analyze, to see the pattern, even where the trail you can barely even see under the microscope. But there is a fiery brunette that fills the life of Turner the true meaning of — run or die. The RAID on the secret office, killed all. For Joe chase, on his quest to send the entire the President's men. But then the 5 series stops.

Lost nerve, and it is not a spy drama, and just a load of crap. The writers famously killed one of the characters for one. And replace the new heroes we show a retrospective of the events in fact nothing are related or indirectly related to the events in this for the screen.

Since 5 series appear very long conversations. About morality, why dad does not come back, why do people bring food Wake etc. We see in addition to actions. In up with each subsequent series inside begins to emerge an overwhelming sense rewinding. And after watching the 8 series to turn off the computer and go to bed early.

The series a dynamic, boring, putevodny, more suitable for work background somewhere in the kitchen when You an urgent need to do something, but work in silence not your method.

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Pegeen Torbart
19 July 2018 | 01:15

A great spy Thriller, Sydney Pollack's "Three days of the Condor", released on screens in 1975, staged by the book of James Grady's "Six days of the Condor", was overtaken by the sad fate of the widespread senseless and merciless serialization of all and Sundry. The show was called just "Condor", without any any reference to the number of days. For it was based on as film and book. The action of the 70s suffered in our days, especially not changing the structure of the work, only adding to it and modernizing, for with the exception of the motives of the main villains.

The protagonist of the series, Joe Turner (Max irons) works as an analyst in the CIA. Kondor — his call sign on the emergency. Once in their secret office is invaded by a group of professional killers, and only by a miracle, Turner manages to escape. He trying to understand of the situation, but understand that can not trust anyone, even the Agency...

As sadly the series is good exactly in those places where he constantly copies the original film. The rest of the notion of authors seem banal, opportunistic, and sometimes it is silly. Sovremennaia what is happening with the advent of programs, spying ordinary citizens in anti-terrorism purposes, completely kills the entire the basis of the original work. Apparently "Condor" must take the place of the ending of "homeland" or just become one of projects, telling about the terrorism. Then don't understand why it was to reinterpret the original, but not make their own history.

Acting most of the major parties leaves much to be desired, though it is not for guest stars on casual and minor roles. William hurt, Bob Balaban, Mira Sorvino and somewhere zapropastilsya in recent years, Brendan Fraser looks good. Some invented and changed to the series the characters appear too one-sided or simply poorly played. For example, mercenary Gabrielle Joubert (lim Lubany) loses the original dry Joubert, in the performance of max von Sydow. Yeah and more like character Sarah Shahi — Please Show, cartoon mercenary, of the beautiful iconic series from being the fighters of the 90s "In sight".

The ordeal of the protagonist of how should run the state machine, coupled with anything too much tolerance of the writers leave not the best impressions of viewing. The unique charm of paranoid political espionage Thriller inherent in the original there and sight. "Condor" can be viewed only from nothing to do or background, there's no artistic value to unfortunately, it represents.

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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Leem Lubany, Katherine Cunningham, Gage Graham-Arbuthnot, Christina Marie Moses, Mouna Traoré.
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At the moment, the rating is 7.8.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-06-06.