After the tragic death of his mother, three sisters discover they have magical powers.

Seasons: 1 2 3
IMDb icon 4.5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Mechelle Farrah
20 November 2018 | 06:09

Wary of restart favorite franchises, but the series captivated me. The plot was more modern and reasonable. Endlessly like the heroine is a scientist solves problems with using logic, trying to the entire approach is critical. The other nurses are also very sweet, the relationship between them all so as touching. All theme of the old series revealed on the full, is and Sisterhood, and accepting of others, and the ability to find common language, and the ability to stay true to yourself. The strength of the heroines interesting combination and their characters.

Romantic partners siblings are also adorable, I'm not expected. It is a pleasure to follow the story... but it to what I like jokes! Happy Actresses. Effects on a surprisingly stylish and appropriate. And separately hooked on the art of costumes: clothing clearly shows the mood, the characters and the past characters.

I not understand why criticize those things that the series is clearly good. The feeling that after about feminism and #MeToo from people came a bloody shroud, and then they didn't like it all-Oh, that's Me happy, raised social issues, and because of this watch I was much more interesting than the old series. Those "Charmed" was very nice, loved them in childhood. But now to review can.

10 banished the demons of 10

Tommie Lepper
30 October 2018 | 10:39

Usually do remakes of any works if they are obsolete or incomprehensible for a new generation. This can be said about "Charmed." She watched and periodically revise. A new trio of witches from the most famous CW turned out no. Of course there are small exceptions, but are they miserable and do not understand how to act the plot, if we know that half of the whole story was done with younger it.

We are feminism, LGBT tolerance, and harassment. In General, a set to lick.

But should pay tribute-he's funny. I laughed at the stupidity of some moment, for example, I still then, yelling at the voice, when I look at my dog.

Acting I can say that the stars the sky is not enough. The only one who here plays fine — Rupert Evans, well and the youngest. Average kills his facial expressions, and about the older I say not bad you can, but and praise, too. Of course, I realize we progresses of body positive, but Junior the average does not distinguish at first, but then recovers, but sometimes you still it confused.

The plot is Mishanina of the second +fourth season(who looked, he realizes). Not necessary to sign about the effects, the characters. Them here. But the main disadvantage is the lack of cool music on opening. Honestly, I thought will be to alter the screen saver, but CW't have soared.

I want to say, if you want to do remakes — please, don't be lazy to fix the whole story. Take a new characters, a different time. It would be interesting to look at the three witches, for example, the middle ages, but it ought desire money.

3 of the 10

Frank Dibb
20 October 2019 | 01:31

If you ask me why I force with a creak, I watched 1 season of a TV show? I answer — due to love for the original 98 years to it to the idea put into the screen. While I watched the remake, there was a strong feeling that I eat a large spoon something tasteless, like chocolate it's kind of chocolate I remember — it just had to be chocolate, but it's something else! But also brown. But maybe, I thought, all on change of the best way... And — no!

So, on small pros: Macy, Maggie and Mel in the new enchanted the current realities. Smartphones, instagram, apps — very the theme is very cool! Lesbian relationships — is also good, not see anything in this crime, because is not homophobic. Heroine Melanie Diaz and Sarah Jeffrey (Maggie and Mel) did a great job, on my taste, with their roles. But here Macy's (Madeleine of Muntok), of course with the mountain guardian (Rupert Evans) I was very disappointed. And Macy was assigned such a meaningful, emotional and dramatic component of the season — but she do not believe once. And the guardian of Harry — Oh, God, I thought Leo — the mattress is practically useless, but Harry it more than surpassed. Except infinite pity, on the course of the season, Harry did not called. This Harry — the embodiment of a meme about tuxedo Mask — "my help to me — but you do not done" Plus, of course, is that kept the idea of the series 98-year — the three sisters, the book of shadows, the forces (even with some modifications). At this pros all.

