Bob's Burgers

Bob's Burgers

The main character of the show — Bob. He owns a small diner that sells hamburgers. Bob does business with his family. Help him hysterical wife and three children, which prevented the prosperity of the case of Bob.

Seasons: 8 9 10 11
IMDb icon 8.1/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Eadith Gram
08 February 2011 | 09:18

Bob's Burgers is a new cartoon series that launched on FOX. The rumors, the chiefs FOX liked the pilot episode that they signed for the whole season.

I have always passionate about the animated series, are looking for the famous "the Simpsons", "Futurama", "family Guy," "South Park", "Cartoon reality" and"American Dad". At this mnogoobrazii logiczny the question becomes: "what are different "Bob's Burgers" from the rest of them? "  "if he to find a niche?"".

I will answer immediately: "Yes, I can!"

And distinctive features watching read more.

The plot of the story, on first glance, banal — the family opened a Burger restaurant, family members are very different at the characters they do a lot of entertaining stories. But the main thing here is that in the present series the main character who is a sort of "locomotive" of humor and not getting any record for the number of hits with idiotic situations (Stan Smith of"American Dad", Bart and Homer in the simpsons, Peter Griffin in family Guy).

In "Bob's Burgers" for the ongoing flow of assorted absurdities, the extremely amazing stories and very funny incidents "rap" all the family of Bob. Fortunately, the family that match:

Bob — the father, a middle-aged man trying to realize the American dream in life by opening your own Burger restaurant. Of course in he prevents all who do not too lazy =) From a dislike of the mother-in-law to the radical animal advocates, puts the bull in the blonde wig.

Linda — the mother of the family, the woman skillfully cutting the meat and in same time a very direct person with estestvennym behavior for women. Happy, its the nature of the naturalness, it is not the fans of the family and the husband of Marge (the Simpsons) and Lois (family Guy) with a painful perception of reality.

Tina — the eldest daughter, an autistic girl, enduring the hardships of puberty. The best description of this example night fantasies: Dad (Bob) has allowed the 8-year-old girl to watch with them the movie "night of the living dead", and as now the eldest daughter is going through a difficult period in the life of every teenager — now Tina at night having nightmares in the form of zombies, who kiss passionately and zasovyvayut their dead languages in no less rotten mouths his zombies pass. A great mix of children's fears and teenage desires !

gene — the middle son, is obsessed with making music and sampling sounds. Not pass a days to do not record any musical accompaniment to or the actions of family members and others. Writing as the sex sounds of his grandmother and grandfather, thus prepared for the report on the lesson of history and no confused, lost samples in front of the class, when the time came for him to answer.

Louise — the youngest daughter jewel of the family. Wears a ridiculous hat with the rabbit ears, likes to tell strange stories about his family (for example, burgers uses human flesh) and mocking people who are dumber than her. a Very interesting character, not will spoil the impression You from watching the series, let me just say that the most complicated of situations, it happens on the fault of Louise.

In the end, the show "Bob's Burgers" has an original story, subtle humor, a lot of comical situations, interesting characters, an original approach to conflict situations and creative story.

The only thing that may damage the series is that it really DIFFERS from their other colleagues at the FOX and jokes used in it will be understood not everyone, as quite original and for the average man, on a cursory glance, not carry subtext and hidden meaning. But for me it more of a plus than a minus. A sort of check on the "lice". After all, we just the ones what we laugh often.

9 of the 10

Filippa Voleta
07 January 2013 | 03:48

I'm a long-term fan of the Simpsons, and believe a lot of good cartoons can bring in the life of an adult. I have always wondered could not believe Americans could pull off such a subtle and clever cartoon. But found that it is not only.

Finally Bob's Burgers, which may not just to compare with the Simpsons, but in their to surpass.

This wonderful, funny, intelligent film about friendly family, who with humor and irony shows us their adventures and ordinary life.

I can say that it is not copy the previous projects, and striking in its novelty and originality. You only need a little bit to get used to characters, soon they will be family)

And of course you love them, especially the chief rebel in family — younger daughter Louise, who never parted with your pink hat, loves to make trouble and can kick ass any cool guy. I she reminded me of another favorite character — Masyanya.

in Short, see not hesitate you are you'll regret it!!

10 of 10

Daisy Formenti
13 April 2013 | 04:45

Bob is a witty and extremely interesting show. Gorgeous off-screen voice, music, unusual plotting, sparkling jokes and great story apparent on first glance is quite simple. But is only first glance. The series is growing from season to season, while not lost his no what do not comparable the style. Watching a couple of episodes from "Bob's burgers" have hard to put down.

-Cleverly. Now I know who am I such.
-You would I looked my taxes.

Main characters:

Bob Belcher-a middle-aged man. Owns a small diner. Things have Bob's are tight, it all the while delaying payment of the rent and does not employ other workers, instead of them in business he helps all his family-wife and three children. All they live in the same building, second floor the restaurant. Bob usually calm, but can be a bit flighty. From Bob better relationships with family, he doesn't love the mother, and children don't listen.

Linda-She's forty. Bob's wife and a housewife. Always supports her husband in a difficult moment, has a cheerful disposition, loves musicals and synchronized swimming.

Tina-Thirteen-year-old eldest daughter. Tina is a hopeless romantic, loves horses, rainbows and romance novels. Tina closed and has minimal social skills. Wears glasses which are not add appeal.

gene-the Middle son. He eleven. Musician and good sense of humor.

Louise-She's nine. Emotional, it easy to anger, has a peculiar sense of humor. Tireless in the thirst for conflict, the most draws in the entire family different stories. In something like Stewie Griffin, cunning and smart. Never removes funny pink hat with the Bunny ears. For the whole episode was crying only once.

-I will make you are true artists, but someone of you have to cut off my ear!
-I need both glasses to wear.
Well, you up?

Minor characters, too, on the height of all bright and memorable, to tell about all it is difficult to highlight only the most interesting.

other characters:

Gayle-sister Linda. Typical old maid, unsure of yourself vulnerable artist.

Teddy-Bob's friend and a regular visitor to the diner. Hard worker, lonely and very talkative.

mort-a Successful owner of the crematorium that be door to the restaurant, so the same Bob's friend and a regular visitor. Helps the Belchers.

Jimmy Pesto-the main foe and rival of Bob. It's easier to be on the opposite side of the street. Arrogant and every time rejoice in the failures of Bob.

Jimmy Pesto Jr.-teen, in he is hopelessly in love with Tina. Loves dancing and goes to one school with children Belcher.

Twins Andy and Oli, Jr. to take on Jimmy. Andy and Ollie are inseparable, living in his own world, very trusting of the reason I get caught in a different story.

Mr. Frontis a school psychologist. As it should be every psychologist's wearing glasses and a knitted vest. A naive dreamer and is often the object of jokes children.

Hugo-City health inspector, a former suitor of Linda's, in consequence of which hates Bob and strongly he does.

Of course this animated series is designed for adults it is not the vulgar, rather it is a subtle irony and a cautionary tale in each series. Plot twists are always unpredictable, and characters continue to impress.

Best episodes of the first two seasons:

about the musical, the hotel Linda, treasure hunts and about slot machine in the restaurant.

Of 9 10

How long is Bob's Burgers?
What is the genre of Bob's Burgers?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Animation.
Who starred in Bob's Burgers?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: H. Jon Benjamin, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman, John Roberts, Kristen Schaal.
What is Bob's Burgers IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.1.
When was Bob's Burgers released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2011-01-09.