26 APR 1988 a chemist Valery Legasov, securely tucked six audio cassettes with your memories hung in his apartment. On 26 April 1986 at 1:23:45 during the experiment for security at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is the reactor explosion and fire. Alerted firefighters without spetzashita arrive at the scene of the accident, not knowing that was in the midst of the largest in the history of mankind man-made disaster. The plant management says the Kremlin that the situation is under control and the radiation background is normal, but at the urging of academician Legasov it together with the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers Boris Shcherbina send to understand what is happening on the spot.

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  • Language: English
Cherice Lewse
06 June 2019 | 10:29

Never wrote reviews on films.

But in the world in the moment something is created improbable. A little-known series that are not claimed leadership in rental — sharply shot, and easy ahead of "Game of Thrones", the series became #1 on the planet c rating of 9.7! Last, the fifth in a series of the moment has an incredible rating of 10/10! Of course, talking about "Chernobyl". Again, heated debate began again on all radio stations, channels, sites, this topic. The wound already 33 years, everyone thought that it has long been healed, but no, she is bleeding again and felt yourself.

In the history of our country there are many memorable dates. There is, for example 9 may, which tends to idealize, to make part of the propaganda and in every way to sing. And 26 April that everyone trying to forget. But forget it turns out... It's the infamous date. For state of all the peoples of the former USSR and all mankind. What happened to You know without me. But what are the consequences?

Still unknown the exact cause of the accident, up to still none senior administration convicted of the death of 400 thousand people to still RBMK-1000 reactors work on some NPP, far as many satellite cities raises questions. Recently there was an article that in which case, Volgodonsk to evacuate not have time.

But the show is not even that he not about nuclear power and not even about the accident. Series about us — about our laziness, of our desire to please the boss, disturbing, sometimes common sense, it is about our fear. Series about a system where no other way is where you frame, where you, in which case, hang all the dogs.

Series about our lives that nothing changed. About that our life is covered with a huge layer of lies.

Even if You didn't know about the accident, even if You are not interested, view — the series deserves its 9.7. How could I forget, that's inexcusable, otherwise this ad happen again.

P. S. Authorities have accused the series in all mortal sins, and are already preparing their version on the NTV channel, about how mean Americans sabotage. Nothing but disgust is not cause.

Then the accident on ChNPP buried the Soviet Union, now a series about it finally buries the reputation of the current government.

Apparently the place is really cursed.

Netty Formenti
15 May 2019 | 12:45

I stumbled on it, I decided to look. Review by the first two episodes.

Very good and with the soul removed. It is a pity that not ours. The clothes, the actors, the atmosphere was just lovely. From my grandmother had same table, at the beginning of the first episode. And he wandered as well.

Cranberry is not enough. Max — occasionally the hero drink a shot or two, of course, vodka. But not a direct thump. Slightly cut the ears treatment: for example, people treat each other complete names (instead of Basil Vasi), and also not quite logically used the official form (comrade Ivanov) and respectful (Ivan).

Of course, the show is not claim historical accuracy is still a work of art, however, as I think, made very carefully, though and make assumptions.

Radiation is shown as not quite plausible: it kills quickly and leaves a very noticeable burns while the real radiation kills slowly. Yes, an assumption, but more than repaid by the drama.

In General, the show gives a very good impression, will definitely watch.

Found a blooper: in the end of the second episode, the divers are on the premises, not connecting to the respiratory system.

Of 9 10

Amy Tevis
02 June 2019 | 08:45

The first thing that catches eyes — amazing aesthetics of the film. The 80s are generally one of the most colorful periods in recent history, but the late Soviet Union is especially allocated on this background. The authors scrupulously came to question was able to recreate the setting is very convincing. I do not treat bored of the past, however, fully agree that one of those drowning in green areas inspire melancholy in an unfulfilled dream of many generations.

The plot crosses the fate of different people, but the characters are still, Professor Valery Legasov and a senior official Boris Shcherbina. Initially cynical bureaucrat and scientist with a keen sense of justice are very strained, even hostile relations, but further they develop a kind of friendship very different people, which brought a fatal case. Of the other characters note also Georgian from the last of the series.

I, of course, not the enemy of science and technological progress, however, in this case extraordinarily clearly transmitted the feeling of being with the secret of the atom people have opened Pandora's box. When the residents of Pripyat are watching from afar for the fire, and children dancing in sand radioactive ashes, it makes a huge impression.

Chernobyl affects a topic such as the degradation of the Soviet system in General. Almost immediately we make it clear that is insanity and irresponsibility of the item was the main reason for this number of casualties. But most struck by the scene where the Minister of coal industry comes to the miners. Meet dirty hard workers out glamorous dude in accompanied by gunmen. Of course, this stage — pure fiction, however, the decomposition of the system illustrates perfectly, because the real examples of this were tens and hundreds (take the case of Eliseevsky grocery store). Well and the current Russian reality is one in one is that in reality, no one would "draft animals" mess jacket important uncle.

I would not called the film denigrating the story. On the West is full of works, they have criticized their own government for the lies, corruption and intrigue. But that the Soviet system of total lies and propaganda virtual reality has aggravated and without that a terrible catastrophe is an absolute fact. Along with the main characters, and simple Soviet people are shown a positive and even heroic, but all the rocks are flying in the rotten item, with what I totally agree.

Well, not mention the relevance of this project. Recent years, increasingly heard irresponsible cocky things about "nuclear ashes" and possible impacts "in the decision-making centers" that support many abled citizens. So that the Chernobyl accident is just a broken pipe in the yard for than that if the what a weird coincidence, someone fired missiles. I hope this work will enlighten at least part hotheads.

Of the minuses, I would break with the manipulation of emotions. How the authors relish the tragic moments. Of course, it drama here is allowed all the openly manipulative techniques of emotional impact slightly spoil the overall impression. Especially the fourth series suffers from. Minus the second — weak detective component.

Overall, a very interesting and professional design, although the 3 and 4 series drop slightly regarding the first two.

8 from 10

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At the moment, the rating is 9.4.
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