Castle Rock

Castle Rock

The warden Shawshank commits suicide, and after his death in a closed wing of the building and find a strange young man. No one knows who it is, and he calls the only lawyer's name Henry Diver who grew up in castle rock. Deaver returns to the city, where tragically his father died, and trying to unravel the story of a mysterious prisoner.

Seasons: 1
IMDb icon 7.6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Cornie Baugh
27 July 2018 | 03:44

I think the first three episodes is enough to form a basic opinion about series to give advice to the doubters about whether to watch it. I belong to the fans of the master king, and the start of the castle Rock was waiting for though I without a lot of hope. However, the fears seem to have been in vain.

In the beginning, probably, it is necessary to clarify the concept of the series — not the adaptation of one or several (in the form of an anthology) works of the king, it is a real big-budget fan fiction the part of the universe masters of that concerning the town of castle Rock (the novels the Dead zone, cujo, needful things and so on). Castle Rock here is as the site of action, and named the novels (and novels) are the basis of Easter eggs and references. On my subjective opinion, it was the only correct approach to the creation of such series, and, thank God, John. John. Abrams with his team of writers came to the same output.

Let's briefly go over the main aspects.

Plot — I will not describe, even approximately, so as not to spoil and not to spoil the experience. Just believe that for the original script and at the moment (3 series), he is very good. I was just wondering — and could would write to Stephen king? And know — perhaps you would. Maybe not all the twists and dialogue, but approximately. And in this case, the book would be as always (almost always) better than the film adaptation.

Actors/Characters — to the actors yet no complaints, each on his place, each pleasing to the eye and not irritating to the mind. However, none of the first sight catches not particularly out any in a bad way nor in a good, but I think in the next seven episodes from they still there will be time to turn around. Particularly pleased with the presence of several charismatic old men like Scott Glenn (teacher Daredevils of the same series) and Terry O Quinn (John Locke of Stay alive). The characters are also quite kingovskoy, although one of the most important of the canons of master of all spite — the main character suddenly the writer. But need to plot)

Directing — very level, sagging of the narrative in the form of tedious conversations or fillery scenes almost no scenes filmed episodic cliffhangers soundly, no horror, only a couple of screamers, but is not for one only horrorshow component we love the creativity of the king, right?

I would like to mention Easter eggs in events books castle Rock, fans will be pleased. While they are not many (although perhaps it I noticed that attention), but first step is the hardest. Also pleased to see little references like the poster group Ramones on the wall of one of characters.

Of the minuses — while, probably, before they highlight Yes and a clear no, definitely not. A bit annoying some runnest plot, but this feature Abrams over time LOST, yeah and makes closely monitor what is happening so as not to lose the thread. Well and perhaps cost a bit to fill the soundtrack, because he king is quite a lot of attention to music, favorite groups, their characters and so on.

total — those questioned whether or not meet series — I would still recommended to give it a chance. Fans of king should evaluate quite a decent atmosphere of castle Rock, and viewers unfamiliar with the work of masters of horror, might like a good mystical story and high quality production. It is too early to judge, you fly? he what a masterpiece of the level, or will end up with zilch, but give it the chance is definitely worth it.

Lesley Isolt
23 October 2018 | 12:24

For all the history of the prison, "Shawshank" from it has changed a lot of Directors, but not all of them quiet went to retire. One shot himself in the forehead, and last General compartment of my head a very extraordinary way. And now its place came a strict woman that needs to gain the respect of subordinates and inmates, and decide what do with a kid that found at the long-closed room.

Unknown guest "Shawshank" not hurry to go to contact, about there any data, it never were breaking the law, but for some reason appeared in jail still hidden from prying eyes. It is logical that former head of it but ask about the guy is now not possible. And the only a man of mystery said, so this three words — Henry Matthew Deaver... After a short investigation, the Director learned that this is the infamous lawyer. And now he holds the path to "Shawshank" and his native town of castle Rock in to understand.

The idea is to move on small screen from a series of works by Stephen king wandering in Hollywood for a long time, but when the case was joined by producer J. J. Abrams is a became real. On a couple king, they pretty interesting mix between short stories and novels, created from them and compelling story, which has a lot of secrets and mysteries.

But all due respect to Henry Devere served us as the Central figure of the narrative, I was much more interesting bill Skarsgard, who played the unknown. Its heavy, intimidating look as best suited for a strange definition of hero in the king it still make you a lot of creepy moments that cause that if the alarm, whether the intrigue.

Yet "castle Rock" died down with the first season, but also announced the continuation and able to bring even more discoveries. By far that fans of the king to watch this history necessary. Believe me, a nice "Easter eggs" and strong plot twists despite the available the slowness of the story will be a lot.

8 from 10

Olivie Guinna
18 September 2018 | 03:37

About how much was said before the release of this series. How to escalate the atmosphere, as was full of the article: "king, king, it yourself the King!"

Yes, that's only what all this led? Answer — one only disappointment. No, of course, the series has its own charm, a certain charm inherent in the genre, where towns are small, people are strange and evil, and certosina an unprecedented happening.

I see no reason to retell the story — about so pretty much said, will focus on trying more sensibly to digest the season finale.

God, how do I liked the idea of the series, with all open to other works Stephen. Yes, we must pay tribute, because it is really captivating, but only the beginning, we can say that even closes his eyes on plot holes, which there is enough. Sometimes the feeling that the script was written directly on the as the first eight episodes you will torture well unrealistic long introduction to know, then you will be confusing to some as not so important a derogation of the storylines (OK, if they really gave where to turn, so just took it and highlighted unacceptably long time). Then will come the explosive ninth series, changed everything with legs on the head. It may even seem that because of this twist creators all is forgiven because the atmosphere is getting hotter, nearing the final. All the theory had already been processed, all the sins of such a boring beginning is released, the nails have chrysanne, the nerves to play tricks from this kind of turns.

And then comes the final episode of...

And no, how would the writers nor have tried but did not feel competent open ending, because such is simply not exist. There's just something incomprehensible, frivolous and chaotic. And there is still resentment. Vexed, very vexed, because so like how can be more immersed in the series, but in the end it seems that you were ripped off!

Oh, this the marketing in the style of "the main novelty of the summer/year/Millennium".

The only thing that in the finale somehow captivating — it's a subtle, not impossible to the end of philosophical thread. But it's even have presented so ridiculous, just took it and pointed to against the last minute.

With the characters is something like: they like you are catchy, but not leaving them innuendo, cardboard and unrealistic illogical with slow. Somewhere completely absent motivation, somewhere it too much, but the character, as in spite of, absolutely nothing notices. Endless eyes bill Skarsgard all we are trying to say something, but not reach the viewer for the plot holes.

Feeling as if some porridge, apparently it and tasty with fruit, but with butter, all in the idea should be fine, but such it clumps, all are so uneven that you start to think: and whether you that an incomprehensible mass?

Once again — on d n o, promised a lot, but obeschateli these do not understand that they are doing. But if the fact that the second season will differ from the , it appears that we are just left with the nose without any hope and ability to understand all very strange castle Roki Affairs. Well, thank you!

The General opinion was conceived as a neutral, although due to the disturbance is no wonder that everything goes in a more negative direction. But I say to see the series is still is — least in order to smash his head in night.

6 from 10

What is the genre of Castle Rock?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Fantasy, Drama, Horror.
Who starred in Castle Rock?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Melanie Lynskey, Scott Glenn, André Holland, Jane Levy, Terry O'Quinn.
What is Castle Rock IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.6.
When was Castle Rock released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-02-28.