Lack of novelty and outright plagiarism

All season — solid references, allusions to already existing works of the film industry. Teleportation Harry — Teleportation characters in the film Fantastic Beasts. Teleportation elders — Teleportation Doctor Strange (changed the color, thank you). Buffy — the vampire Slayer — the idea of ending 6 season = ending of this season of Charmed! The hammer that opens the door to the Tartar = rod Sailor moon of the first season. Kappa — Scream Queens? Thank God that even the President of the club, the Kappa didn't like Chanel. The borrowed stories of the mythology (like sirens, Medusas Gorgons, fairies).

God be with them loans — but why did you have to do for the next 3 positive character, who suddenly became/turned out to be negative. Well that the banality and trivial? Now very popular, of course, that evil so evil, welcome so good. But because the old Enchanted we are passed with Cole Balthazar, in other stories: the X-Men — with the dark Phoenix with willow and Angel in Buffy. What well...

a Surprisingly unique story and boring single player stories

In the former Enchanted was a great single player stories, like (just for instance) Prue trying to kill ridge (it is not clear who!), sisters go to their past lives, the sisters become the epitome of the deadly sins, and so on — plots were really unique and interesting. Here is the storyline around the evil demon noname (about which nothing is described, except that he is confused with mortal women and they give birth to him) and virtually no abstract subjects, can only remember the series about pixie, about jellyfish sirens, which have more or less tolerable and somehow dilute the entire this boring stuff around finding his killer nurse and an impending Apocalypse. The plot also interweaves all sorts of "santabarbaraca" sisters of the wicked, brothers of demons and other related Dobryakov and villains that do not able to get along among themselves (Parker and his brother, Fiona and charity). Plot holes everywhere — where the Keeper quickly teleported somewhere not can save stupid the most important figure in the story. Where forces are applied Enchanted — somewhere there (when it is possible for example faster finish the series). The writers here there prohibit the power to influence of demons (e.g. Mel very rarely frozen demons, in most cases, this was stupidly impossible!). And now, if the spell that stimulates, for example, hair growth hands — it is just came up with the writers! Elders — weak creatures that make one an ordinary demon — so why the elders, why even go out on the street? Tartar — the kind of place where it is not easy for someone to pull at the in the Tartar walk on a TV series all — who do not too lazy (why couldn't previously clear one embittered woman, but the whole episode then someone released). You need to create intrigue in series — let's only one series, Oh yeah — and to better reveal the intrigue in a simple dialogue and so that the audience is not I thought, let's give him as obvious and dumber to God forbid did not build any theory. It is not clear what was invented communities like S Arcana for which introduced many of the characters — apparently for the sake of worthless dramas (like polubedina guardian). To the end, each Enchanted more handed weapons (Hello teenage mutant ninja turtles), I laughed so hard. All as torn, crumpled, all presented simply and clearly, look and think, well, why not make all not chewed? The season finale — the ravings of writers. Twists and decided to just crazy to flood the final travelling in time, absurd ideas and tears characters. Again, ideas that have been in different similar the theme of the series. To recall the end 3. season the old Charmed ones. God, you can review and crying forever! Agree? Personally, I even now, the roar over Prue and Piper dying.


God be with them with the lack of opening theme. Special effects like if not from 2018. Zip in the last series is just 10 defenders of the 10. Music, as such is also absent. Some interesting locations very, very little. The costumes are not particularly some remarkable. Minor characters do not mesh. Anyone not want to see again. Some charisma and faded.


Would not recommend to anyone this series, it is especially the who saw the original. Little girls, too, would not recommend the series, although judging by the the story he for them. But not advised because sort blame here's a grown woman, a virgin and all make fun of gender series of this. And younger sister at all fond of carnal pleasures and it all reported series and is very welcome.

3 of the 10

(3 points for the two sisters of the three to which more or less got used to it and peace of magic, vaguely similar to the old kind)

What is the genre of Charmed?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Fantasy, Drama.
Who starred in Charmed?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Melonie Diaz, Madeleine Mantock, Sarah Jeffery, Rupert Evans, Ellen Tamaki.
What is Charmed IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.5.
When was Charmed released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-10-23.