Hedwig Burrell
04 July 2018 | 08:10

To paraphrase the main character, I will say that could I would the third season to put the highest score, as the first two, but... why do I don't want to? Because the series hanging in the borderline; he left direct in principle, the collision between business and the law, but still not felt something as sharp interesting. Next season will be decisive: either the writers will find strong ideas for continue out of the conflict of two main characters, or the series will go out as "House of Cards" after the second season.

A serious drawback I can you name just here naked Asia Dillon, but this nightmare is worthy kompensiruet aesthetics BDSM with Maggie Siff. It is especially beautiful here, so K. begins to use psychology sexuality their own interests, and no less power than the money or the law. The other characters evolve organically and curious. Among the new of a secondary I would be noted is that the girl broker in the office Aqsa and his hackers, koi very good the aspect of the actualization of crime.

Otherwise, I was pleasantly surprised to see John Malkovich in the image of the Russian criminal oligarch. Especially in the stage communication Sharapova on the Russian language. References are many and references are still cool, like a negative, but damn good to SpaceX Elon musk. The plot develops logically and interesting, so is still the best drama on modern television, she just lack the tensions, that was each scene of the second season — for it and lowered the scores.

Of 9 10

Allison Oakleil
06 October 2019 | 05:00

Watched up to 4th season with a certain degree of pleasure, but had to quit. On one unexpected, but on even more unfortunate reason: all characters that are very good in the whole series has a rare progressive mental disease — penchant for kineziterapii.

And place, not place in context, without — the abundant flow pouring out of characters Cinecitta of the American -  European film classics. Often — several pieces for a short dialogue. And well if sick one of characters, or one group (well, let's say, the geniuses of wall Street really is nothing more to do, how to memorize "the Matrix" and"the Lion King" to screw tsitatku on business negotiations, after all these are the movers and shakers of the exchange — famous chickeny, RSA). But no — sick. From the attorney General to cleaners.

Even the Russian mafia is not able to pay homage to bad movie-musical culture. It turns out he was raised on her manages to screwing in the dialogues some very non-obvious things, even if we assume that he could it glimpse to hear cantoes immigrant to Brighton. About that could if he so crush in them, living on the territory of the former CIS, I think nothing even think.

In General, you can not just take link two words Dobrev their dull kinotsitaty. Is fun, but in the future, just bored. It seems that the writers decided to reward its limitations all his characters, and speak with them on your language. Need to be treated.

Alisa Clifford
26 May 2017 | 02:16

So it happens that against series, I extremely conservative. For with the exception of the Saga of Westeros and the new Sherlock, all other new call me boring, but sometimes obvious disgust. But at the insistence of a friend, decided to look at the piece with the straightforward title "Billions". A total of 12 series. Perhaps, with this can be overcome... When it comes to TV movies, then I love them viewed from the taste, savoring each episode. My limit — one series in two days. This allows you to comprehend the product and prolong the pleasure of viewing. Here so, do not hurry, a couple of days ago, I have completed watching this drama series and was able to make it is quite solid impression.

Never before writing a review on TV series. Not know which side to this approach, so I will improvise. The most important component of the series is the main characters. All long story so or otherwise revolve around them, so the characters should not be just an interesting or original. They must be wildly charismatic, brutal and full of mysteries. Otherwise the series will be an automatic failure. In  the"Billions" viewers were lucky enough — such heroes two. And to be honest, both character is simply amazing. Even a 12 episodes later, I can't say that understand the characters at least half. As Bobby Axelrod, so Chuck Rhoads get the whole personalities with rich inner world. World, which, however, completely closed to spectators. Only occasionally the writers throw us on the mercy of tiny facts from their lives. Full of hardship, childhood Aqsa. A diploma from a prestigious law school Rhoads. The first part of the future head of a multibillion-dollar Fund. Youthful passionate Prosecutor. In terms of these pieces, the audience is given the opportunity to recreate the lives of the characters. And understand that makes them tick. About Yes! Not know you, but my desire to understand the motives of the heroes sometimes came to obsession. Why Aksu need the money? What is he going to do with their condition? Why are the roads so obsessed with the desire to fight with a dirty business?

Separate essential positive feature of the film is that in the series do not exist completely positive or completely negative characters. Speaking of the main heroes, then sometimes you admire the tenacity of Axelrod, and sometimes a feeling of disgust it so the desire to dominate people. Similarly, sometimes breathtaking ambition of the Prosecutor. But sometimes, the audience turns from his nervousness and dirty methods. With minor characters, things are no worse. The wife of the Prosecutor — confident a woman clearly knows what she wants to, but at the same time a cold, calculating bitch. The guys from hedge Fund — greedy money a gang of traffickers, which, however, does not prevent them to be interesting and funny guys going on life is not straining.

I often caught myself on thought that waiting for the new episode is not with a desire to learn the next plot twist, and the need to obtain new facts about the lives of the characters. "Billions" is built around characters like the main, and secondary. The plot can not be called trivial, but the series is an in-depth study of the lives of people in the world of big money. In this regard, "Billions" is a worthy successor to the glorious traditions Stokowski "wall Street" and Angelovski "Boiler room".

In addition to all the series in a playful manner raises fundamental question about that is more important: money or principles. "Party money" is Axelrod, in as Chuck Rhodes defends the interests of the "party of principles". And as neither the billionaire nor the Prosecutor is not perfect, the choice of the party as a whole remains the audience. This is a stroke of genius from the writers creates a kind of test that gives the viewer a chance to understand who he is really. I for myself made a choice. And know who will be rooting in viewing the continuation of the series. But will write about it in reviews second season.

I think I'll leave a small respite. And when the desire to know the continuation of the story of the confrontation of the Prosecutor with wall Street and billionaire upstart becomes unbearable, then I lie in wait for watching the second season of this, more than worthy of the series.

Bobby Axelrod: What have I done wrong? Really? Except make money. Succeed. All these rules and regulations — arbitrary.

What is the genre of Billions?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama.
Who starred in Billions?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Toby Leonard Moore, Paul Giamatti, Maggie Siff, Damian Lewis, Condola Rashad.
What is Billions IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.4.
When was Billions released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-01-01.